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September 15, 2012

Australia’s Classification Board has allowed a film depicting real sex between men and donkeys to screen at festivals just two years after it blocked the screening of a film depicting real sex between men

Australian censors have allowed the screening of a documentary that contains footage of real sex between men and donkeys just two years after they refused a permit to screen a movie that contained real sex between men.

The documentary Donkey Love, which explores a Colombian folk tradition of men having sex with donkeys, was approved by the Australian Classification Board for screening at this year’s Sydney Underground Film Festival and Melbourne Underground Film Festival.

March 22, 2012

Newlyweds Dee and Rachel’s first dance turns into Michael Jackson’s Thriller with zombie wedding guests

We’re planning our dancefloor moves for G-A-Y club in London on Saturday night when we’re boosting the petition to get gay marriage to the UK.

But we don’t reckon we can do much better than newlyweds Dee and Rachel who we discovered on YouTube.

Their first dance video may start conventionally enough – a slow romantic waltz on the lawn.