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December 18, 2014

Praise these people

The golden rule of Christianity is ‘Love thy neighbor as thyself’.

Even though Jesus said absolutely nothing about gay people (seriously), and was far more interested in people being good to one another, a lot of people forget that.

Some religious people still continue to use the Bible as a way of propagating their hate, their unease, their ignorance.

But there are some who have realised that you can be both religious and support LGBTI rights.

November 28, 2014

Vitaly Cherkasov was accosted by a group of men after leaving a courthouse where he had been defending activist Kirill Kalugin

The Moscow Times reports that a human rights lawyer has been attacked whilst leaving a St. Petersburg court.

The lawyer, Vitaly Cherkasov, was employed to defend an LGBT activist and says that one of his assailants is the aide to a local anti-gay lawmaker.

November 2, 2014

Anti-gay activists Peter LaBarbera and Bill Whatcott were on trial for mischief in Regina, Saskatchewan on Thursday after an incident at the University of Regina in April this year

Peter LaBarbera, president of the group Americans For Truth About Homosexuality and thought to be one of the most extreme homophobic Christian activists in the United States, and a local man were on trial for mischief in a Regina court this week.

LaBarbera and a local Saskatchewan man, Bill Whatcott, were displaying placards with anti-gay and pro-life messages and tried to set up an information desk on the grounds of the University of Regina after they were told by the university not to.

October 27, 2014

Opposition leader is standing trial for sodomy this week

A right-wing Malaysian newspaper has said supporting oppositon leader Anwar Ibrahim means supporting the international LGBTI rights movement ahead of his sodomy trial on Tuesday.

Anwar has been prosecuted under the country's colonial anti-gay law four times in what LGBTI groups have called a politically motivated prosecution. He is appealing his March sentence of five years in jail.

October 10, 2014

From Michael Sam to Ellen Page, celebrate Coming Out Day with a reminder of some of the most notable coming outs this year

Thousands of people have come out since the last National Coming Out Day. Some bad, some amazing, and some so heartwarming you will cry.

We'd might like to live in a world where coming out doesn't make the news. But as long as anyone alive has a bad coming out, disowned by their families or thrown out onto the streets, then celebrities coming out can still change lives.

It's all about breaking barriers and being who you are, and all 18 people on this list epitomise this.

October 9, 2014

The men were the first to be arrested on homosexuality charges in seven months

Seven men arrested for gay sex in the Cameroon have been released.

Donatus Sembe, the police officer in charge of the case, told AP that four of them were freed on Wednesday due to lack of evidence and the other three were released earlier in the week.

The men were arrested in the capital Yaoundé last week in a raid on a house where police said they were engaging in prostitution and gay sex.

September 30, 2014

Luka Magnotta dismembered his Chinese boyfriend and sent his limbs to political parties and elementary schools

Canadian porn star Luka Magnotta admitted yesterday to killing his Chinese boyfriend but pleaded not guilty to five charges related to his death including murder.

On the first day of his trial in Montreal, Magnotta's lawyers said he was mentally ill and jurors would have to determine his state of mind.

He faces life inprisonment if convicted of all charges.

Magnotta, 32, posted a video online of him killing Jun Lin, 33, a computer science student at Concordia University.

August 15, 2014

Gay Christian rock star says she wants to come out to help young people in the church who could be affected by extremist homophobic pastors

US pastor Scott Lively, who believes gay people can be ‘cured’, came to blows with lesbian Christian rock star Vicky Beeching yesterday (14 August).

He told her she had ‘given into a lie’ into believing there is any such thing as a ‘gay person’.

Beeching, a British theologian and musician who made her name in the US Bible Belt and came out this week, said she wants to become an advocate for gay rights within the church.

But Lively has called on Beeching to not succumb to the ‘temptations of the flesh’ and repent her ‘sins’.

July 1, 2014

Police are asking people to report, but not to approach, the two men under any circumstances as they are considered extremely dangerous

A murderer who stabbed a man in the heart for being ‘queer’ is on the run from a British prison.

Darren Douglas, 46, originally from Birmingham absconded from the Springhill open prison in Buckinghamshire on Sunday morning (29 June).

He was serving a life sentence for a murder he committed in Birmingham in 1998, stabbing a man to death outside a pub.

