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June 23, 2015

San Francisco Pride takes place from June 27-28

It's official: pride season is in full swing. To celebrate, we've teamed up with Airbnb to take a closer look at a different gaybourhood in a different city every day this week.

June 19, 2015

Breanna Sinclairé wowed the crowd at the Oakland Coliseum

A trans woman has made history by being the first to sing the national anthem at a professional sports game this week. 

Breanna Sinclairé, a 25-year-old classically trained soprano, sang at the Oakland Coliseum for the Oakland A's LGBT Pride night. 

'I never thought I’d be here,' she told the San Francisco Chronicle ahead of her performance.

June 18, 2015

These artists are breaking boundaries all over the world

You've listened to Elton John, you love Sia, and you know every word to Freddie Mercury's discography.

But, in the last few years, the gay music scene has started to blow up around the world, changing perspectives and breaking the rules while getting everyone dancing.

Here are the eight ground-breaking, out and proud artists who are changing the face of music from San Francisco to Lebanon:

1. Double Duchess

June 15, 2015

'I had the monogamy conversations a million times with boyfriends'

As Patrick on HBO's Looking, Jonathan Groff's character learned a lot about life and love during the show's two seasons.

On the dramedy about about a group of gay friends living in San Francisco, Patrick fell in love with his boss Kevin (played by Russell Tovey) who was in a relationship when their romance began.

Groff, who is hoping the show gets some Emmy nominations, says the toughest scene for him to do was the 'epic fight' Patrick and Kevin over monogamy in the final episode of season two.

June 15, 2015

The taxi app is celebrating Pride month by fundraising for Its Get Better and posting messages for LGBTI youth on its social media

Taxi app firm Uber is one of the firms that have thrown their support behind Pride season in the US this year.

Over the weekend it ran a #RideWithPride promotion in two West Coast US cities to help raise awareness around the issues facing LGBTI youth.

The promotion was in conjunction with the It Gets Better project.

June 12, 2015

Some Pride festivals prompt hotel room prices and home rentals to rise: other festivals have no effect. A company has now done research into why some cities see a boost

A company that analyzes the falling and rising prices of short-term rentals and hotel stays has taken a look at the effect that Pride festivals has on prices in the US.

The conclusion of its research?

When deciding what sort of rental amount to charge, hoteliers and property owners should consider a number of factors, including how many people are expected to attend the event, how many hotel rooms and rentals are in the area, and whether the event attracts mainly locals or a high proportion of out-of-towners.

June 9, 2015

Orange Is The New Black star's double will be homed in San Francisco

Laverne Cox has become the first trans person to be transformed into a Madame Tussauds wax model.

In honor of Pride month, the Orange Is The New Black star will join the ranks of celebrities, politicians and historical icons as being honored with a life-size wax figure.

The double will be homed in Madame Tussauds San Francisco.

'I am so deeply honored to have been asked to be part of the Madame Tussauds legacy,' said Cox.

June 5, 2015

AIDS LifeCycle rider David Flanagan's son died two years ago at the age of 27 shortly after learning he was HIV-positive

David and Talana Flanagan’s son Josh was just 27 when he died only five months after being diagnosed HIV-positive.

That was two years ago.

While HIV/AIDS isn't the certain death sentence it once was, it can still kill and that's why Josh Flanagan's parents traveled from their home in a rural town in Texas to participate in this week’s 545-mile AIDS LifeCycle ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles.

'He was supposed to be here today so we're filling in for him and his partner,' the mom says. 'We're here to support him and try to heal.'

June 5, 2015

Museum will reopen in 2016 with 1100 works of art on 100-year loan from Doris and the late Don Fisher, founders of The Gap clothing store

The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA) is to hugely expand its Warhol collection, it has been revealed.

'We're going to have at least two to three galleries devoted to Warhol,' a representative confirmed to Gay Star News at IPW in Orlando earlier this week.

June 4, 2015

Anthony Interrante had to raise funds for 545-mile AIDS/LifeCycle ride while stationed in Afghanistan

When this year's AIDS/LifeCycle ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles kicked off last Sunday, U.S. Air Force Captain Anthony Interrante was among the riders.

He is pedaling 545-mile to raise money to fight HIV. Interrante managed to amass nearly $60,000 in pledges while working as a critical-care flight nurse stationed in Afghanistan.

How did the openly gay military man do it?

With the help of Grindr and Scruff which, it turns out, can be used for more than hooking up.

May 13, 2015

The resort is teaming up with Out & Equal Workplace Advocates for a day of thought leadership and guidance on diversity and inclusion

The world-famous Walt Disney World Resort in Florida is to host a one-day LGBT Equality Institute workshop. The initiative comes about in partnership with Out & Equal Workplace Advocates.

San Francisco-based Out & Equal describes itself as ‘the world’s premiere nonprofit organization dedicated to achieving lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender workplace equality.’

It offers a range of resources to help LGBT employees and runs events to held advance diversity and inclusion practices within the world of business.

May 11, 2015

With a growing readership of our travel content, talk to us how best to reach this valuable audience.

Travel and leisure stories are hugely popular with our readers and our integrated marketing campaigns can help you maximise the opportunities available in this sector.

In the UK, LGBTI travellers consistently travel more and spend more than the national average.

Here are a few statistics to get you thinking:

May 11, 2015

With a growing readership of our travel content, talk to us how best to reach this valuable audience.

