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September 19, 2012

Omar Kuddus argues that UK Prime Minister David Cameron should stick by his words after Uganda banned a ‘gay’ play and took action against its British producers

In August the Uganda’s Media Council banned performances of what would have been the first theater production in the country to discuss LGBT issues.

That decision, and more urgently Uganda’s legal steps against people who staged the play, now require immediate and serious redress by the international community

The play, The River and the Mountain, by British playwright Beau Hopkins, was to have been performed at the National Theatre of Uganda but the theater backed off after the Media Council intervened.

September 14, 2012

Media Council banned the play after saying it was 'contrary to the laws, cultural norms and values of Uganda'

A British man who produced a play about being gay in Uganda is in jail.

David Cecil is being charged with ‘disobeying lawful orders’ from the Uganda Media Council, which says he staged the play in Uganda’s capital Kampala last month, reports the Associated Foreign Press.