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March 21, 2015

'Perfect 10s AGAIN!!! Twice in one day!!'

Tom Daley needed to be perfect to take the silver in the 10m platform at the FINA Diving World Series.

The out Olympian scored all 10s in his third dive at the competition, held in Dubai.

This pushed him from fourth to second, with 578.25 points.

January 4, 2015

From getting ready for Wimbledon to a chicken hat, 2014 was good to Tom Daley

Is there anyone who doesn't want to spend time with Tom Daley?

The Olympic diver seems to have a great time, all the time.

Can you blame him? Great athlete. Cuter than cute. High powered boyfriend. Supportive family and friends.

What isn't there to like?

December 28, 2014

Black has no reason to complain about Santa Claus this year

Dustin Lance Black's Christmas 'gift' was perfect.

Tom Daley, the boyfriend of the Oscar winner, posted Facebook photos.

The Olympic medalist was dressed all red, and seemed to be 'tumbling' out of a chimney.

December 3, 2014

Tom Daley doing high leg kicks in a swimming pool? What’s not to love?

Britain’s Tom Daley, the Olympic medal-winning diver jumped back into the pool recently to mark the fact that FINA will be allowing men to take part in the Synchronized Swimming World Championships for the first time in 2015.

Daley, aged 20, joined members of Aquabatix, for his first attempt at synchronized swimming – and the results have just been released on youtube.

November 19, 2014

British diving star is released on same day IOC said it wants to have protections for LGBTI people

British diver Tom Daley talks about his dreams of winning Olympic gold in 2016 and a little bit about coming out in an official Olympics video released this week.

Daley also talks about the 'announcement' he made last December but the word 'gay' is not uttered once in the 9-minutes and 17-seconds interview.

'Since then the public support has been literally overwhelming,' Daley says. 'Everyone's been so nice, everyone's been so supportive.'

November 7, 2014

Olympic diver and Oscar winner raising money for causes close to their hearts

Olympic diver Tom Daley and his Oscar winning boyfriend Dustin Lance Black announced on Thursday (6 November) that they are selling themselves.

But just for one night.

The Power couple are raffling off a double date - with them - in London as a way to raise money for two causes near and dear to their hearts: The Brain Tumour Charity and the Human Rights Campaign.

They explain in a video that Daley's dad died of a brain tumor and Black's gay older brother died from cancer before marriage equality came to the Southern state in which he lived.

October 9, 2014

British gay diver revealed he will not be making any political statement against Russia's anti-gay laws when he travels there next year

Tom Daley believes any footballer would be surprised by the amount of support they would receive if they chose to come out.

The 20-year-old Olympic diver, who came out last December on YouTube, has said he believes soccer will be more accepting than people realise.

There are only two professional gay soccer players in the entire world. Anton Hysén, who is playing for Myrtle Beach FC, a fourth-tier level US team, and Robbie Rogers, who plays for major US club LA Galaxy.

September 26, 2014

Olympic diver and Oscar winner take helicopter ride to romantic mountain top picnic

It was date night for Olympic diver Tom Daley and Oscar winning screenwriter Dustin Lance Black.

A movie? Dinner at a restaurant?

Not a chance.

With Daley in charge of the planning, the couple took a helicopter ride to the top of a mountain where they then proceeded to have a romantic picnic.

September 16, 2014

Are you Team Daley or Team Cumming in the debate over Scotland becoming its own independent country?

The battlelines are drawn, and it's time to decide on Scottish independence. And the question is, are you on Team Daley or Team Cumming?

Gay Olympic diver Tom Daley, from Plymouth, England, has revealed he wants the UK to stay as it is, believing the country is 'better together' as a whole.

But gay actor Alan Cumming, from Alberfeldy, Scotland says otherwise, describing it a chance for the country to have their destiny in their own hands.

August 2, 2014

Earlier in the Games, Daley took silver in the 10m platform pairs

United Kingdom's out diver Tom Daley took gold today (2 August) in the Commonwealth Games' 10m platform.