Travel and leisure stories are hugely popular with our readers and our integrated marketing campaigns can help you maximise the opportunities available in this sector.

In the UK, LGBTI travellers consistently travel more and spend more than the national average.

Here are a few statistics to get you thinking:

May 8, 2015

'It has become clear that Facebook’s apology was empty and their promise to make any real change to their policy was a lie.'

A group of drag queens and members of the LGBTI community have reignited the protest over Facebook’s ‘real name policy’ months after a public apology.

An online petition has been started by user Lil Miss Hot Mess, asking the organizers of San Francisco Pride and New York Pride to ban Facebook from participating in the events; as of today, roughly 1800 people have signed the petition.

On 1 June they are also planning to hold a protest outside Facebook’s headquarters.

May 8, 2015

Who is Hayden and why has he got a list? Gay Star News talks to the creators of the website Hayden’s List to find out how it can help you make smart business choices

The fight for LGBT equality has increasingly become intertwined with the world of business in recent months.

In March, 379 organizations – mainly large companies – wrote a letter to the US Supreme Court to explain why marriage equality is good for business.

On the other hand, there have been a number of small businesses that have refused to provide services for same-sex weddings – leading to a number of high-profile court cases.

May 5, 2015

The site, which allows people to find a room in the homes of LGBTI people around the world, has grown rapidly since its launch two years ago

A travel accommodation website that’s positioned itself as an LGBTI equivalent to airbnb has secured itself $2million in seed funding. was launched in 2013 after Frenchman Matthieu Jost and his boyfriend booked themselves a rented room in an apartment in Barcelona, only to find out that their hosts didn’t like the idea of two men sharing the same bed.

May 4, 2015

The openly gay actor says he wishes the show could have continued for at least another full season

Jonathan Groff has admitted that he's 'bummed' that Looking wasn't renewed for a third season.

HBO confirmed in March that the series starring Groff, Murray Bartlett, Frankie J. Alvarez and Russell Tovey will not return for a new season and will instead be wrapped up with a TV film.

In a new interview with Digital Spy, Groff shares his disappointment over HBO's decision and says that he wishes the show could have continued for more seasons.

April 22, 2015

A reverential documentation of San Francisco's landmark leather festival

I've never been to the Folsom Street Fair – San Francisco's leather-fest that has grown to become a global brand – but it's something that I've heard so much about that it's definitely on my list of iconic gay events that I want to get to someday.

Documentary-maker Mike Skiff is clearly a fan. Folsom Forever interviews community leaders, activists, and volunteers to chronicle the social, political, and community impacts and benefits of this annual celebration of kink.

April 21, 2015

David Au brings us a tender film about food, family, and the power of George Takei

I am a sucker for movies about food and family, so writer/director David Au's film Eat With Me had me in tears without even trying.

The story of a mother and son – each of them on a journey to find themselves and each other – Eat With Me perfectly captures the pain and confusion that life and love always seem to throw up along the way.

Inspired by a real-life moment between his parents, this is a story that Au has been working on since 2003 when the script began life as a short-film.

April 20, 2015

Andrew Haigh gets it right again with a clever slice of life in San Francisco

Simplistically, Looking (a television series produced by HBO) is Sex and the City for gay men.

Set in San Francisco, the show follows three friends as they make their way through life, with the inevitable ups and downs and love interests that you'd expect.

Without doubt, Looking is well-written, and has a strong, engaging cast. Written by Michael Lannan and directed by Andrew Haigh, this is quality television.

April 16, 2015

More than 100 prominent Roman Catholic donors and church members say he sets 'pastoral tone that is closer to persecution than evangelization'

In an open letter published Thursday (16 April), more than 100 prominent Roman Catholic donors and church members are calling on San Francisco's anti-gay Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone to be replaced.

The letter to Pope Francis accuses Cordileone of having 'a single issue agenda against gay marriage' and for setting a 'pastoral tone that is closer to persecution than evangelization.'

April 15, 2015

Human Rights Campaign and Mexican beach resort will make great bedfellows

The Puerto Vallarta Tourism Board has revealed its partnership with the Human Rights Campaign (HRC), America's biggest LGBTI civil rights organization.

The famously gay-friendly Mexican beach destination will use the partnership to promote itself at HRC events in 20 cities including San Francisco, LA, New York and Chicacgo.

April 14, 2015

'Bottoming demands trust, admiration, confidence, loyalty, respect, enthusiasm and hope. Those feelings we have toward Hillary'

A gay man from San Francisco has launched the Bottom for Hillary campaign, which he describes as a fun way for LGBTI people to show their support for the presidential candidate.

Ryan, 23, said the campaign started as a tipsy conversation between friends – all gay men who support Clinton – that quickly escalated into an Instagram account and T-shirts emblazoned with 'I'd Bottom For Hillary.'

April 9, 2015

Looking actor Frankie J Alvarez has revealed the finale of the acclaimed gay drama series will finish with the equivalent of four extra episodes of material but people are still signing a petition to get the show renewed

HBO will finish off its acclaimed drama series about a group of gay friends living in San Francisco with a 2 hour long telemovie, Looking actor Frankie J Alvarez has revealed.

That would be the equivalent of 4 more episodes of material but Alvarez told that fans of the show should expect a more cinematic format with the series finale.