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September 4, 2014

It’s not uncommon for gay men and straight female friends to discuss the idea of having children together: it’s more unusual when those friends live an ocean apart

When New Yorker Ellen Capon decided that time was running out on her dreams of becoming a birth mother, it was to her gay friend, London-based PR consultant Stephen Ward, that she turned for assistance.

May 2, 2014

'I'm so proud of you, so happy for you. I know what a scary thing that is'

For the second time this week, Ellen DeGeneres welcomed a newly out famous lesbian onto her daytime talk show and offered them public congratulations for coming out.

Just a few days after an appearance by Good Morning America's Robin Roberts, Oscar-nominated actress Ellen Page dropped by to talk about her Valentine's Day revelation.

'I am so proud of you for coming out and I'm happy for you,' DeGeneres told her guest. 'I know what a scary thing that is. ... It's a scary thing to verbalize, to say it out loud.'

January 30, 2014

One Big Happy will try to make network's schedule and succeed where Sean Saves the World and The New Normal did not

It was back in 1997 that the character Ellen DeGeneres played on her self-titled ABC sitcom came out as a lesbian.

DeGeneres, now one of television's top talk show hosts, is returning to her sitcom roots but behind the scenes this time.

DeGeneres is one of the executive producers of One Big Happy, a comedy pilot ordered by NBC this week.

The comedy is about a lesbian and her straight male best friend who decide to have a baby together. But things get a bit complicated when during this process, one of them meets the love of their life.

September 14, 2012

Talk show host will executive produce sitcom about single woman in her 30s

It's a good month to be Ellen DeGeneres.

The funny lady not only launched the 10th season of her talk show this week and got her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame last week, she is also the star voice in  Finding Nemo which was re-released into theaters in 3D today (14 September).

But there's more good news on the professional front.

NBC has bought a sitcom from DeGeneres' production company and has as its central character an independent 32-year-old single woman.

August 24, 2012

Endured hard times between coming out on ABC sitcom and start in daytime

When looking at the career of Ellen DeGeneres as a whole, it would appear she's had a charmed existance.

Her sitcom, Ellen, ran for four seasons on ABC and she won an Emmy for writing the famous episode in 1997 in which her character came out - at around the same time DeGeneres came out publicly.

Then since 2003, she has won many more Emmys for daytime's The Ellen DeGeneres Show which beings its 10th season next month.

August 22, 2012

Winfrey played psychiatrist who helped DeGeneres realize she was gay

Oprah Winfrey may be an Oscar-nominated actress, the talk show queen has taken on very few roles since she made a splash in 1985's The Color Purple.

One of the acting roles she did take on was as a therapist in a 1997 landmark episode of Ellen in which the lead character played by Ellen DeGeneres comes out as a lesbian.

Winfrey now reveals that after she appeared in the episode, which won an Emmy for its writing, the backlash quickly began.