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December 26, 2013

LGBTI rights leaders from around the world to speak at event as part of Toronto’s WorldPride celebrations in 2014

Former Prime Minister of Iceland, Jóhanna Sigurðardóttir, the world’s first openly gay head of government, is to headline the WorldPride Human Rights Conference 2014.

The event, organized as part of the WorldPride celebrations, which next year are in Toronto, Canada, will see presenters from 60 countries.

International LGBTI activists will debate human rights around the world at the event from 25 to 27 June.

May 28, 2013

Pride Week may lose funding a year before it hosts World Pride event in a row about Queers Against Israeli Apartheid taking part

A group of councilors in Toronto will today (28 May) try to withdraw funding for their Pride festival, a year before the city is due to hold World Pride.

Councilor David Shiner plans to ignore the advice of city staff and submit a motion to remove Pride’s C$123,807 ($119,707 €92,679) cultural grant.

It’s an attempt to penalize Pride Toronto for allowing the group Queers Against Israeli Apartheid (QuAIA) to participate in the annual parade.

April 19, 2013

Presentations wanted for The WorldPride Human Rights Conference 2014 on 'LGBTTIQQ2SA' human rights

WorldPride, the international pride event, is calling for submissions for presentations at the 2014 human rights conference in Toronto.

The organizing committee want activists, artists, educators, journalists, policy-makers, students and others involved in sexual orientation and gender identity human rights work to submit presentations to be considered to be shown at The WorldPride Human Rights Conference 2014.

January 18, 2013

Community-based group chosen to run festival in UK capital for the next five years. Only 115 days remain to put event together

Mayor of London Boris Johnson has today (18 January) chosen a community interest company to run the city’s pride festival for the next five years.

But the decision has come so late that organizers now only have 115 days to put together a festival which usually takes a year to organize.

It comes after the previous organization running pride collapsed following 2012’s event. London had been hosting World Pride but it had to be drastically scaled back at the last minute due to a funding crisis.

January 1, 2013

London mayor’s chief of staff admits they almost pulled out of 2012 gay festival. Community-based group likely to win bid to run pride until 2017

Mayor Boris Johnson considered pulling out of supporting London’s World Pride event altogether when it became clear organizers were struggling.

The World Pride LGBT festival in the UK capital in 2012 became a major headache for City Hall when it had to be drastically scaled back with just 10 days to go.

A funding shortfall and other organizational problems saw the event scaled back with floats and other vehicles banned from the march.

October 24, 2012

Mayor of London Boris Johnson wants bidders to tender to run LGBT pride in the capital for the next five years

Mayor of London Boris Johnson has today (24 October) said he wants people to bid to run LGBT pride in the British capital.

It confirms a report by Gay Star News on 6 September, which City Hall officials refused to confirm.

Johnson’s team will review bids from non-profit, community-based organizations to run and develop pride in the capital over the next five years from 2013.

October 8, 2012

Madrid, the capital of Spain, was chosen as the venue to host World Pride in 2017, successfully outbidding Berlin and Sydney 

Madrid was chosen to host in 2017 the world's largest and most prestigious gay event.

More than 80 delegates from around the world voted for the Spanish captial unanimously at the annual meeting of InterPride in Boston, USA this Sunday (7 October).

Madrid’s successful bid was presented by representatives of the Office of Tourism of the City of Madrid, Miguel Sanz, and members of the Association of Entrepreneurs and Professionals for Gays, Lesbians, Bisexuals and Transgender Madrid (AEGAL).

July 23, 2012

Most of Pride London’s trustees are to resign as all parties meet to discuss future of event at GSN and G-A-Y public meeting

Gay Star News can reveal the majority of the trustees of Pride London are to quit and the caretaker boss of the event wants to hand over to new blood.

A public meeting on Wednesday evening (25 July) will therefore be crucial to deciding the future of the event with several groups expected to put forward alternative visions for the British capital’s pride celebration.

London hosted World Pride on 7 July but the event was dogged by controversy. It had to be scaled back at the last minute with a street party cancelled and floats taken out of the parade.

July 17, 2012

Gay Star News invites everyone to a public meeting on how to create a world class pride in London

Pride London chairman Tony Hughes is now confirmed as a panelist at a public debate to decide the future of the LGBT festival in the UK capital.

Gay Star News editor Tris Reid-Smith will chair the meeting at Heaven nightclub on 25 July at 5.30pm, with representatives from leading gay organizations, stakeholders of all kinds, sponsors, LGBT businesses and the community joining together to talk about how we can create a world class pride in London.

July 9, 2012

Gay Star News and G-A-Y bring key people together for public debate on the future of pride in London

Gay Star News is chairing a debate at Heaven on Wednesday 25 July at 5.30pm on how to create a world class LGBT pride in London.

The meeting will be open to the public and bring together London’s LGBT businesses and community with leading gay organizations, stakeholders of all kinds and sponsors.

It comes after controversy rocked this year’s event held on Saturday (7 July). London was hosting World Pride but it was scaled back at the last minute with a rally cut short, floats taken out of the parade and an official street party in Soho cancelled.

July 9, 2012

To promote World Pride in Toronto, 2014, a number of London taxis will be painted in the colors of the rainbow.

London's taxis will go from black to rainbow in a bid to bring the UK capital's gay community to Toronto for the next World Pride in 2014.

The city in Canada won the bid against Stockholm to host the global LGBT event and the colorful adverts will be printed on the taxis, complete with studded leather seats mimicking fetish wear and one with a fur effect. The tagline for the taxis is: ‘Ride with Toronto Pride’.

For four weeks the taxis will run through the UK capital, with Soho becoming a target spot.

