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September 10, 2013

Police believe they may have found a second person responsible for the death of anti-fascist student Clément Méric

Police have a charged a skinhead over the death of a gay rights activist.

Back in June, the anti-fascist student Cleménet Méric was left braindead after an attack in Paris.

Samuel Dufour, a 19-year-old anti-gay extremist, is being charged with violence leading to the death of Méric, but without the intention of killing him.

June 6, 2013

Clement Méric was attacked by a group of skinheads wearing knuckle-dusters outside a shop in Paris

A gay rights activist, aged only 18, was left brain dead after an attack by far-right skinheads in Paris.

Clement Méric, a student in Paris, was ‘violently attacked’ by a group of three men and one woman near Saint-Lazare train station last night (5 June).

An avid anti-fascist protester, he is believed to have rallied for the marriage equality bill which was passed into law last month. His savage beating has provoked horrified reactions across France.

April 18, 2013

Demitri Levantis calls for the global LGBT movement and alternative subcultures to work together to end hate crimes

As a supporter of LGBT rights and a member of the heavy metal subculture, I think it is time both movements started working together around the world to end violence against us.

UK’s Greater Manchester Police (GMP) recently branded attacks on members of alternative subcultures as ‘hate crimes’. I am pleased with this classification – but it is only a small step on the road to equality.

Attacks on such people are not reported often. So every society has much work to do. This includes attacks carried out in and by anti-gay nations like Indonesia and Uzbekistan.

April 5, 2013

Police in north west England will now treat attacks on punks, goths and emos as they do assaults on gay, disabled or ethnic minority people – something our own communities can learn from

Greater Manchester Police in north-west England have made a groundbreaking decision on hate crime that could cultivate greater respect for diversity as a whole.

From now, crimes motivated by hate against people from various music subcultures – emos, goths and punks – will be recorded as such.

If other police forces follow their lead it could benefit not just goths and punks but also the trans community.

August 23, 2012

A cowardly attack with a taser gun on an American gay couple has been condemned by hip hop fans  – with even some self confessed homophobes condemning the attack

A hate crime against an American gay couple posted on a music website has been roundly condemned by hip hop fans in what may be another sign of a growing shift away from homophobia in the genre.

The video, posted to the World Star Hip Hop website on August 21 shows a mixed race gay couple standing at a convenience store service window when a man fires a taser gun into one of the man’s back and electrocutes him.