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April 9, 2014

How well do you know this Northern European country sandwiched between Germany, Sweden and Norway? Home to the world’s best restaurant and cycling paths, we discuss why Denmark is topping the travel charts

Vibrant Denmark has everything your heart could desire for a Scandinavian city break.

Gastronomy? Denmark has some of the region’s most mouth-watering eateries.

Adventure? From countryside horseback rides to city tours on bicycles, Denmark has coast to coast covered. And we didn’t even get started on the amusement parks.

2014 is definitely the year of Denmark. Copenhagen has been named the European Green Capital, and the green capital city will also be in the global spotlight as the host of this year’s Eurovision Song Contest from 6 to 10 May.

February 13, 2014

Copenhagen will pay tribute to the first ever same-sex union, the first civil partnership, that took place in Copenhagen 25 years ago

Denmark is celebrating hosting the campest competition of the year by staging a series of massive Eurovision weddings.

Leading up to the grand final in May, the city of Copenhagen will be offering foreign gay and straight couples to marry.

‘Since 2010, we have had a lot of success marrying same-sex and opposite-sex pairs in the open air at selected locations in Copenhagen,’ Thomas Jakobsen, the director of Copenhagen’s Citizen Service, told DR.

February 12, 2014

The 28 year old had contemplated suicide when he was younger but now wishes he had come out sooner

Ryan Dolan, the Irish singer who made it to the finals of the Eurovision Song Contest last year with his song Only Love Survives, has come out publicly as gay.

'It’s not a big deal anymore,' the 28-year-old Dolan told Radio One today. 'Things have changed compared to even when I was in school. Young people are coming out now at 15 or 16 which would never have happened when I was at school.'

November 8, 2013

International song contest bares their teeth as they make clear the safety of the fans is their 'number one priority'

Eurovision Song Contest has threatened to ban Russia from hosting over its anti-gay propaganda laws.

The singing competition’s organizers have sent a letter to Russia’s official broadcasters.

They have raised concerns that the homophobic legislation could impact the contest if it was held in Russia.

Eurovision organizers have demanded they outline guarantees regarding creative freedom of the acts, and the safety of organizers and fans.

July 16, 2013

Eurovision Song Contest winners and legends join line-up for gay pride in the Swedish capital

Eurovision's hottest stars, including reigning winner Emelie de Forest, are set to perform in Stockholm Pride's biggest night.

The traditional Eurovision night, held on 1 August, will feature de Forest along with previous champions Helena Paparizou and Lys Assia.

De Forest, who won this year's contest for Denmark with her song Only Teardrops, said: 'I really look forward to Stockholm Pride, to meet the audience and sing Only Teardrops and a brand new song too.'

May 18, 2013

Finland’s Krista Siegfrids kisses one of her female dancers after performance of her song Marry Me

An estimated 100 million TV viewers have seen Finland’s Krista Siegfrids kiss one of her female dancers at the end of her Eurovision performance.

Siegfrids was performing her song Marry Me as one of 26 acts in the finals of the camp annual European Song Contest which this year is being held in Malmö, Sweden.

As the show goes out live across the world, it is believed all audiences would have seen the kiss.

May 18, 2013

Emmelie De Forest from Denmark wins Eurovision Song Contest with Only Teardrops. Gay male kiss and marriage in Sweden’s musical tribute. Finland’s Krista Siegfrids kisses female dancer

Denmark has won the gayest ever Eurovision Song Contest, held this year in Malmö, Sweden.

Their song Only Teardrops, performed by Emmelie De Forest had been widely tipped for success.

The contest has long had an enthusiastic gay fan base. But this year there was a new reason for LGBT people to celebrate.

The event saw not one, but two same-sex kisses – the first in its 57 year history.

Swedish comedienne, dancer and television presenter Petra Mede – who hosted the show – ‘married’ two men during her interval act musical tribute.

May 17, 2013

The European Song Contest reaches an epic conclusion with not one, but two gay kisses, and an appearance by Bonnie Tyler

The Eurovision Song Contest is the world’s most watched annual TV program with an expected audience of over 100 million people. It is known for its kitsch songs, flash costumes and over the top performances…and this year is no exception!

