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November 26, 2013

Australia’s Governor-General Quentin Bryce has spoken out about the high rate of suicide among LGBTI young Australians just days after she made her support for same-sex marriage known

Australian Governor-General Quentin Bryce has launched an online resource for LGBTI people by Australia’s national anti-depression initiative BeyondBlue, speaking of her concern about the high rate of suicide among LGBTI young people.

Bryce launched the Families Like Mine e-book and website in Melbourne earlier today, noting that young LGBTI Australians were 6 times more likely to commit suicide than other Australians.

October 17, 2013

British Prime Minister praises Turing who broke German codes during World War II and tells the Commons his prosecution for gay sex was ‘completely wrong’

British Prime Minister David Cameron will ‘look at’ giving a pardon to World War II hero Alan Turing who was later persecuted for being gay.

Cameron made the commitment at the weekly Prime Minister’s Questions session when quizzed by openly-gay Liberal Democrat Member of Parliament (MP) Stephen Gilbert.

Turing was a mathematics genius who worked as a codebreaker during the war, famously breaking the Enigma Code so the Allies could read Nazi communications.

September 9, 2013

There will be more supporters of marriage equality in the next Australian Parliament despite a win by marriage equality opponent and Catholic conservative Tony Abbott

As the results of Australia’s preferential system of voting continue to be calculated it appears that there will be more votes in the new Australian Parliament for same-sex marriage than ever before.

Australian election rules allow people to mark candidates in their preferred order to win so that if a person’s most preferred candidate does not get enough votes to win office, their vote then flows to the next preferred candidate and so on.

August 26, 2013

The leaders of two new Australian political parties that may be placed to steal seats from the Liberal and National parties say they will allow their MPs a conscience vote on gay marriage – unlike Opposition leader Tony Abbott

The leaders of the Katter’s Australia Party and Palmer United Party told the National Press Club today that they would allow any MPs or senators they had elected to vote with their conscience on the issue of same-marriage.

Two of Katter’s Australia Party leader Bob Katter’s candidates have gone public over their support for same-sex marriage while others had quit the party after Katter refused to disendorse them.

July 17, 2013

Bill must now only be signed by Queen Elizabeth II

The lower house of British Parliament had a two-hour debate then approved the final changes to a bill legalizing same-sex marriage in England and Wales.

The bill, passed in the House of Lords on Monday (15 July), only now must be signed by Queen Elizabeth II to become law. This is considered to be a formality.

May 21, 2013

The same-sex marriage bill for England and Wales has passed its report stage and third reading in the House of Commons and will now pass to the Lords for more debate

UK Members of Parliament (MPs) have again backed the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill for England and Wales.

It was the third and final reading of the bill in the House of Commons.

In the vote 366 MPs voted for the bill with 161 against, a landslide majority of 205.

The last two days have seen attempts by some Conservative backbench MPs to water down the bill, meaning marriage registrars could opt out of conducting same-sex weddings and teachers wouldn’t have to tell pupils that equal marriage was the law.

Both were rejected.

February 7, 2013

British MPs have voted for gay marriage. But the next stages of the Bill may prove to be a bumpy road through the comitttee stages and the House of Lords

When the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill stormed through the House of Commons on Tuesday (5 February), England and Wales moved a giant step closer to recognizing equal marriage.

The House of Commons vote passed with a majority of 225, with Prime Minister David Cameron and other major party leaders Ed Miliband and Nick Clegg voting in favor.

But despite the support from Members of Parliament (MPs) the bill still has some way to go before it becomes law.

It is now set to be scrutinised line-by-line in the committee stage by a cross-party group of MPs.

August 19, 2012

The Australian Parliament is set to begin debating legislation to legalize same-sex marriage this week, with debate to begin as soon as Thursday

Debate on a marriage equality bill in the Australian Senate is expected to begin as soon as Thursday, after the bill’s author, Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young announced she would use private member’s time to begin the debate.

June 25, 2012

Report from cross-party committee in Australian senate recommends passing Marriage Equality Bill

A report published today by a cross-party panel of senators has given the strongest official endorsement yet into legalizing gay marriage in Australia.

The legal and constitutional affairs legislation committee report has four recommendations, the fourth of which clearly endorses a change in the law to allow gay people to marry. It reads:

May 16, 2012

John Bercow highlights Britain’s opportunity to listen to and support LGBT rights activists worldwide at Kaleidoscope Trust event

The Speaker of Britain’s House of Commons, John Bercow, has said the Commonwealth should be used to help decriminalize homosexuality in countries around the world.

Bercow, was speaking at an event run by new global LGBT rights organization Kaleidoscospe today (16 May) ahead of International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia (IDAHO) tomorrow.

Among those in the audience at the Commonwealth Club in central London were Britain’s equality minister, Lynne Featherstone MP, as well as other parliamentarians.