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August 28, 2014

Judge said while the attack was 'vile and vicious', the attack was not motivated by homophobia

A man will be jailed for two years and four months after spraying six people with a 'noxious substance' in a homophobic attack.

Jonathan Lynn, 29, emptied the contents of a plastic bottle over a group of young gay friends in Vauxhall, London.

Several of the victims reported feeling like their 'faces were melting', they thought they were going to die, and it caused ulcers on their eyes and mouths. One victim could have very easily had his vision permanently damaged.

August 15, 2014

One victim handed over £15,000 ($25,000, €19,000) to the blackmailers

Two British men who used the app Grindr to lure and blackmail gay men will be jailed.

Nathanael Foster and Adam Webb, both from Gloucester in South West England, have been charged with two counts of blackmail.

Gloucester Crown Court heard how the pair trapped two men, with one even handing over £15,000 ($25,000, €19,000) to the pair.

Prosecutor Janine Wood said one of the victims went to the police while he was being blackmailed and their investigations revealed the second man, who had paid up the cash.

May 29, 2014

Five college students, aged between 18 and 22, lured their 25-year-old victim on a gay dating site in an attempt to rob and extort money from him

A gay man in Russia was kidnapped at gunpoint and nearly died in a horrific homophobic attack, it was reported today (29 May).

A Chelyabinsk court heard how five college students, aged between 18 and 22, lured their 25-year-old victim on a gay dating site in an attempt to rob and extort money from him.

The students told the gay man they didn’t want his money, but to ‘cleanse the society of gays’, according to the victim’s testimony.

At gunpoint, they went in the victim’s car to a nearby lake.

March 22, 2014

Philip Poolman claims that he was branded a ‘predatory gay’ after complimenting a barman at his local pub

A British gay man has been banned from a pub in Farnham, Dorset because he complimented a male bartender.

Philip Poolman, 48, spoke about how he was taken aside by the manageress of The Museum Inn and accused of being a ‘predatory gay man’ for talking to the barman.

The barman reportedly quit his job after finishing his shift because he was so distressed, prompting Mr Poolman to be banned from the premises.

March 7, 2014

British woman was left traumatized after one of her windows was deliberately smashed, saying she felt like a 'prisoner in her own home'

A British trans woman is living in fear and says she is too scared to leave her own home after an attack on her property.

The unnamed woman, living in Cheshire, north west of England, was left traumatized when a piece of heavy exercise equipment was hurled through one of her windows on New Year’s Eve last year.

Alexander Stoll, 32, said he did not remember the incident but later admitted to smashing the window and pleaded guilty to criminal damage at Halton Magistrates Court yesterday (6 March).

May 8, 2013

Man is accused of luring gay men online with the promise of a date and then threatening to expose or hurt them if they did not give him money

Kenyan police have arrested a man accused of blackmailing gay men.

On Monday (6 May), suspect Hillary Oleshawa was arrested in a Nairobi downtown bar following a tip off from local gay activists.

He is accused of luring unsuspecting gay men on the promise of a date online, abducting them and extorting money and property.

By threatening to reveal their sexuality to their friends and family, he allegedly forced his victims to give him money in exchange for their freedom.

February 24, 2013

A British national has been arrested in Rome on suspicion of brutally stabbing and strangling a gay man and torturing another

John Marshall, a British national, has been arrested in Rome, Italy on suspicion for brutally murdering a gay tour guide and torturing another man.

The suspect met online the victim, a 55 year-old man, in a gay chat room and arranged to meet him in person, reported the The Telegraph today (24 February).

February 14, 2013

'My friends and I use that word as an all-encompassing banner'

Erza Miller, one of the stars of the acclaimed indie flick The Perks of Being a Wallflower, came out as 'queer' last year and explains why he used that word to describe himself instead of gay.

February 7, 2013

Nairobi police continue to urge gay people to come forward to aid investigations of a group known for extorting, and sometimes raping, gay men and women

Kenyan police have arrested a suspected member of a gay blackmail ring where people were extorted, humiliated and even raped for cash.

Last weekend, the suspected blackmailer was arrested when he tried to get away but was trapped in a police sting.

According to activists, four gay male victims came forward to the police to report they had fell victim to the extortionist.

After meeting the blackmailers for an online date, one victim recalled when he realized it was a trick.

January 3, 2013

Nairobi police are urging gay people to come forward to aid investigations of a group known for extorting, and sometimes raping, gay men and women

Police have promised to arrest the ringleaders of a notorious gang which targets closeted gay men for extortion, blackmail and rape.

Speaking to gay activists, Nairobi police officer Akello Odhiambo is urging any gay person who has fell victim to the blackmail ring to come forward and aid investigations.

October 24, 2012

Two women had a relationship and got married on the advice of one posing as a gynecologist giving advice on Yahoo! Messenger

An American woman is being charged with posing as a doctor to trick a female friend into having sex with her.

Angela Buchanan, of Texas, was arrested and charged with online impersonation last week, and released on bail Monday (22 October), local paper The Lufkin News reported.

According to the arrest documents, the 30-year-old told her friend, a 51-year-old with signs of cancer. that she was being treated by a local gynecologist.

September 3, 2012

A report published by a Kenya LGBT portal sheds light on how police officers routinely extort and blackmail gay men in Nairobi

An investigative report published today by Identity Kenya magazine present findings that Nairobi police officers routinely target gays, bisexual and closeted married men for extortion.

Sexual acts between men are illegal under Kenyan statutes and carry a maximum penalty of 14 years' imprisonment.

June 11, 2012

GALCK’s call for gay victims of blackmail in Kenya to come forward lead to the identification of a serial criminal

Gay blackmail victims who have reported the crimes to Identity Kenya have identified a man who has extorted money from several victims since 2009.

The victims posted a nude photograph of the same man who’d used it to attract victims on social media sites. The victims would meet the man for sex in Kahawa Wendani estate or in Dandora's Joy Villa estate in Nairobi.

June 7, 2012

GALCK are asking for gay men who have been victims of blackmail cartels to tell their stories and find out the hidden cost of being gay in Kenya

A criminal gang is using dating sites and Facebook to meet closeted LGBT people in Kenya, who they then blackmail.

A crime cartel operating from the Thika Road, which links the capital, Nairobi to Thika Town, is targeting gay or bisexual men who are in relationships with women or with families, men who would be the most unlikely to report these crimes to the authorities.