The beginning of this year’s final resembles the opening of the Olympics as all 26 competing nations enter the arena waving their respective flags. They make their way along an elevated platform whilst a choir sings a new song written by Abba’s Bjorn and Benny especially for the contest.

May 17, 2013

Finland’s entry to the Eurovision Song Contest Krista Siegfrids due to kiss one of her dancers at the end of her act in the finals on 18 May but censors may stop her

Gay digital activists All Out are urging the Eurovison Song Contest bosses not to stop a lesbian kiss at the finals tomorrow (18 May).

If the kiss goes ahead, at the end of Finland’s entry, Marry Me, by Krista Siegfrids, it will be the first of its kind since the pan-European TV extravaganza started in 1956.

It will also be seen by 100 million people around the world.

May 16, 2013

Finland's Krista Siegfrids kisses one of her female dancers after semifinal performance

With a single lesbian kiss, Finland has made history by fighting for equal marriage at the Eurovision Song Contest in Malmo, Sweden.

Krista Siegfrids, who sang ‘Marry Me’, ended her semi-final performance by kissing one of her female dancers.

It is the first time there has ever been a gay kiss on a Eurovision stage in its 59-year history.

Speaking to Gay Star News in Malmo, she told critics her kiss was about spreading love and not politics. Political gestures or lyrics are strictly forbidden under Eurovision rules.

May 16, 2013

Gay activists are claiming Turkey's official television channel will not show the annual competition over Finland's entry standing up for marriage equality

Turkey will not be showing Eurovision Song Contest 2013 over alleged fears there will be a lesbian kiss shown this week.

Finland’s entry, Krista Siegfrids, is expected to kiss one of her female dancers on stage during her performance at the semi-finals tonight (16 May) in Malmö, Sweden.

If Europe votes Finland through to the Grand Final (18 May), she will perform the same routine with an expected audience of over 60 million people.

May 15, 2013

Vampires, the Salvation Army and a lesbian kiss... it's the Eurovision semi-finals part two!

If you think there's a formula for Eurovision – the world's campest gay singing tournament – then this batch of semi-finalists may hold some suprises.

From leaping around the stage in sparkly suits to a laid back tune and from the oldest contestant in the European contest ever – a 95-year-old – to, possibly, the first lesbian kiss, there is plenty of variety.

May 14, 2013

'Holding Out For A Hero' pop star says now she knows that gay people watch the Eurovision Song Contest, she might stand a chance of winning it

Bonnie Tyler has said if gay people watch the Eurovision Song Contest, she might stand a chance of winning it.

The Welsh singer, famous for 80s hit ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart’, will be representing the UK this year in Malmö, Sweden.

Speaking to London’s Metro newspaper, she said she had no idea Eurovision is a ‘big gay thing’.

May 14, 2013

Rapping astronauts, falling birds, disco balls and half-naked male dancers… it’s time for Eurovision Semi-Final One

From Ireland to Estonia, Eurovision hopefuls are wooing gay fans as they get ready for the first semi-final of the pan-European song contest.

The contestants and their faithful followers are all in Malmö, Sweden, ready to start the action. And tonight (14 May), for 16 of the countries represented, it will be first time they get to compete. The first semi-final will see them battle for 10 coveted places in the grand final on Saturday (18 May). A second semi on Thursday (16 May) will filter the remainder of the acts.

May 13, 2013

Finland’s entry to this year’s European singing contest has created a storm with its catchy beat and open support for same-sex marriage

Krista Siegfrids may appear to be all sugar, sweetness, sunshine, but she is causing shockwaves.

Finland is used to sending ballad after ballad to the annual popfest extravaganza that is the Eurovision Song Contest.

They have broken the mold two times. The first, when they sent a band called Lordi wearing monster costumes and playing heavy rock, and now, when they have sent a pop princess fighting for equal marriage.

May 13, 2013

As Sweden hosts the Eurovision Song Contest, their entry to the tournament, Robin Stjernberg tells us he's a straight guy who kisses his gay mates

After victory in the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest with Loreen’s “Euphoria”, the 2013 competition will be held in the spiritual home of the tournament… Sweden! (If you don’t know much about Eurovision read our beginners guide.)

May 13, 2013

Now Finland’s Marry Me song by Krista Siegfrids is sending a message of love

It is no secret gay people love the Eurovision Song Contest.

