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December 31, 2013

A 17-year-old boy is hoping one of the largest youth organizations in the US will allow LGBTI adults to become scout leaders

On New Year’s Day, one of the largest youth organizations in the United States will finally open its doors to openly gay members.

Scout Pascal Tessier, 17, will be one of the first to break down the barriers.

The Maryland state teen has said he has always felt ‘not good enough’ to be in the Boy Scouts.

‘You’re openly gay and that’s never going to happen and because you’re gay, you’re not good enough,’ Tessier explained.

October 31, 2013

Robert Gates led the dismantling of Don't Ask, Don't Tell while US Secretary of Defense

Former US Secretary of Defense Robert Gates has been chosen as the next leader of the Boy Scouts of America.

Gates assumes the role in May 2014, five months after the scouts change in policy regarding gay members goes into effect.

The BSA voted earlier this year to change its century-old policy of banning openly gay members up until they reach the age of 18. But the ban remains for adults scout leaders, employees and volunteers.

Gates has experience in such situations.

May 24, 2013

Pascal Tessier: 'For gay Scouts like me, this vote is life-changing'

Close to completing the rigorous requirements to become an Eagle Scout, 16-year-old Pascal Tessier cheered the decision by the Boy Scouts of America on Thursday (23 May) to repeal its ban on gay members.

'Just a few hours ago, I was thinking that today could be my last day as a Boy Scout,' the teen from Kensington, Maryland said in a statement after the vote. 'Obviously, for gay Scouts like me, this vote is life-changing.'

May 23, 2013

But ban against LGBT leaders and volunteers reaffirmed by BSA National Council

The Boy Scouts of America will begin allowing openly gay members to be a part of the organization beginning next year.

The BSA's approximately 1,400-member National Council on Thursday (23 May) met in Grapevine, Texas and 61.4% voted to pass the new membership standards.

The new standards state that 'no youth may be denied membership in the Boy Scouts of America on the basis of sexual orientation or preference alone.'

But a ban on LGBT adult leaders and volunteers will remain in place without any further review planned.

April 19, 2013

'The Boy Scouts are once again forcing me to look my children in the eyes and tell them that our family isn't good enough' 

Ousted lesbian den leader Jennifer Tyrrell says she is pleased the Boy Scouts of America will be voting on a proposal to end its ban on gay members. But she is upset the organization would continue to ban gay adults.

February 5, 2013

US Televangelist has long history of anti-gay remarks

With his long history of anti-gay comments, it's not surprise that televangelist Pat Robertson would speak out against the Boy Scouts of America allowing openly gay members and scout leaders.

But on his 700 Club television show Tuesday (5 February), Robertson did more than speak out against gays, he lumped them together with pedophiles.

January 26, 2013

The Boy Scouts of America threatens to shut down Pack 442 of Cloverly, Maryland after the troop posted a non-discrimination policy on their website

An entire troop faces expulsion from the Boy Scouts of America for adopting a non-discrimination policy.

Last year Pack 442 of Cloverly, Maryland posted a clause on their website that reads: 'Pack 442 WILL NOT discriminate against any individual or family based on race, religion, national origin, ability, or sexual orientation.' Shortly after, the National Capital Area Council (NCAC), the larger Boy Scouts council to which 442 belongs, demanded the troop remove the message or risk removal from the Boy Scouts of America.

January 19, 2013

'I've chosen this moment to open up to every other member of the Boy Scouts of America who is in the same position I'm in'

Derek Nance is a gay man who has just quit a job that he clearly loved - and he did so on YouTube.

Nance had worked for 10 years at a Boy Scouts of America Summer Camp, a job he held while earning Bachelors and Masters degrees in college. But he did so as a closeted gay man.

This week, he decided to quit hiding.

January 8, 2013

Ryan Andresen is challenging Boys Scouts of America ban on gays

A California chapter of the Boy Scouts Scouts of America is challenging its national organization's ban on gay by recommending that a gay teen be awarded the rank of Eagle Scout.

Ryan Andresen, 18, was kicked out of his San Francisco-area troop after coming out last year. He had completed the requirements for Eagle status but his troop leader denied his application.

October 12, 2012

A former Boy Scout has offered his Eagle medal as a sign of support to a teenager who was denied his own because he is gay.

A former US Boy Scout has offered his Eagle medal as a sign of support to a teenager who was denied his own because he is gay.

Dr Andrew Zerbinopolous has given his top honors medal to Ryan Andresen after the Boy Scouts of America refused to give him the award simply because he came out.

Dentist Zerbinopolous, who received his Eagle Scout badge in 1996, reportedly kept it on his desk at his practice in Jacksonville, Florida.

September 19, 2012

Greg Bourke: 'It would be a very brave thing to do, a scout is supposed to be brave'

Last month, Assistant Scoutmaster Greg Bourke revealed to a Boy Scout Council in Kentucky that he is gay.

He was promptly forced to resign after five years of service because the Lincoln Heritage Council and Boy Scouts of America determined that he 'did not meet its membership requirements.'

Now Bourke is fighting to be reinstated and tells the television station WHAS: 'It would be a very brave thing to do, A scout is supposed to be brave. So I would challenge them to do that.'

June 25, 2012

Star Trek icon joined by ousted lesbian troop leader Jennifer Tyrrell

The fact that gays are not allowed to participate in the Boy Scouts of America didn't stop one of the most famous gay men in the US from wearing his Scouts uniform in the New York City Pride Parade on Sunday.

George Takei, best known as Sulu on the original Star Trek television series and first batch of feature films, road on the back of a red convertible with Jennifer Tyrrell who was has emerged as the face of the fight against the Scout's anti-gay policy.

June 6, 2012

Organization under fire after kicking lesbian mom out as a local troop leader

The Boy Scouts of America is reportedly considering ending its long-standing ban on openly gay scouts and scout leaders.

A policy change is being developed that would allow local chapters of the organization to decide for themselves whether or not to accept gays participate.

May 29, 2012

YouTube gay defender Wahls and 280,000 others demands US scouts reinstate ousted lesbian den leader Jennifer Tyrrell

An Eagle Scout who became a YouTube sensation is giving a 280,000 name petition to the Scouts of America, demanding they reinstate a lesbian mom ousted as a den leader.

Zach Wahls became famous when his video in support of his two gay moms went viral on YouTube, reaching over 2,500,000 views so far.

April 27, 2012

Star Trek icon and former scout says anti-gay policy casts 'a long and ugly shadow across the organization'

As a kid, Star Trek icon George Takei was a Boy Scout, a member of Troop 379.

But the openly gay star is speaking out against his former organization which this week, reiterated its stance against allowing gays and lesbians to participate. The group has been under fire for dismissing Ohio den mom Jennifer Tyrrell as leader of her son’s troop because she is a lesbian.