'GOLD!!!' he wrote on Facebook, under his picture holding the Glasgow medal.

According to the BBC, the 20-year-old scored 516.55 to keep the title he won in Delhi in 2010.

Malaysia's Ooi Tze Liang took silver with a score of 433.70; Vincent Riendeau, from Canada, was awarded  bronze with 429.25.

August 1, 2014

Last-minute replacements, silver medalists Daley and partner James Denny had only practiced together three times

The world's two most famous openly gay divers had a very good night Friday (1 August) at the Commonwealth Games.

Australia's Matthew Mitcham and his partner Domonic Bedggood took the gold medal in 10m platform pairs.

They survived a late challenge by Britain's Tom Daley and partner James Denny who took a surprise silver.

Mitcham shared his joy on Twitter: 'OMG FINALLY!!! Lol after 6 Comm Games silvers, I finally have a gold one!!'

Daley and Denny had gone into the final round in last place.

July 29, 2014

'I’d even had dinner with him a month before it happened and I never knew anything'

Australian diver Matthew Mitcham, the only openly gay male athlete at the 2008 Summer Olympics, is not even the only out diver at this summer's Commonwealth Games in Glasgow.

Also diving is Britain's Tom Daley who came out last year and has since gone public with his relationship with Oscar-winning screenwriter Dustin Lance Black.

Mitcham says he was 'as surprised as anyone else when Daley, 20, posted his coming out video on YouTube.

July 29, 2014

'None of you "knew." Nobody can know until the person says so themselves'

Olympic Gold Medalist Matthew Mitcham's comment that he was 'as surprised as anyone else' when fellow diver Tom Daley came out has been met with skepticism by some Gay Star News readers.

Among the comments posted on the GSN Facebook page today:

July 21, 2014

Gay Olympic diver has his fans terrified after his plane dumps its fuel and makes an emergency landing in a Russian city

Olympic gay diver Tom Daley is in Russia after his plane landed there in an emergency.

The 20-year-old Brit landed in Irkutsk, a southeastern city close to the borders of Mongolia.

The athlete snapped a picture of the plane dumping its fuel shortly before it landed on the runway.

While it is impossible to speculate why the aircraft had to make an emergency landing, fuel dumps sometimes occur if the pilot suspects a fire.

Dumping the fuel can also be done to reduce weight.

July 17, 2014

Gay Olympic diver beat out celebs like David Beckham, Shayne Ward and Duncan James to win the top 100

Tom Daley may have wowed the world with athleticism, but it is something else that has got readers of a gay magazine sweating.

For the second year in the row, the Olympic diver was announced at the top of Attitude magazine’s 100 Sexiest Men In The World.

Singer Shayne Ward, actor Zac Efron, footballer David Beckham and The Only Way Is Essex star Dan Osbourne rounded off the top five.

McFly’s Harry Judd was number six, followed by diver Chris Mears, Blue’s Duncan James, One Direction’s Zayn Malik and Looking’s Russell Tovey finishing the top 10.

July 10, 2014

The National Gay and Lesbian sports hall of fame in the US has announced a new crop of inductees, and British diving champ Tom Daley is one of them

The National Gay and Lesbian Sports Hall of Fame in the US has announced British Olympic diver Tom Daley as one of their 2014 inductees.

Other athletes named on the list alongside Daley are retired NBA player John Amaechi, retired rugby player Gareth Thomas and mixed martial artist Fallon Fox.

The hall of fame aims to ‘recognize both individuals and organizations whose achievements and efforts have enhanced sports and athletics for the LGBT community.

July 4, 2014

Olympic diver wears pink shoes to watch matches from royal box

Olympic diver Tom Daley had an invitation to watch some matches at Wimbledon and wanted to look good for the occasion.

'I'm going to be in the royal box which is pretty cool if you ask me,' he says in a video he posted on YouTube.

But what to wear?

