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April 8, 2014

'Price Tag' singer claims being bisexual was a 'phase' and said public pressure was the reason for saying she still found men and women attractive

British pop star Jessie J has said since coming out as bisexual three years ago, she realises now that was a ‘phase’.

The 26-year-old singer spoke out on Twitter about how she felt pressure to be someone she’s not.

She said: ‘Remember the thing that you tried/did back in the day. The phase you had? That is so not YOU anymore?! And you look back and think wow how I’ve changed.

April 4, 2014

'There was Playgirl, but that was kinda boring' so Lauper sought out a copy of Blueboy which she thought was womens magazine

To mark the 30th anniversary of her classic 1984 album She's So Unusual, pop icon Cyndi Lauper is revealing the surprise inspiration behind her hit song She Bop.

As she prepared to write a song about masturbation, she went down to a newsstand to grab a racy magazine for inspiration.

'There was Playgirl, but that was kinda boring,' Lauper recalled. 'And there was, like, Blueboy, which at that time - in my ignorance - I thought it was a women's magazine. It was not.'

March 19, 2014

Wham! singer says unlike the popular phrase these days, after he came out life did not 'get better'

George Michael has dated a man for 13 years, was caught cruising, and looked like this in the 80s.

But that has still not convinced some of his family members who still think he might one day ‘find the right girl’.

The ‘Careless Whisper’ hitmaker came out as gay back in 1998 and has lived openly ever since.

But the 50-year-old says some relatives simply refuse to believe it.

Speaking to the BBC, Michael said: ‘For some strange reason, my gay life didn't get easier when I came out. Quite the opposite happened, really.

February 19, 2014

Video shows members of performance art group being attacked in public plaza

Video of members of the performance art group Pussy Riot being attacked with horsewhips by Cossack militia emerged Wednesday and is quickly causing outrage.

The pro-gay, anti-Putin group was trying to perform in Sochi, Russia, under a sign advertising the Winter Olympics.

As they pulled out a guitar and microphone,  at least 10 Cossacks and other security officials moved in.

The women chanted in Russian: 'Putin will teach you to love the Motherland,' the name of the song for which they had arrived in Sochi to make a new protest video.

February 19, 2014

Singer says: 'OK, come on, let's move faster. Let's get there faster. Let's get it done. This should have already been behind us'

Sugarland singer Jennifer Nettles has had a strong connection to the gay community from her early days with lesser-known bands.

So it's no surprise that the gay-friendly singer wants to see Country music become more accepting of openly gay artists.

February 10, 2014

Gay anthem YMCA was played at a Sochi Winter Games speed skating event after a spectator requested it

The Village People’s disco hit YMCA was played during a speed skating event at the Sochi Winter Olympics in Russia on Saturday in a surprise move.

The song, long considered an anthem by gay men all over the world, was requested by a spectator during a break in the competition when the event's presenters put out a call for requests.

The crowd reportedly danced and bopped to the song which is one of 4,600 approved songs that have been chosen by the Sochi Winter Olympics organizing committee as acceptable to be played at events during the games.

February 7, 2014

Singers who pretended to be lesbian when they are actually straight will not perform their most famous hit 'All The Things She Said'

Russian pop duo tATu, who scintillated the world with a lesbian kiss a decade ago, will be performing at the Sochi opening ceremony tonight (7 February).

Chosen officially as they will be recognizable to an international audience, they are still a strange choice.

The duo, Lena Katina and Yulia Vokova, will not be singing their 2002 global hit ‘All The Things She Said’ – where they played lesbian schoolgirls in the video.

But it will be ‘Not Gonna Get Us’, the song that comparatively only achieved moderate worldwide success.

February 6, 2014

‘All is forgiven, and it’s clear that whoever you were back then, you’ve grown and you’re a pretty kickass guy now'

A high school bully has said sorry to a gay former classmate after watching him get engaged.

Lucas Bane’s proposal video went viral last year, a theatrical romantic moment where an entire street was shut down and choreographed dancers from the film Step Up helped him pop the question.

The clip was seen thousands of times, and one of them knew Bane way back when.

‘I’m sure you have no idea who I am,’ said the message.

