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May 22, 2015

Duggar was head of lobbying arm of anti-gay Family Research Council

The TLC reality series 19 Kids and Counting has been pulled off the air after one of the 19 admitted to sexually abusing five young girls, including some of his sisters, when he was a teenager.

Josh Duggar, executive director of the lobbying arm of the anti-gay Family Research Council, is at the center of a growing scandal that also led to his resigning from his FRC job on Thursday (21 May).

May 21, 2015

'I love you David and will miss you a lot'

A fellow television icon was having his last night on the air and Ellen DeGeneres did not want to let David Letterman go without paying the proper respect.

On Wednesday (20 May), the day of Letterman's last night as host of CBS's The Late Show, DeGeneres closed her own show with a tribute to Letterman's 33 years on network television.

'What a career he's had,' DeGeneres said. 'He is, for me personally, an inspiration.'

May 20, 2015

Viewers have been calling for the British presenter to be fired

Loose Women's Coleen Nolan has not apologised after inferring that supporting gay rights is like supporting ISIS.

The British ITV presenter discussed the court case in Northern Ireland that saw a Christian bakery being found guilty of discrimination for refusing to make a pro-gay rights cake.

May 20, 2015

She has previously said she is against gay couples adopting children

ISIS have thrown gay people off buildings, beheaded and stoned them, but Loose Women's Coleen Nolan has implied supporting ISIS is akin to supporting LGBTI rights.

The former girl band singer was discussing the court case that saw a Northern Ireland Christian bakery being found guilty of discrimination for refusing to make a pro-gay marriage cake.

May 20, 2015

Will star with James Franco in Hulu Original series 11/22/63

ABC's Grey's Anatomy goes on and on but TR Knight left the medical series after the fifth season in 2009.

Since then, the Emmy-nominated actor has spent his time on stage (A Life in the Theater, It's Only a Play), appeared in some movies (42, A Year and Change) and done some TV guest spots (Law & Order SVU, The Good Wife).

Now Knight is returning to TV is the high-profile 11/22/63, a Hulu Original series that will star James Franco and is from from J.J. Abrams’ Bad Robot Productions and author Stephen King.

May 20, 2015

Host Chris Harrison says it's the audience who will dictate whether that ever happens

The latest season of the ABC reality franchise The Bachelor/The Bachelorette kicked off this week with 25 presumably heterosexual guys vying for the affections of one lucky lady.

The show's longtime host Chris Harrison has recently asked if the the show will ever feature an openly gay bachelor or bachelorette looking for same-sex love.

Harrison, who publicly supports same-sex marriage, says this would depend on the viewers and indicates that things would only change if ratings dropped.

May 19, 2015

Former couple has emotional talk about their marriage in second part of TV special

In the second part of a Keeping Up With the Kardashians special, a tearful Bruce Jenner mourned the loss of her husband of 23 years.

'I just miss Bruce,' she said as she sat at the kitchen table with the 1976 Olympic gold medalist. 'I'm trying so hard to process my pain and get through my days.'

Bruce Jenner confirmed publicly last month that he identifies as female and is in the process of transitioning. His story is the focal point of a two-part Keeping Up With the Kardashian's special that concluded Monday.

May 19, 2015

He tells her: 'I just know that I love you and I want to spend my life with you'

The character of Maya on the CBS soap The Bold and the Beautiful was recently revealed to viewers to be a transgender woman.

On Monday's episode of the show, her boyfriend found out too.

The setting was a mountain cabin where Rick Forrester (Jacob Young) had taken Maya (Karla Mosley) to propose marriage.

Although Rick had been in the dark, several people had already found out about Maya after her sister confided the news to the wrong person.

May 18, 2015

‘It would’ve been very sad for me not to come back'

Great news for Portia de Rossi fans.

Not only will the actress be returning to ABC’s Scandal next season, but she has been promoted to series regular.

Her character, Elizabeth 'Lizzie Bear' North had been recurring although de Rossi says she has already felt like a regular.

‘I’ve been here for the entire season, so, honestly, I already feel like I’m part of the family,’ she tells TV Line.

May 16, 2015

Boyfriends were left confused after receiving the bill from the London café

A British couple are upset after going to a café and being handed a bill with the word 'gays' written at the top.

Kevin Reeves, 27, and his boyfriend Tyrone Herlihy, 26, visited the café in Walthamstow, north east London last Thursday where they typically meet for lunch.

'We went in, ordered with the usual waitress. There were only three other men in the café and they were all sat alone,' Reeves told RUComingOut.

May 16, 2015

Nororiously private about her own sexuality, Latifah laments intolerance

Queen Latifah has made clear that she will not dicuss her sexuality publicly.

But her role as 1920’s bisexual blues legend Bessie Smith in an HBO movie premiering Saturday (16 May) has her talking about sexuality, acceptance and equality.

'People’s ideas in general are antiquated when it comes to who you love,' Latifah tells Uptown magazine.

May 15, 2015

Tensions with Whoopi Goldberg, showdown with a producer, crumbling marriage and health concerns contributed

It's been three months since Rosie O'Donnell abruptly quit The View - again - but the interest in her stormy five-month return engagement to the struggling talk show remains high.

A new in-depth Vanity Fair report details just how tense things got behind-the-scenes and how O'Donnell being on the same panel with Whoopi Goldberg as moderator seemed doomed from the start.

May 15, 2015

 Louis Virtel: 'I hate, hate, hate that I didn't just say "I'm gay" on air'

Journalist Louis Virtel has no doubt that anyone who saw his recent appearance as a contestant on TV's Jeopardy! figured out pretty quickly he is gay.