Daley is seen scampering about his bedroom stripping down to his skivvies and quickly putting on trousers, a shirt and a tie and a sportcoat before having a decision to make.

'Pink and white shoes?' he wonders.

He decides on the pink shoes to go with the little bit of pink in his tie.

May 21, 2014

Happy 20th birthday to everyone's favorite British Olympic diver!

Happy birthday Tom Daley!

The gay British Olympic diver is no longer a teenager. He is 20 years old today.

In a world when other 20-year-old celebs, like Justin Bieber, get DUIs and spit in fans' faces, it's nice to know there is a real role model out there for young LGBTI teens.

And it's not like Daley is incredibly ugly either.

Here's a few other reasons why we love Daley:

May 17, 2014

Columnist and former Apprentice star expects her 10-year-old son is going to be gay because 'he really likes hairdressing'

Former Apprentice star and controversy-seeking columnist Katie Hopkins has set her sights on gay Olympic diver Tom Daley.

Last December, the 19-year-old athlete came out in a YouTube video.

But while Daley received massive support from the public, Hopkins has derided it as ‘really lame’.

Speaking to Varsity, Hopkins said: ‘It was really lame…we all knew he was gay.

‘People love Tom Daley and the people who watch divers [are the] kind of the people who like to read Women’s Weekly’.

May 2, 2014

'Everything Tom has said about being in love I feel and echo probably more'

The Oscar winner and the Olympic medalist made clear this week that they are very together.

Dustin Lance Black and Tom Daley, a couple for a year now, made their first official public appearance together this week in London at the Inaugural Battersea Power Station and did not shy away from questions about their relationship.

'It’s been crazy since the whole shebang. But it has been fun and everyone’s been really supportive - so it’s all good really,' Daley, 19, told The Sun.

April 19, 2014

When the Olympic diver came out last year, he received vile homophobic abuse on social media, which has now been used to create his portrait

‘Dirty fag’ and ‘he’s going to hell’ were just some of the insults thrown at Tom Daley when he came out in December 2013.

Now a UK artist has taken all the vile anti-gay slurs aimed at the British Olympic diver and turned them into art.

UK based artist Conor Collins created the portrait of Daley by using all the horrible homophobic names he was called on social media when he revealed his sexuality.

Collins revealed the finished portrait on his Twitter account this week (17 April).

April 7, 2014

Gay Olympic diver is skydiving and bungee jumping in order to spread awareness and raise money for The Brain Tumour Charity - the cancer his father died of in 2011

Gay athlete Tom Daley is one of the top divers in the world and might be dating an Oscar-winner, but he has not given up on wanting to be ‘normal’.

The 19-year-old decided to put his training regime aside to backpack across the world and undertake physical challenges for his new show.

Tom Daley Goes Global… involves him visiting countries where he’s completely unknown with his best pal Sophie Lee.

‘I want to be a normal teenager who spreads their wings and explores different countries and cultures,’ Daley told The Sun’s TV Biz.

March 2, 2014

The Olympic diver topped a poll that sought to find out which public figures inspire UK teenagers the most, three months after he revealed he was in a relationship with a man

Olympic medalist Tom Daley was named the biggest sporting inspiration to UK teenagers last night (1 March) at a National Citizen Service (NCS) event in London.

The awards were based on the results of a poll run by the NCS, a government initiative that aims to improve young people’s confidence, teamwork and leadership skills through a series of challenges and community projects.

February 18, 2014

Olympic diver's reality competition show is reportedly coming to an end as ITV searches for other projects for him

Men and women who like men are in mourning after learning they may lose their weekly dose of seeing British Olympic diver Tom Daley in his skimpy speedos.

As British reality TV show ‘Splash’ is reportedly facing the axe after ratings took a dive for the worse.

The ITV show pulled in disappointing numbers for the final, with only 4.4 million tuning in compared to last year’s 6.5 million.

The Sun reports ITV bosses are now considering scrapping the diving competition.