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April 4, 2014

Ceremony between two men on daytime soap includes heartfelt speech by a great-grandmother

When Sonny Kiriakis and Will Horton tied the knot on NBC's Days of Our Lives this week, they made daytime television history - and a statement about family.

Theirs was the first same-sex wedding ceremony between two men on a US daytime soap opera and the families of both grooms were in full support of the union.

'This is a world where we could really know who our boys are - and they can love each other,' Will's great-grandmother Caroline (Peggy McKay) says during an emotional speech where she recalls two gay men from her distant past who were forced to hide.

March 28, 2014

As lovers wanting to be part of history make the biggest commitment to each other, we thought we would give you a few tips for planning your own perfect wedding

On 29 March, the first gay couples in England and Wales will be able to marry legally.
As lovers wanting to be part of history make the biggest commitment to each other, we thought we would give you a few tips for planning your own perfect wedding.


1 Who proposes?

‘Tradition’ states a man proposes to a woman, but when it’s a same-sex couple that tradition goes out the window.

March 19, 2014

Kyoto’s Hotel Granvia and the Shunkoin Temple are welcoming same-sex couples to exchange vows with a traditional Buddhist wedding ceremony in Kyoto

Draped in wedding kimonos, standing in a Zen temple built in the 1590s, gay and lesbian couples have a new option for a commitment ceremony in Japan.

The Hotel Granvia Kyoto is offering a full traditional Buddhist wedding at the Shunkoin Temple for same-sex couples.

March 11, 2014

Further Afield, who picks through the world’s best hotels and screens them for quality and service, is now offering a wedding planner service to help lock down the venue for your big day

The first same-sex marriages in the UK are expected to take place as early as Saturday 29 March 2014, with same-sex couples able to apply for a wedding license as early as Friday 14.

If you’re looking to get married in the UK (and beyond), Further Afield has launched a new marriage service to help same-sex couples find a stylish venue to get married in and honeymoon across the world.

February 25, 2014

The Herald Weekend Post published a photo for Valentine's Day celebrating a same-sex marriage, and it caused a huge uproar among the readers

A front page of a South Africa newspaper featuring a gay wedding has sparked an angry public response.

An edition of the Herald Weekend Post published a photo of Case van der Touw and Shaun Luyt’s Greek-style wedding in Port Elizabeth.

It was intended to be a light-hearted report to celebrate the Valentine’s Day wedding, with the article noting the ‘bare feet, Alfred the ring-bearer dog, and the grooms’ mothers walking them down the aisle’.

The response from readers was less than favorable.

February 3, 2014

Scottish Government will be working with Westminster in an effort to implement the bill as early as possible

Scotland’s first gay weddings could take place as early as July, politicians have said.

The bill legalizing gay marriage in Scotland is expected to be pass overwhelmingly by Members of Scottish Parliament (MSPs) in a free vote tomorrow (4 January).

While it was expected the first gay weddings would take place in 2015, roughly a year after England and Wales, implementation could take far quicker than expected.

The Scottish Government announced they would work with the UK Government to speed up the process, as long as it passes the final vote.

January 21, 2014

30-year-old Charles Franklin claims he had consensual sex with a lesbian who was inebriated after leaving a wedding in Bristol

A man has been sentenced to nine years in prison for raping a lesbian woman in a Bristol bar where he worked.

Charles Franklin, 30, claims he met the woman, who’s name has been withheld because of legal reasons, on the street and offered to charge her phone at his bar.

According to him ‘one thing led to another’ on the bar floor.

The woman, who had left a wedding at around 1am, had three times the amount of alcohol legal for driving and did not remember leaving the wedding. The woman told the court she woke up to Franklin raping her.

January 8, 2014

A Californian gay couple were refused catering for their same-sex wedding by events caterer Janet Zimmerman 

A gay California couple were left disappointed when a caterer refused to provide for their wedding because it was against her 'Christian' beliefs.

Kama Kaina and Mathew Rivera contacted Janet Zimmerman catering on 26 November last year after the service was recommended by their venue in Big Bear, California.

