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January 7, 2015

Over 900 people have called for the honor to be removed

The politician awarded a MBE despite his homophobic views has said he welcomes the 'scrutiny' from celebrities such as Ellen Page.

Maurice Mills, a Northern Irish councillor, has said it is a 'silly' idea that his honor be removed and then repeated his claim that God punishes the world for homosexuality.

Mills has blamed the spread of AIDS in Africa on gay people engaging in the 'filthy practice of sodomy' and also blamed Hurricane Katrina on Southern Decadence, the annual LGBTI pride festival held in New Orleans.

January 6, 2015

Swears in tweet because anti-gay Northern Irish Councillor Maurice Mills included in annual list of Most Excellent Order of the British Empire

Oscar nominated actress Ellen Page is not amused that Queen Elizabeth II has included an anti-gay politician in the New Year's Honours list.

The monarch has bestowed upon Northern Irish Councillor Maurice Mills an MBE (Most Excellent Order of the British Empire).

Among the homophobic opinions shared by Mills are blaming the spread of AIDS in Africa on gay people engaging in the 'filthy practice of sodomy.'

He also blamed 2005's Hurricane Katrina on Southern Decadence, the annual LGBT pride festival held in New Orleans.

November 21, 2014

'It doesn't wear underpants because it doesn't have a sex.'

A small town in Poland has banned the 'sexually dubious' Winnie the Pooh from a local playground.

Councilors denounced the bear as 'inappropriate' to be patron of a play area in Tuszyn, central Poland, at a meeting that was secretly taped and leaked to the press.

'The problem with that bear is it doesn’t have a complete wardrobe,' the Croatia Times quoted councilor Ryszard Cichy as saying.

November 19, 2014

Rosalie Crestani says 'special treatment' for LGBTI people discriminates against straight people

A Melbourne councilor yesterday failed in her bid to ban LGBTI promotion in the City of Casey municipality after a fellow councilor stormed out of a council meeting.

Rosalie Crestani brought a motion to ban the council from discussing or addressing sexual orientation, which she said was a 'private issue.'

July 19, 2014

Campaigners are worried the new club may see a rise in anti-gay attacks in the LGBTI district

Plans for a new lap dancing club in the heart of Liverpool’s gay quarter has faced opposition from local LGBTI residents and businesses.


June 10, 2014

Tony Abbott gets burned by an 11-year-old who cannot understand his reasons for refusing to give gay people equal rights

An 11-year-old boy has written a kickass letter to the Australia Prime Minister Tony Abbott to demand support for same-sex marriage.

Orlando Burcham, from Newcastle, New South Wales, has described the socially conservative Liberal party leader as ‘pathetic’.

Read his amazing letter in full here:

‘My name is Orlando Burcham, I am 11 years old and I would like to know why you don’t allow ‘gay marriage’ in Australia

May 26, 2014

Jeff Dudgeon and Julie Ann Corr have been elected into Belfast City Council, to make up a total of three LGBT councillors representing Belfast, Northern Ireland

Two newly-elected LGBT councillors will make up Belfast City Council in Northern Ireland.

Jeff Dudgeon and Julie Ann Corr will join returning councillor Mary Ellen Campbell on the city council; between the three of them they will represent the Ulster Unionist Party, the Progressive Unionist Party and Sinn Fein respectively.

Jeff Dudgeon, who represents the Ulster Unionist Party (UUP), is openly gay and credited with fighting for homosexuality to be decriminalized in Northern Ireland.

May 25, 2014

Dave Small is under investigation from his own party, the UK Independence Party (UKIP), as his homophobic Facebook rants against 'poofs and dykes' were revealed the day he won a seat under UKIP

A UK councillor has come under fire for homophobic comments posted on Facebook, revealed on the day he won a seat in local elections.

Dave Small won a seat for the UK Independence Party (UKIP) on Redditch Borough Council on Friday 23 May.

Just hours after, newspaper the Redditch Standard revealed his Facebook rants about gay people and immigrants.

