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August 16, 2013

US evangelist chooses the worst possible picture for his book cover on rearing children, advising you cannot raise them without a paddle

When an anti-gay evangelist was looking for a perfect family photo on the cover of his new fundamentalist child-rearing book, he clearly did not do his research.

Doug Sehorne got a nasty shock when he realized the image he had chosen for his e-book, ‘Bible Principles of Child Discipline from the Book of Proverbs’ was, in fact, a picture of a famous family.

The Dunphys from Modern Family, a show he now realizes is ‘wicked’ because it involves a ‘gay couple’.

July 17, 2012

Classic novels from the 19th century, including Wuthering Heights and Jane Eyre, will have 'missing' sexy scenes added

Sherlock Holmes will have a gay affair with his crime busting sidekick Dr Watson in a new erotic version of the classic tale.

Fans of the super sleuth have long speculated as to whether the relationship between the world famous detectives was more than just a beautiful bromance.

Now publishers Total-E-Bound are planning to solve this mystery with a raunchy edition of Sir Author Conan Doyle's best-selling story.