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July 26, 2012

SWEAT Personal Training expert David Richardson offers seven tips for men and for women to help both genders train better and reach their goals faster

Strip us down to the suits we were born in, and it’s plain to see that nature has endowed the two genders differently. Go further than skin deep and you’ll find even more differences, not all of which you can see with the naked eye. Those variations mean that when we exercise and eat, men and women need to take a slightly different approach.

But are we really so different? Where does it say that the free weights area of the gym is a testosterone-only zone? Where does it say on the class timetable that yoga is just for the ladies? It doesn’t.

March 14, 2012

How e-cigarettes could be an easier way to quit your smoking habit

Smoking – everyone knows it’s bad for them and a habit that fast becomes a potential life-time addiction. Smoking a cigarette isn't just about that addictive nicotine hit, it’s a tactile experience, bound up with emotions and surroundings.

Studies show that gay men and women are particularly at risk of smoking. So we are keen to highlight ways of cutting down smoking or quitting the habit altogether.