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April 12, 2012

Petition supporting Star Wars game for featuring gay characters hit with fake signatures, game company EA criticized

LGBT rights campaign group's petition supporting a Star Wars computer game with gay characters was hit by hackers who generated up to 5,000 false signatures. started the campaign last week to show support to Electronic Arts (EA) for including the option to be a gay character in a Star Wars game. The company had been criticised by conservative Christian group the Family Research Council.

April 9, 2012

Anti-gay letters are flooding Star Wars game company for including a gay storyline

AllOut are calling on Jedis to use the force for good in their latest campaign. Electronic Arts (EA) game company has received thousands of letters and threats of boycott from anti-gay groups for including a gay love story in their interactive video game Star Wars: The Old Republic.

‘Companies like Electronic Arts need to be rewarded when they do the right thing,’ said AllOut in a statement. ‘And together we can help them stand their ground.’