The couple were surprised to receive an e-mail several hours later rejecting the job.

December 26, 2013

A university chapel has hosted Taiwan’s first Christian religious marriage services this week - though the marriages will not be legally recognized by the state

Three  Taiwanese couples married in a Christian chapel on the grounds of Tunghai University in the city of Taichung on Tuesday in what are believed to be the first Christian same-sex weddings in Taiwan.

The couples and their friends and supporters packed the university’s Luce Memorial Chapel before posing for wedding photos.

The ceremonies were presided over by the Rev Elias Tseng – the first openly gay Christian pastor in Taiwan.

October 21, 2013

Christine Forster, sister of Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott, has announced she is engaged to partner Virginia Edwards

The sister of Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott has announced she has proposed to her partner of six years, Virginia Edwards, and expects Abbott to attend the wedding even though he is standing in the way of same-sex marriage being legalized in Australia.

‘We got engaged when we were away with friends on a trip to Broken Hill,’ Christine Forster told Sydney journalist Peter Hackney, writing for New Idea magazine.

September 17, 2013

95-year-old World War II veteran John Banvard has married 67-year-old Vietnam veteran Gerard Nadeau - his partner of 20 years - at a San Diego seniors home

A Chula Vista, San Diego military seniors home saw its first ever same-sex marriage on Thursday when residents John Banvard and Gerard Nadeau tied the knot.

Banvard, 95, and Nadeau, 67, decided to get married after 20 years of living together after the US Supreme Court upheld the striking down of California’s Prop 8 ban on same-sex couples getting married.

‘We were waiting on the Supreme Court to make that decision,’ Banvard told Fox5 San Diego.

September 16, 2013

Romania had its first televised same-sex marriage last week when a gay couple won a popular wedding themed reality TV show

Romanians watched their first televised same-sex marriage last week when gay couple Daniel and Michael won that country’s version of UK reality show Four Weddings.

Both theatrical directors, the couple chose an ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ theme and were married by the Rev Diane Fisher, an American Metropolitan Community Church pastor who was flown in for the show.

The couple were competing with four other couples to put on the best wedding and were chosen as the winners by the other couples.

September 16, 2013

Felix and Helen celebrated their marriage this weekend as Britain's first-known transgender couple wedding

Helen and Felix Fenlon made British history when they tied the knot this weekend.

The transgender couple claim they are Britain's 'first double sex swap wedding'.

According to British newspaper The Mirror, Felix met Helen in 2008 in a transgender support group.

Prior to celebrating their 'perfect' ceremony this weekend, Helen and Felix had to change the gender on their individual birth certificates.

September 13, 2013

Couple split six weeks after twins conceived via surrogate

David Tutera, host of the TV show My Fair Wedding, and his ex-husband have resolved a nasty custody battle over their infant twins: each will get one to raise.

The fraternal twins were conceived via a surrogate who was pregnant when Tutera and ex Ryan Jurica announced their split after 10 years of marriage amid some expolsive allegations.

Each sought sole custody of the twins who were born 19 June.

September 12, 2013

A gay dad examines the religious people who have refused wedding services to gay couples and why their attitude actually goes against the Bible

A wedding is one of the most popular and revered fixtures of modern culture. Children, particularly girls, are led to romanticize it. Television shows build whole ratings-grabbing boosts around their fictional renditions of it.

Weddings are loved, they are hated, they are dreamed about, they are dreaded. They can be magical and they can be disasters. Whatever they are… people remember their own wedding day, good or bad, their whole lives long. They are an important milestone for everyone who has one, and they should be treasured.

September 6, 2013

A right-wing Conservative host has told his faithful listeners on how the Nazi party was originated in a gay bar in Berlin

‘Tell gay couples to die on their wedding day,’ an extremist right-wing Christian has said on his radio show.

Kevin Swanson told his faithful listeners how they should behave if they are asked to attend a same-sex wedding.

Right Wing Watch said guests should ‘attend the wedding and hold up the sign Leviticus 20:13 word for word: “If a man sleeps with a man as he sleeps with a woman the two of them have committed an abomination and they shall both be put to death.”