Described during his trial as a ‘man with a very short fuse’, he confronted his victim in a toilet and accused him of being ‘queer’ before he forced him outside for a fight.

March 8, 2014

Human rights groups have called the campaign against the former deputy prime minister politically motivated

A Malaysian court on Friday overturned an earlier acquittal and sentenced opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim to five years in jail on sodomy charges, ending his hopes of contesting a local by-election this month.

In 2008, Anwar was charged for having sex with a male aide. He was acquitted in 2012 by a High Court citing a lack of evidence. The government later appealed the court’s ruling.

February 12, 2014

International human rights group Human Rights Watch has called on the Malaysian Government to stop trying to have Opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim prosecuted over claims he has had sex with men and to end its colonial era ban on gay sex

Human Rights Watch have called on the Malaysian Government to end its attempts to have Opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim jailed over claims he has had sex with men in what is widely viewed as an effort to keep the ruling Barisan Nasional (BN) coalition in power.

BN have ruled Malaysia since 1974 and Ibrahim is a former BN MP turned vocal critic of the government who has been trying to unseat the Malaysian Government since 1998.

January 30, 2014

Tunisian Chiheb Esseghaier, accused over an alleged plot to derail a train between the US and Canada, has ranted against same-sex marriage while defending himself without a lawyer

A Tunisian doctoral student studying in Montreal has gone on a homophobic rant while standing trial over an alleged terror plot to derail a train between New York and Ontario.

Chiheb Esseghaier, 30, went on a 4 minute rant at the start of his trial Wednesday, telling the court, 'homosexual marriages are protected by the Criminal Code because the code doesn't consider this a crime.’

‘Even the animals don't do this. The donkeys may. The monkeys do not.’

‘Why do you allow homosexual marriage when animals don't do homosexual marriages?’

January 22, 2014

Bernard Randall will be sent back to the UK within 12 hours after being charged with 'trafficking obscene materials'

Uganda will be deporting a British man for possessing a gay sex video, a court has ruled.

Bernard Randall, a 65-year-old retired man from Kent, denied a charge of trafficking obscene publications.

Judge Hellen Ajio has ordered Randall should be deported from the country within 12 hours.

Randall could have faced a possible two-year prison sentence if he was found guilty.

He was charged alongside his friend Albert Cheptoyek, 30, a Ugandan national, who denied the more serious accusation of ‘acts of gross indecency’.

January 16, 2014

Founder of the Virgin Group, comprising 400 companies including Virgin Atlantic, Virgin Media and Virgin Trains, said he will be meeting with government leaders to 'encourage compassion'

Virgin CEO and British billionaire Richard Branson will be working with Nigerian government leaders on gay rights.

The bill, signed into law by President Goodluck Jonathan, makes it illegal to be gay.

The founder of the Virgin group was responding to backlash after he said he would not do business in Uganda due to their ‘dreadful’ anti-gay laws.

But now Nigeria has introduced the most draconian new anti-gay legislation in the world in recent memory, Virgin has yet to pull out there.

January 15, 2014

Calls for review of constitutionality of law which 'may fuel prejudice and violence'

UN Secretary Ban Ki-Moon on Wednesday (15 January) condemned Nigeria's new anti-gay law which have already resulted in numerous arrests and 11 allegedly gay men being put on trial in an Islamic court.

A spokesperson for Moon said the Secretary-General has 'deep concern' particularly about the Same-Sex Marriage (Prohibition) Act in Nigeria which is 'in breach of fundamental human rights.'

December 20, 2013

Edith Windsor, the Pope and Barack Obama head up our list of heroes for the LGBTI community in 2013

As 2013 comes to an end we look back at the heroes who have made the world a better place for LGBTI rights.

These are the people who have have fought for equality on a global scale and have had an influence over the past year.

From the woman who defeated DOMA to one of the most progressive religious leaders in history, from one hilarious politician fighting for rights to a diver just being himself.

Take a look at our heroes of 2013 below:

December 16, 2013

A 65-year-old retired banker facing charges of 'trafficking obscene materials' will have to wait until next year to discover his fate

A British man accused after pictures of him having gay sex will have to wait until next year to discover his fate.

The Ugandan court has delayed the trial of a 65-year-old Bernard Randall, charged with ‘trafficking obscene publications’ for the third time.