Whether it’s the camp, the glitter, or the pretty amazing pop songs every year, one song always takes the crown as the LGBT favorite.

This year, it is Finland’s entry ‘Marry Me’ by Krista Siegfrids. A ridiculous song with a great hook, it is being played in gay clubs across Europe.

Created by Dekel Ben Avi and Bastien Venturi, the video was shot in 10 countries with over 150 participants.

May 12, 2013

On Saturday (18 May) approximately 100 million people around the world will watch the Eurovision Song Contest. But what if you have no idea what's going on?

On Saturday (18 May) approximately 100 million people around the world will watch the Eurovision Song Contest. First launched in Switzerland in 1956, Eurovision is not just a musical fixture but a continent-wide institution Europeans love and sometimes love to mock. 

For those who have never heard of the competition – think of it as a hybrid of American Idol with original songs and the World Cup or Olympics. 

April 25, 2013

Ahead of his coverage on Eurovision for BBC3, gay Radio One DJ Scott Mills tells GSN he wants to see former Sun glamor model Samantha Fox, sing in the competition for the UK in 2014

For the uninitiated, the Eurovision Song Contest is the continent’s most baffling contribution to culture. Some countries take it super-seriously, others (step forward the UK) treat it as a bit of a joke and, as a result, tend to lose. Embarrassingly. For Europe’s gays meanwhile, Eurovision – good or bad – is the perfect excuse for a party.

December 10, 2012

Iceland’s capital Reykjavik prepares to host LGBT visitors for long weekend of parties, entertainment, tours and relaxation

Eurovision fans will be well entertained at Rainbow Reykjavik festival with Hera Björk and Paul Oscar leading the line-up.

Both have enjoyed international success following their participation in Europe's most loved talent show and ultimate guilty-pleasure, the Eurovision Song Contest, in 1997 (Paul Oscar) and 2010 (Hera Björk). And other Icelandic Eurovision contestants will join them on stage to perform their own songs as well.

June 25, 2012

London has been chosen to host World Pride on behalf of the global LGBT community exhibiting some shameless music performances

As part of London’s hosting of World Pride this summer, a night of blissfully camp Europop music will wet the appetites of all walks of the LGBT community.

Eurofest will celebrate the shameless delights of Europe’s pop scene including many tracks from the much loved Eurovision Song Contest. Guests billed to appear include DJ David Simmons, the UK’s leading Eurovision DJ, and DJ Don Grant playing all things European from the last 20 years of pop music.

June 1, 2012

Azerbaijan rejects Iran's allegation that an imaginary gay parade was cancelled as lies

Azerbaijan has accused Iran of lying over Iranian claims the Azeri government was forced to cancel a gay parade during the Eurovision Song Contest last weekend.

As Azerbaijan hosted the camp Eurovision, Iran used false rumors of a 'gay parade' to be held in the Azerbaijan capital of Baku, in at attempt to discredit the secular Azeri regime as 'un-Islamic'.

But yesterday (31 May) Ali Hasanov, adviser to President of Azerbaijan, condemned Iran's intervention as 'lies'.

May 27, 2012

Sweden's Loreen met with human rights activists before winning the international pop contest

Eurovision winner Loreen, who stormed to victory last night (26 May) at the Eurovision Song Contest, has spoken publicly about Azerbaijan’s gay rights record.

The Swedish pop star met with human rights activists this week in the capital to encourage their fight for equality.

‘Human rights are violated in Azerbaijan every day. One should not be silent about such things,’ Azeri opposition newspaper Azadliq quoted Loreen as saying after her meeting.

May 26, 2012

As Baku welcomes the camp Eurovison Song Contest, we examine the challenge that gay, bi and trans Azeris face in an oppressive Azerbaijan

'Welcome to the Eurovision Song Contest, from Baku in Europe!' greeted star-eyed host Eldar 'Ell' Gasimov, the 2011 contest in a duo with Nigar Jamal.

The flamboyant contest is being held in a fantastic newly erected Crystal Hall, a shimmering glass and steel building on the shores of the Caspian Sea. The atmosphere and festive mood of kitch glitz and glamour, with outlandish hair-does and exquisite dress codes more than match the glittery exterior of the venue.