'If you watch the show, I'm slamming around on the buzzer with a wrist flicked up to heaven. I'm coltish in my feminine movements. I gush about meeting Jane Fonda, my favorite movie star of all time, during my contestant interview,' he writes in a column for HitFix.

And there's more.

May 15, 2015

Also takes viewers on behind-the-scenes visit to set of Magic Mike XXL in which he has small role

It seems doubtful that Nick the gardener is actually still mowing Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi’s lawn but he's still dropping in on Ellen's daytime show.

On Thursday (14 May), the muscular green thumb showed up and shared with viewers some memories from his time on the set of Magic Mike XXL, the sequel to the 2012 nit about a group of male strippers.

Some of the film's stars, including Channing Tatum and Joe Manganiello, chat with Nick and Tatum is impressed with his physique.

May 14, 2015

With the voice actor leaving the show after 26 years, the gay character's future looks to be in doubt

The Simpsons is about to lose one of their voice actors, and with it could mean the end of Mr Burns' long-suffering gay assistant Smithers.

Harry Shearer, who is in charge of voicing favorites like Ned Flanders, Principal Skinner, Otto and Mr Burns, as well as many more, is leaving the cartoon after 26 seasons.

He says he now wants 'the freedom to do other work'. This seems like an odd reason, as every cast member including Shearer has not been restricted from doing other work before.

May 13, 2015

Drag queen Titti La Camp said 'karma' was coming to the theatre producer

A gay man has become the first housemate to be evicted from Big Brother in the shortest stay duration ever.

Simon Gross, 46, was the third contestant of the UK reality show to enter and the first to leave after a shock twist - staying only for two hours.

Viewers voted to select five housemates to take part in the first twist via the Big Brother app on launch night.

May 13, 2015

Emmy winner came out publicly the day in 2013 when the US Supreme Court gutted the Defense of Marriage Act

The Young and the Restless star Greg Rikaart has married television writer Robert Sudduth.

Rikaart broke the news on Twitter Wednesday morning by posting a photo of the beachside vows in Maui with the simple two-word caption: 'Holy matrimony.'

After a flood of well wishes, Rikaart took to Twitter again with this message: 'So much love today. Thanks for it all. Rob and I have enjoyed reading your kind wishes. Mahalo, as they say here on Maui.'

May 12, 2015

Grace and Frankie star remembers the tremendous controversy when he starred in 1972 TV movie That Certain Summer

There was not a ripple of controversy when Martin Sheen took the role of a gay man in the Netflix comedy Grace & Frankie which premiered last week.

But in 1972, it was considered a huge career risk when Sheen agreed to star opposite Hal Holbrook as a gay couple in the television movie That Certain Summer.

'Then it was a big controversy,' Sheen said Tuesday (12 May) on The Meredith Vieira Show.

May 12, 2015

Piper and Alex look like they get closer (and in the same bed) in new season 3 image

The series trailer for Orange Is The New Black season 3 is here and we are gagging.

Piper, Alex, Crazy Eyes, Red and the rest will be back with new episodes on 12 June and the new trailer is sure to get you even more psyched.

Catching up new viewers with what's happened so far, we get reintroduced to Taylor Schilling's Piper, the bisexual New York woman sent to jail for a drug running crime she committed a decade ago.

In prison, we meet her former lover Alex (played by Laura Prepon) and the rest of the eccentric cast of inmates.

May 11, 2015

Tomlin heard 'purse nelly' but the Broadway legend was actually saying 'personally' in her thick Bronx accent

Before she became a household name on TV's Laugh-In, Lily Tomlin was on the Sunset Strip in Los Angeles and had a memorable meeting with Broadway legend Chita Rivera.

Rivera, who had starred on Broadway in West Side Story and Bye Bye Birdie by then, was brought over to Tomlin by a publicist they both knew.

May 11, 2015

'We should not be labeled because it creates tension between people'

Raven-Symoné and Miley Cyrus now have more in common that being one-time Disney Channel stars.

The former That's So Raven and Hannah Montana stars have both publicly acknowledged that they have had relationships with women.

They also both don't want to be labeled as bisexual.

'Miley, I agree, we should not be labeled because it creates tension between people and you feel like you can look down, like that’s this type of person and this is how I should feel about you,' Raven-Symoné said Monday while co-hosting ABC's The View.

May 9, 2015

'There are times in my life where I’ve had boyfriends or girlfriends'

Miley Cyrus has a lot of people wondering if she's come out as bisexual after saying this week that not all her past relationships have been 'straight, heterosexual' ones.

The singer elaborates for Time magazine: 'There are times in my life where I’ve had boyfriends or girlfriends.'

But don't call her bisexual.

May 8, 2015

'I can just tell you right now, there was no Andy D going in my B'

Andy Cohen has told the world, once again, that the most famous person he's ever hooked up with is Lance Bass.

The Watch What Happens Live host had also previously revealed on his show that sexually, he is a top.

May 7, 2015

Weirdest places he's had sex is 'under the stands at Hollywood High School'

Andy Cohen has revealed the most famous he has had sex with is Lance Bass.

The Watch What Happens Live host admitted to kissing the N'Sync singer back in 2012 but it seems that wasn't the whole story.

On Tuesday (5 April) night, Real Housewives of New York City star Sonja Morgan turned the tables on Cohen and grilled the host on his sex life.

She asks where's the most unusual place he's had sex.

When Morgan wouldn't accept his 'boring' first answer of airplane, he admits: 'Under the stands at Hollywood High School.'