‘I went to high school with you. If you do remember me, it’s probably not positive as I was a bit of an arsehole back then.

February 1, 2014

Forced to minimize his life down to 30kg at airport check-in, our reporter Gareth Jonhson has a spritual awakening worthy of Bruce Lee. Moving from London to Japan, he reflects on zen, peace and what shoes to get rid of in a pinch

I’ve always been a bit minimalist.

Apart from a brief ‘country-farmhouse’ phase in my mid-20s, I’ve never really needed to have a lot of ‘stuff’ - I like surfaces and shelves that are easy to dust.

Moving home tends to mitigate against any hoarding tendencies.

January 30, 2014

Gay rights activists have claimed Olympics organizers are inviting the duo to perform to stop the outrage over gay propaganda laws

‘Lesbian’ act Tatu is said to be performing at the opening ceremony of the Sochi Winter Olympics.

On the official VK website, the ‘All The Things She Said’ duo is said to be heading to the Russian games on 7 February.

Despite Lena Katina and Yulia Volkova not releasing an album since 2009, it is being suggested having them reform could finally stop the outrage surrounding the ‘gay propaganda’ laws.

Sadly, it is not official yet.

January 29, 2014

US singer and Christian Martha Wash dismisses UKIP member David Silvester’s biblical theories

Original Weather Girl Martha Wash has some news for the politician who blamed gay people for God bringing floods to Britain, saying God loves 'all people'.

In response to the media storm surrounding the homophobic remarks made by UKIP politician David Silvester, a campaign was launched to get gay anthem Weather Girls' 'It's Raining Men' to the top of the UK charts.

The 61-year-old Wash, enjoying her comeback in the charts, called the British suspended councilor 'daft' and 'out of touch with reality'.

December 18, 2013

Says tennis legend: 'I want our sport to always lead. I don’t want us to be catching up'

Shortly before it was announced that Billie Jean King would be part of the official delegation representing the US at the 2014 Olympics in Russia, the tennis legend spoke out about gay and lesbian athletes coming out.

While female tennis stars such as King and fellow Wimbledon champions Martina Navratilova, Amelie Mauresmo and Conchita Martinez have been public about being lesbians, no male pro has ever come out as gay.

December 4, 2013

I Am Woman singer's outspoken feminism and short hair caused some to question her sexuality

Singer Helen Reddy has been married to three different men, has two children and grandchildren.

But because she came to fame with the feminist anthem I Am Woman in the early 70s and has preferred a short haircut, the Australian star's sexuality has sometimes been called into question.

November 25, 2013

Their video, Bound 3 shot-for-shot parody of West's Bound 2

James Franco's list of men he has made out with publicly has a new name added to it: Seth Rogen.

The two actors lock lips - and much more - in a shot-by-shot parody of the Kanye West video Bound 2 which features a sometimes topless Kim Kardashisan.

Rogen, in the Kardashian role, also goes topless revealing a quite hairy back that Franco, as West, runs his fingers through at one point.

November 15, 2013

After decades away, LGBT favorite ABBA could reunite to celebrate their legacy

Legendary Swedish pop group ABBA is considering a reunion to mark the 40th anniversary of the band’s first hit Waterloo.

They have not performed together for 27 years, but Agnetha Faltskog has said they are mulling over getting back together to celebrate their legacy.

The last time they were even seen in public together was 2008 for the release of ABBA musical film 'Mamma Mia'.

Faltskog, who formed ABBA in 1972 with guitarist and songwriter Bjorn Ulvaeus, told a German newspaper about future possible plans.

November 15, 2013

Organizers are appealing the decision that they were wrong to allow children as young as 12 to attend the 'gay' concerts

Russia has fined the organizers of a Lady Gaga concert because she ‘harmed’ children with a pro-gay speech.

A magistrate’s court in St Petersburg yesterday (14 November) fined Planet Plus 20,000 rubles ($614, €455).

During the gigs in St Petersburg and Moscow on 9 and 12 December 2012, the US singer dared Russia to arrest her and made a speech about the bravery of LGBTs in the face of anti-gay laws.