He claims his laptop computer was stolen after images of him in bed with another man were published in the notorious homophobic tabloid newspaper Red Pepper.

Randall’s trial has been postponed to 22 January.

November 28, 2013

After two years avoiding sentencing, Andile Ngcoza will spend the next 22 years in jail for raping, beating and strangling a lesbian for five hours 

Justice was served for a South African lesbian who was raped in 2010 because of her sexuality.

45-year old Andile Ngcoza was originally convicted of raping Millicent Gaika, a lesbian woman from Gugulethu, in 2011, but missed his court date for sentencing and disappeared for two years.

On 3 April 2010, Ngcoza initiated a corrective rape attack on Gaika, saying he would impregnate her to ‘show her she was a woman’.

November 18, 2013

Gay rights campaigners are furious as a British man is on trial after images from a stolen laptop were published by a Ugandan tabloid

A British man has had his Uganda trial postponed after images of him having gay sex were published.

Ex-pat Bernard Randall, 65, is facing up to seven years in prison after being arrested of trafficking in obscene publications.

The charge against Randall resulted from the theft of his laptop computer.

Images of him having sex with a Moroccan man were splashed across the front page of notoriously homophobic tabloid Red Pepper, beneath the headline Exposed.

His 30-year-old Ugandan live-in friend Albert Cheptoyet is also being charged.

November 11, 2013

Gay rights campaigners are furious as a British man and his Ugandan lover go on trial for filming an home-made porn video

A British man on trial for gay sex in Uganda has said he is living in constant fear.

Ex-pat Bernard Randall, 65, is facing up to seven years in prison for gross indecency and allegedly trafficking obscene material after police found a video on his laptop of him having sex with a Moroccan.

His 30-year-old Ugandan live-in partner Albert Cheptoyet is also being charged.

The retired banker’s picture was splashed across the front page of notoriously homophobic tabloid Red Pepper, beneath the headline ‘Exposed’.

November 11, 2013

Loving dad's trial could be dropped if he promises to never perform another same-sex marriage, but he says the love he has for his son is stronger than the love he has for the Church

A pastor might be fired for officiating his son’s same-sex wedding.

Reverend Frank Schaefer, a Methodist pastor in Pennsylvania, is accused of presiding over the marriage ceremony in 2007.

The 51-year-old, who does not deny presiding over the wedding, said his love for his son and God’s command to love everyone trumped over supposed church doctrine.

‘I love him so much and didn’t want to deny him that joy,’ he said.

November 7, 2013

Politicians fighting for gay marriage as evangelists claim gays pass on HIV using 'special rings', Stonewall names their winners

Several names were nominated, but only one is the biggest bigot of them all.

At the seventh annual UK-based gay rights charity Stonewall held tonight (7 November), US TV evangelist Pat Robertson was named 2013’s Bigot of the Year.

In August, he made international headlines when he claimed gay men viciously spread HIV while shaking hands using ‘special rings’.

He ‘won’ the award over Scott Lively, on trial for crimes against humanity against Ugandan LGBT people, British vicar George Gabauer, UKIP candidate Winston McKenzie and historian Niall Ferguson.

November 7, 2013

As three men face 14 years in prison for being gay, Doctor Christine Kaseba-Sata has said no one should be discriminated against for being gay

Zambia’s first lady has made ‘miracles’ happen as she becomes one of the most senior names in politics to stand up for gay rights.

Doctor Christine Kaseba-Sata has called for an end to discrimination of gay and bisexual men.

Speaking during a reception hosted by UNAIDS in the county’s capital Lasaka, she reflected on the recent waves of outings of LGBTI people by Zambian tabloids.

‘Silence around issues of men who have sex with men should be stopped and no one should be discriminated against on the basis of their sexual orientation,’ she said.

November 6, 2013

Omar Kuddus asks if LGBTI activism has become dominated by ‘fashions’ and whether a focus on Russia is distracting from the wider struggle for rights

Whilst the world’s and media’s attention is focused on the plight of Russian LGBTIs, we must not forget homosexuality is illegal in 76 countries.

With the Winter Olympics Sochi in 2014 and Russia’s anti-gay propaganda laws firmly in place, not a day goes by without some news about the conditions Russian homosexuals face under the heinous anti-gay propaganda laws.