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July 22, 2012

The Chinese gay community’s most popular word to refer to themselves has been left out of a new Chinese dictionary, sparking criticism

A new edition of a modern Chinese language dictionary has been criticized for leaving out the most popular term used by Chinese gays to refer to themselves.

The compilers of the Contemporary Chinese Dictionary omitted the gay usage among the definitions of the Mandarin word ‘tongzhi,’ literally meaning ‘comrade’, which has been adopted by Chinese homosexuals as a positive way to refer to each other.

January 23, 2012

Tongzhi Rights Movement marks the new year of the dragon with a message of hope

On the first day of the year of the dragon Tongzhi Rights Movement has issued a happy new year message and a statement. It says that over 2011 the gay rights movement in China became more entrepreneurial and that their organisation was committed to working hard 'day and night' for LGBT rights.

The message continues saying that 2012 is a 'new starting point, a new journey, new development, we firmly believe that the majority of people in support of the gay rights movement will full of more enthusiasm, confidence and spirit.'