August 18, 2013

Love in the air and parties on the way as Wellington approves same-sex marriages from Monday, with nearly three dozen couples ready to say they do

There is love in the air, parties on the way and a rush to pack suitcases as New Zealand makes history Monday when nearly three dozen couples will say they do with the government approving same-sex marriages.

New Zealand’s Department of Internal Affairs said 31 weddings were scheduled to take place. However, the number can go up given the intense interest and excitement at home and afar.

The department said 977 marriage forms were downloaded ahead of the historic day, which means three times as usual.

July 31, 2013

As Minnesotans get ready to marry on 1 August, 42 years ago the first gay couple in the United States deigned to challenge the Supreme Court on gay rights

We all love a wedding video, but the problem with gay weddings in the US is they are all too recent. Where’s the questionable hair? The odd outfits?

Back in Minnesota 1971, a gay couple was believed to have been the first to be legally wed in the United States.

While Jack Baker and Michael McConnell received a marriage license and were legally wed, state courts soon declared their union illegal.

The couple took their case to the Minnesota Supreme Court for recognition of their marriage, but eventually lost.

July 22, 2013

Advisory group is terrified Sikh temples could be forced to conduct same-sex marriages in England and Wales, despite repeated government assurances

Sikh temples are stopping all civil ceremonies over same-sex marriages becoming law in England and Wales.

Sikhs in England, a specialist advisory body, has told the places of worship gurdwaras to deregister as a venue for civil weddings.

They are doing this out of fear they could be forced to conduct same-sex marriages, despite constant government assurances no religious body will be forced to carry them out.

If the gurdwaras do deregister as wedding venues, they could still perform ceremonies but they would have no legal force.

July 19, 2013

Newcastle couple Paul McCarthy and Trent Kandler and 8 friends and family members will be flown to Wellington by Tourism New Zealand for a dream wedding

New Zealand’s tourism authority is paying for an Australian couple’s wedding in the hopes of attracting the Australian same-sex marriage dollar across the Tasman Sea.

Newcastle couple Paul McCarthy and Trent Kandler and 8 friends and family members will be flown to Wellington by Tourism New Zealand for their dream wedding on August 19 – the same day changes to the New Zealand Marriage Act come into effect.

The ceremony will be held at New Zealand's national museum, Te Papa Tongarewa, in Wellington.

July 19, 2013

The Little Brown Church in Studio City, California has announced an open-door policy toward conducting same-sex ceremonies

The California church where Ronald Reagan married has announced plans to do same-sex weddings.

The former US president, whose delayed response to the HIV/AIDS outbreak in 1980s has been criticized long after his death, married his wife Nancy in the Little Brown Church in 1952.

The Little Brown Church last made news headlines in 2008 when Britney Spears was spotted with her then-boyfriend Adnan Ghalib stopping into the church to light a candle after leaving a custody hearing at the Los Angeles Supreme Court.

July 15, 2013

Minutes after it is confirmed it will be law, we find one lesbian couple outside the UK parliament whose dream of marrying is now being made a reality

The dreaming is over and the planning has begun. Just minutes after it was announced gay marriage will definitely be law in England and Wales, we filmed Stella and Lucy Clements, who were planning their wedding.

June 29, 2013

Prop. 8 plaintiffs married in San Francisco City Hall

Kris Perry and Sandy Stiers, one of the two couples who were plaintiffs in the  lawsuit that toppled Proposition 8, got what they were fighting for on Friday: they got married.

The couple were married at San Francisco City Hall by California Attorney General Kamala Harris.

'I now declare you spouses for life,' Harris said at the end of the ceremony.

The brides then shared four kisses and the crowd, which had gathered quite quickly and had been silent throughout the ceremony, erupted in cheers.

June 12, 2013

Gay rights activists are claiming Peruvian authorities have violated the right to assembly after arresting bride and wedding guests

Peru police raided an underground gay bar to stop a wedding last week.

In the city of Pucallpa, a suited gay man and another in a wedding dress attempted to hold a commitment ceremony, according to local reports.