July 9, 2012

The gay celebrity blogger praised World Pride, Wireless Festival and the city of London as great places to have fun

Gay celebrity blogger Perez Hilton has been tweeting his praise of London for its partying spirit during World Pride.

‘The Brits know how to have a fucking good time!!! #Legends,’ the 34-year-old tweeted over the weekend.

‘#London is the best city in the world!!!!,’ he continued. ‘I LOVE the British people! Like sunshine after the rain!’

July 7, 2012

British Prime Minister's office has released a statement supporting World Pride in London

British Prime Minister David Cameron has released a statement supporting World Pride in London today (7 July).

July 7, 2012

See our photo gallery as London calls for LGBT rights around the world with a march through the city center

World Pride has caused much controversy in London. But one thing was clear today – LGBT people still care passionately about the rights of their brothers and sisters around the globe.

And so they marched – from children clinging to their parents’ hands to veterans who have been taking part in gay prides in the British capital for 40 years.

July 6, 2012

Canadian stars Corey Hart and Deborah Cox will perform on London's Trafalgar Square stage

While World Pride in London may not be what everyone was hoping for, Toronto means business.

According to organizers, Pride Toronto has been planning their World Pride festival for four years - taking place in 2014.

Canadian stars Corey Hart and Deborah Cox will perform on London’s stage this Saturday (7 July) to officially preview the event.

Pride Toronto co-chair Luke Amona said: ‘What better way for Pride Toronto to show its Canadian support than with these two incredible Canadian superstars.’

July 6, 2012

New evidence shows LGBT parade through central London was brought forward to reduce the number of people attending

The timing of the World Pride parade was deliberately brought forward by London’s City Hall to reduce the number of people attending.

Gay Star News has seen evidence that the start time of the march through central London was brought forward from 1pm to 11am specifically to discourage the crowds.

London Mayor Boris Johnson has already faced criticism for not stepping in to save the event tomorrow (7 July) which had to be scaled down at short notice last week due to a cash crisis.

July 5, 2012

Mayor Boris Johnson criticized for not salvaging scaled-down World Pride in London. Rumors his office may have partly caused cash-crisis

London Mayor Boris Johnson will not be attending World Pride in the city this Saturday (7 July).

We can now confirm the rumor that he is not attending – at a time when criticism of the mayor for failing to salvage the scaled-down event is reaching new heights.

A spokesman for the mayor told us: ‘He has attended [London Pride] in the past. He won’t be at this event. He doesn’t attend everything.’

Some sources have suggested that Johnson would have faced jeers and protests if he had marched at the front of pride as in previous years.

July 5, 2012

'I really want to thank you for standing up for the rights of LGBT people everywhere'

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton appeared via video on Thursday (5 May) to accept the World LGBT Award at the World Pride gala dinner at the Langham Hotel in London.

'I want especially to acknowledge all the people who are working hard to advance human rights in their own communities and countries... making a difference everyday, often at great cost to themselves,' Clinton said.

Clinton received the award from Pride London and the Kaleidoscope trust for her work in supporting gay rights worldwide.

July 4, 2012

Last minute meeting of Pride London and city authorities has not salvaged World Pride

A joint statement from the World Pride organizers and city bosses has made clear the event this Saturday (7 July) will not be restored to it’s original format.

Organizers had to scale back the 7 July event in London just last week after a cash crisis left them unable to fund full safety and security measures. Floats, cars and buses were banned from the parade and a street party in the gay district of Soho was axed.

July 4, 2012

The chair of Pride London, Patrick Williams, has resigned after criticism of the board’s handling of World Pride

Dr Patrick Williams, chair of Pride London has stood down, after calls for the whole board to resign over this year’s event.

London has had to scale back its World Pride celebrations on 7 July due to a cash crisis.

The event had been projected to bring in over a million people for the biggest lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender event the British capital had ever seen.

July 4, 2012

Following the confusion over this year’s World Pride weekend, GSN has a full run down on what is definitely happening in London

World Pride 2012 has caused much confusion this week, so GSN has compiled a full guide of what is happening in London over the 7 to 8 July weekend.

July 4, 2012

The chaos of London’s World Pride 2012 shows that grassroots involvement, rather than corporate control, is the way forwards, says Alex Tarran

If there has to be anything that will characterize this summer’s 2012 London Olympics, apart of course from the Mayor of London’s decision to reduce the planned Opening Ceremony to David Beckham, Seb Coe and a couple of sparklers, it is the decidedly corporate nature of the event – the Olympic Flame carried reverently from the Temple of Hera hardly visible as it travels around the country behind the sponsors’ buses and PA systems.

July 3, 2012

Gaydar offered ‘considerable financial support’ to bail out London’s World Pride but were told it was too late

Global dating and radio company Gaydar have confirmed to Gay Star News that they tried to bail out the scaled-down World Pride event but were told it was too late.

Last week Pride London bosses, responsible for running World Pride in the British capital this year, had to pull floats out of the 7 July march and axe the street party in the gay district of Soho due to a ‘cash crisis’ which meant they didn’t have enough money for safety and security contractors.

July 3, 2012

First Pride London bosses scale back World Pride to ban floats, now they say you can have shopping trolleys instead

Pride London bosses have told marchers joining World Pride’s procession through the streets of the British capital that, while they aren’t allowed cars, busses, or floats, they can use shopping trolleys.

Bikes, roller skates and non-motorized scooters are also permitted.

Just last week event bosses had to scale back the parade on 7 July, banning floats, cars and busses after a cash-flow crisis left them unable to afford full safety and crowd-control measures.