November 14, 2013

'He’s just mad that I don’t want to hang out anymore because I don’t want to be around fake people'

The bitter feud between former BFFs Lady Gaga and Perez Hilton is heating up again.

Gaga stopped by The Howard Stern Show this week and went into detail about why she and the blogger are on the outs.

Things went sour during an interview while she was in the middle of a world tour.

'In the middle of the interview he started asking me really terrible questions and he was being very negative about (my album) Born This Way and we had had a lot to drink,' she told Stern. 'He was supposed to be my friend and I felt betrayed, so I started crying.'

November 13, 2013

Two gay icons have locked horns once again after critics accused the Born This Way singer of copying Express Yourself

Lady Gaga has claimed Madonna hates that she is not bothered about her.

The bisexual singer has spoken openly about the duo’s rivalry on Howard Stern’s radio show, saying she doesn’t want the Queen of Pop’s ‘fucking throne’.

Asked why Madonna seems to have a problem with her, the ‘Bad Romance’ singer told the DJ: ‘I think she’s more aggravated that I’m not upset that she doesn’t like me.

‘ ‘Cause I don’t care that she doesn’t like me…No, I don’t care… It’s such nonsense.’

November 8, 2013

Two gay icons have locked horns once again after critics accused the Born This Way singer of copying Express Yourself

Bisexual singer Lady Gaga has said her dream was to piss off Madonna.

The Bad Romance star has looked back on the plagiarism claims that were made after she released single ‘Born This Way’.

Already being called a Madonna copycat at the time, many critics accused Gaga of copying Madonna’s ‘Express Yourself’.

When the Queen of Pop revealed the setlist for her MDNA tour, she referenced the media storm by performing a mash-up of the two songs, as well as album track ‘She’s Not Me’.

October 30, 2013

'Anyone that wants to twist this into "she says she's bisexual for marketing" this is a f***inng lie'

Lady Gaga is upset that anyone would think she would claim to be bisexual just for promotion.

During an appearance in Germany this week, she set the record straight.

'You know what? It's not a lie that I am bisexual and I like women, and anyone that wants to twist this into "she says she's bisexual for marketing," this is a f***ing lie.'

The singer added: 'This is who I am and who I have always been.'

October 27, 2013
Mother Monster gives gay fans her first performance of 'Venus', before stripping naked on stage

Lady Gaga surprised hundreds of clubbers at G-A-Y last night (26 October) by performing an impromptu gig at the famous London gay bar.


The 'Born This Way' singer took to the stage and performed her latest single, 'Venus', for the first time.


Gaga did more than premier her newest single, as she gave onlookers a glance at her pubic hair before stripping naked at the end of her set.

October 18, 2013

Pop diva caused controversy when she called gay people 'adorable and hilarious'

Britney Spears has said her new single ‘Work Bitch’ is about her respect for gay people.

The ‘Womanizer’ singer has described how she had learned ‘bitch’ as a term of endearment from gay friends.

‘I don’t call everyone…that word. I just use it as, it’s like in respect to the gays as a term of endearment,’ she told gay host Alan Carr on Chatty Man.

‘It’s like a street slang for everyone, you know, like you get to work, that’s what you do when you get to work and it’s like, cool.’

October 16, 2013

Gay people and women are savagely degraded in the lyrics of Rap God, the second single from US rapper Eminem’s upcoming album

US rapper Eminem has no problem calling people ‘gay-looking boy’ and ‘faggot’ in his quickly-rapped new song Rap God.

While other hip-hop artists like 50 Cent are apologizing for using homophobic language in their previous hits, Eminem and his fans seem to show no compunction over the former Grammy winner using homophobic language.

October 10, 2013

Bisexual pop star has revealed the follow up to her comeback single Applause, alongside the tracklisting for her new album ARTPOP

Bisexual chanteuse Lady Gaga has released a lyric video for ‘Aura’.

The song will be featured on the upcoming album ARTPOP and appear on the soundtrack for Machete Kills.

In an explosive montage of scenes from the Robert Rodriguez film, Gaga is seen alongside cast members Danny Trejo, (noted homophobe) Mel Gibson, Modern Family star Sofia Vergara and Michelle Rodriguez.

The track is not expected to be Gaga’s next single following ‘Applause’.