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January 21, 2014

23-year-old Chris Voth, who plays on Canada’s national men's team, said coming out for him was about being a good role model

Chris Voth is believed to be Canada’s first openly gay national level athlete.

Over the weekend, he came out publicly in an article with Winnipeg Free Press where the over-6-foot athlete talked about the difficult process of accepting his sexuality and coming out.

He also said if his coming out can help at least one person, it was well worth it.

April 29, 2012

Government could face legal challenges if they cut free sex reassignment surgery for the military

Canada’s National Defence Department is considering cutting free Viagra and tax-paid transgender surgery for their armed forces.

The country is currently looking for ways to trim its $1.5 billion (£922million, €1.1billion) defence budget, and both programs cost more than $2million (£1.2million, €1.5million) a year.