May 16, 2014

Leader Sid Cordle says a 'lot of Christians believe God is angry over gay marriage and will show that anger'

The leader of the Christian People’s Alliance has said it is ‘possible’ gay marriage caused flooding in the UK.

Sid Cordle, who wants his party to reform ‘morals and democracy’, is campaigning on the importance of marriage.

The politician was sat down on the Daily Politics show today (16 May), and asked about his views on homosexuality.

Host Andrew Neil brought up the UKIP councillor David Silvester who believed God was angry at Britain for passing same-sex marriage.

May 16, 2014

UKIP politician John Sullivan allegedly said he would shoot one gay person to see if 99 others would decide to be straight

UK Independence Party leader Nigel Farage has been forced to defend yet another of his politicians for their homophobic views.

The right-wing Eurosceptic leader was taken to task during an interview with LBC presenter James O’Brien this morning (16 May).

The radio host asked the political leader about a councillor John Lyndon Sullivan after a screengrab of one of his alleged Facebook posts from February went viral earlier today.

It is no longer on his profile, so we cannot confirm whether Sullivan wrote the status.

April 13, 2014

Chris Windows’ anti-gay comments drew 1,500 signatures to stop him becoming Lord Mayor of Bristol

Bristol councillor Chris Windows has withdrawn his bid to become Lord Mayor of the UK city, after a petition to stop his campaign because of his anti-gay comments gathered over 1,500 signatures.

In November 2010, Conservative councillor Windows was highly critical of gay actor Sir Ian McKellen when he visited two Bristol schools to talk about what it means to be gay, on behalf of LGBT rights charity Stonewall.

April 11, 2014

Bible fundamentalist takes on the gays of Soho in the name of Christ

A UK preacher is so angry gay people have made Soho their home, he is running as an independent candidate in the upcoming election.

Andrew Murray, a minister for the Hope Community Church, declared in March he wants to be a councillor ‘to better represent the people of Soho’, a gay area in London.

In his online posts, the church leader has ranted about same-sex marriage in England and Wales.

‘We simply believe that the Bible’s teaching about creation sets God’s pattern for human relationships,' he said.

March 5, 2014

While disagreeing with a colleague who believed Britain's floods should be blamed on gay marriage, a European Parliament hopeful thinks business owners should be able to turn away LGBTs and women

A UKIP politician believes business owners should be allowed to refuse to serve gay people.

Donna Edmunds, a Lewis district councillor and European Parliament hopeful, said all business owners should be allowed to refuse service to anyone they want for whatever reason they want.

Under UK law, the Equality Act 2010 protects people who access services from direct discrimination. This applies to disability, pregnancy, race, religion, or if they are LGBT.

January 29, 2014

US singer and Christian Martha Wash dismisses UKIP member David Silvester’s biblical theories

Original Weather Girl Martha Wash has some news for the politician who blamed gay people for God bringing floods to Britain, saying God loves 'all people'.

In response to the media storm surrounding the homophobic remarks made by UKIP politician David Silvester, a campaign was launched to get gay anthem Weather Girls' 'It's Raining Men' to the top of the UK charts.

The 61-year-old Wash, enjoying her comeback in the charts, called the British suspended councilor 'daft' and 'out of touch with reality'.

January 28, 2014

David Silvester, who blamed Britain's recent floods on gay marriage, has refused to apologize or step down as town councilor

David Silvester, the former UK politician who blamed gay people for flooding, has said he has no plans to resign.

The 73-year-old UKIP councilor was suspended from the party following his offensive comments about gay people earlier this month.

While he says he has had 70 messages of support from fellow Christians and UKIP members, more than 12,000 people in Henley have signed a petition calling for him to resign.

However, Silvester has refused to apologize.

January 28, 2014

Hallelujah! Weather Girls gay anthem could be topping the charts to fight against bigotry and celebrate England and Wales' gay marriage law

Hallelujah! It’s Raining Men is set to storm the UK charts following a protest from pro-gay music fans.

After UKIP councillor David Silvester blamed floods on gay marriage, thousands signed up to a Facebook campaign to get the Weather Girls’ track to number one.

