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February 6, 2014

Expect 'swearing, high kicks, alcohol, verbal abuse. You know: the usual...with a lisp'

‘In New York, sometimes the only way to get Broadway credits on your resume, is to do a show entitled "Broadway Credits”.’

Micah McCain, whose husky-voiced rendition of Beauty and The Beast’s ‘Bonjour!’ became an Internet sensation in 2011, is gracing the stage again with a one-man show in New York this weekend.

December 11, 2013

Other LGBT nominations include Michael Douglas and Matt Damon for Behind the Candelabra

Jared Leto continues to establish himself as the front-runner for an Oscar with a Screen Actors Guild Award nomination for Dallas Buyers Club.

Leto's nod in the supporting actor category is for his performance as a trans female dying of AIDS who teams up with an infected straight man (Matthew McConaughey) to sell alternative treatments to fellow sufferers.

Leto has already racked up several major critics awards in recent weeks.

January 30, 2012

Performance as gay man in Beginners wins Plummer prize from peers

With a win at Sunday's Screen Actors Guild Awards, Christopher Plummer has solidified his status as front-runner to win the Oscar for Beginners.

Plummer won the prize, voted on by his fellow actors, for his performance as a man who had been secretly gay all his life and comes out with abandon after the death of his wife.

December 14, 2011

Christopher Plummer nominated for SAG Award as gay man in Beginners but sexuality of characters in J. Egdar and Albert Nobbs is less clear

Wednesday's Screen Actors Guild Award nominations bring this year's awards race into sharper focus and there is a dearth of  LGBT characters being recognized.

Christopher Plummer, who continues to solidify his status as awards season front-runner, earned a SAG nomination in the supporting actor category for his performance in Beginners as a gay man who comes out to his son late in life.

But his is arguably the only clearly indentifiable LGBT character in the bunch.