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November 2, 2014

Developers are working on a tech device that fits in your shoes and will enable you to call a taxi or potentially extract yourself from awkward situations

Technology never ceases to amaze us: this prototype app, entitled Dorothy, comes complete with a bluetooth-enabled device – called a ‘Ruby’ – that you put in your shoe.

You can program the app so that your phone responds in certain ways depending on how many times you click your heels.

Stuck on a date with someone that’s going nowhere? Discretely click you heels twice and your phone will ring, offering you the potential to make your excuses and leave.

August 23, 2013

Australian billionaire Clive Palmer claims that a prominent member of the Liberal Party asked him to fund a sexual harassment case against the then Speaker of the House of Representatives

Mineral resources billionaire Clive Palmer claims he was asked by former Liberal MP Mal Brough to fund a sexual harassment case by a male  staffer against the Speaker of the Australian House of Representatives which had the potential to bring down the Australian Government.

Palmer says Brough met him at his Palmer Coolum Resort last year where he detailed the allegations against speaker Peter Slipper – though Brough vigorously denies he did this.

May 5, 2012


Former Australian Liberal cabinet minister admits urging Slipper case to go to court

According to an exclusive report released by the Sydney Morning Herald today, the former Australian Liberal cabinet minister, Mal Brough, admits urging James Ashby to seek legal help over the alleged sexual harassment he received from his then boss, Peter Slipper.

As reported by GSN, according to Mr Ashby, over the course of his employment Mr Slipper had asked sexually graphic questions, misused taxi vouchers and sent him inappropriate text messages.