With only a few downloads left to get the song into the top 20, the track currently sits at number 21 on day one.

‘We believe that that show of strength to get a song to Number 1 will create a huge spotlight on our campaign for equality as a whole,’ the Facebook group explained.

January 26, 2014

Nigel Farage, the leader of the UK Independence Party, presented a spoof weather forecast on BBC One pointing out other political parties also have members with similarly unorthodox beliefs

UK Independence Party leader Nigel Farage responded to the recent ‘gay floods’ controversy on BBC One’s Sunday Politics show this morning (Sunday 26 January) by presenting his own weather forecast.

UKIP councilor David Silvester sparked the row last week when he claimed recent flooding in the UK was caused by the legalisation of gay marriage, quoting parts of the Bible. He was suspended shortly after he made the claim.

January 20, 2014

UKIP leader calls the Conservative defector to his party an 'embarrassment' after the widespread coverage of his remarks blaming recent storms on gay marriage

UK Independence Party leader Nigel Farage has called the recent media storm after one of the party’s councilors blamed floods on gay marriage to be ‘not news’.

He said it proved the media and the main political parties were ‘scared witless’ of the far-right political party.

Councillor David Silvester had said last week Britain was ‘beset by storms’ after David Cameron acted ‘arrogantly against the gospel’.

He was suspended from UKIP following his comments.

October 16, 2013

The Emilia Romagna regional assembly passes a resolution to guarantee a new life to Russian gay activists escaping from their country

An Italian regional assembly has passed a resolution to protect and host Russian gay refugees escaping from their country because of the new anti-gay laws.

The left-wing Emilia Romagna assembly has voted the bill thanks to the Partito Democratico and Italia dei Valori (Italy of Values) parties.

Now the region, one of the most gay-friendly in Italy, will accept Russian LGBT people wanting to change their lives.

October 7, 2013

Guido Barilla, who said 'We will never have gay people in our ads', meets the main Italian LGBT associations and promises some pro-gay policies

Owner of the Barilla pasta company Guido Barilla has met the Italian LGBT associations this morning (7 October) in Bologna, northern Italy.

The man who made the headlines for his anti-gay remarks apologized once again to the LGBT community and proposed ‘some pro-gay policies in the future’.

His remark the firm would never feature gay people in its advertising led to boycotts which are hitting particularly hard in the US where Barilla is a top brand.

July 24, 2013

Four Dutch citizens threatened, told the court will still charge them for 'propaganda' if police fix the 'adminstrative error'

Four Dutch tourists who were arrested for ‘gay propaganda’ in Russia are now banned for three years.

Despite being told they were free to go back to the Netherlands after being fined, the Russian Federal Migration Service has said they are blacklisted from the country.

July 22, 2013

Four Dutch filmmakers were not charge after making a documentary about gay rights in the Russian city of Murmansk - the footage was then seized by police

Four tourists who were arrested in Russia for ‘gay propaganda’ were told they were free to go today (22 July).

Due to an 'irregularity in the minutes', the four Dutch citizens said they would no longer be held by police. 

In Murmansk in North Russia, four Dutch citizens were arrested by police yesterday.

July 22, 2013

Three Dutch people were arrested for the anti-gay law in the northern city of Russia, and told they had 'violated the rules of stay' - a court date will follow tomorrow

Four tourists were arrested in Russia for ‘gay propaganda’ today (21 July), making them the first foreigners to be officially charged under the anti-gay law.

In Murmansk in North Russia, four Dutch citizens were detained by police.

One of those arrested is Kris van der Veen, a councillor for the left-wing green party GroenLinks in Groningen. He is also chairman of the foundation KGBT Groningen, which campaigns for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender rights.

June 18, 2013

Outcry across the political divide over Liberal senator Cory Bernardi's reiteration of his belief that gay marriage will lead to polygamy and bestiality

The lesbian sister of Australia's opposition leader Tony Abbott has condemned comments by Liberal senator Cory Bernardi about gay marriage.

This morning Bernardi reconfirmed his view that legalizing gay marriage will lead to calls for the right to mutli-person marriages and marriages between humans and animals.