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March 13, 2014

Although governor is limited to two terms, Brewer had thought she might try and find a way to run again

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer announced Wednesday (12 March) that she will not be trying to run for a third term.

'There does come a time to pass the torch of leadership,' Brewer said during an appearance at an elementary school in Glendale, Arizona. 'And after competing this term in office, I will be doing just that.'

The Arizona state constitution prohibits a governor from being elected to more than two terms.

November 15, 2013

Community in Colorado walked a father's journey after he died while honouring his gay son.

Inspired by the dad who was killed walking across the US to honor his gay son, several people have joined forces to finish his journey.

Joe Bell, from Oregon, decided to walk from coast to coast to honor Jadin, his 15-year-old gay son, after he hanged himself in a elementary school playground in January.

The grieving father was walking at Highway 40 in Cheyenne County when a semi truck hit and killed him one month ago.

October 18, 2013

T-shirt to bring ‘harmony’ between straight and LGBT students is attacked by Missouri Republican in Twitter message

A Republican lawmaker in Missouri USA was dismayed to see students wearing Gay-Straight Alliance t-shirts at a school event.

Kevin Elmer’s tweet criticizing the t-shirts was sent on Spirit Day yesterday (17 October), when LGBT people and their allies around the world unite against bullying, particularly in schools.

But Elmer tweeted: ‘Nixa Schools failure. HS students working elementary school book fair in gay t-shirts.’

He shared a picture of one of the offending t-shirts, although only the student’s torso and the bottom of their hair can be seen.

October 10, 2013

Grieving father had been walking 5,000 miles across the US when he was hit by a driver believed to be asleep at the wheel

The father who was walking across America to raise awareness for his gay son who committed suicide has died.

Joe Bell, 48, from La Grande, Oregon was killed on his walk last night (9 October) when he was hit by a semi truck in eastern Colorado.

The walk across North America was in tribute to his gay 15-year-old son Jadin, who hanged himself in an elementary school playground in January.

August 27, 2013

As one Californian Assemblyman pulls his kids out of public school because of a new law for trans students, one gay dad is taking his sons out of private education

I got the news at the beginning of summer. The school my sons had gone to for the past five years was closing. With sadness, I needed to find them a new private school. I checked out the local public elementary school, and found to my pleasant surprise that it had a lot to offer my 10- and 11-year-old sons. It was worth considering.

June 24, 2013

Coy Mathis has identified as a girl since she was 18 months old

Colorado first grader Coy Mathis now has the right to use the girls bathroom at school but had to win a legal battle to do so.

The child's former elementary school had barred her from using the girls bathroom a few months into the school year even though she has integrated into society as a girl.

Her parents, who initially had the cooperation of school officials, yanked the 6 year old out of the school and took legal action against the Fountain-Fort Carson School District near Colorado Springs.

May 29, 2013

Wisconsin elementary school students had the idea of boys dressing as girls, and girls dressing as boys, to the parents' anger

Parents have accused a Wisconsin elementary school’s ‘Gender Bender Day’ of promoting homosexuality.

Tippecanoe School for the Arts and Humanities in Milwaukee recently celebrated School Spirit Week with a series of events in kindergarten through eighth grades, according to Fox affiliate WITI.

Students themselves chose Friday to be ‘Gender Bender Day’, a voluntary event where boys could dress like girls and girls could dress like boys.

April 22, 2013

Jadin Bell, a 15-year-old from Oregon, hanged himself on an elementary school playground after homophobic bullying

The father of a gay teen who hanged himself is walking across the United States to spread his message against bullying.

On 19 January, Joe Bell’s 15-year-old son Jadin was taken to Portland hospital in Oregon after he hanged himself on a playground at an elementary school.

The teen, who had gone to a counsellor to report homophobic bullying in the past, died two weeks later.

March 9, 2013

Tom Klansnic believes he is being discriminated against and may sue

After nearly 10 years on the job, an elementary school principal in Oregon is losing his job and he and his supporters believe it is because he is gay.

Tom Klansnic says he had no problems with the Gresham Barlow School District until 2010 when he and his wife divorced and he came out as gay.

He says the district in Gresham, Oregon, has not told him why they are letting him go at the end of the school year.

March 2, 2013

Sondra Scarber was punched and kicked repeatedly by a man as he hurled homophobic slurs

A 27-year-old woman was beaten unconscious by a man hurling anti-gay slurs at her after she tried to protect her girlfriend's son from bullies on a Texas playground.

Sondra Scarber's jaw has been wired shut as she recovers from the attack which occured nearly two weeks ago.

She and girlfriend Hillary Causey are frustrated with police who at this point are not considering it a hate crime.

February 4, 2013

Jadin Bell, a 15-year-old from Oregon, hanged himself on an elementary school playground after homophobic bullying

A 15-year-old bullied gay teen who hanged himself two weeks ago died yesterday (3 February).

Jadin Bell was taken to Portland hospital in Oregon on 19 January after he hanged himself on a playground at an elementary school.

Bud Hill, a close family friend, said the teen had complained of homophobic bullying a week before and had talked to a counselor at his local high school.

‘He was different, and they tend to pick on the different ones,’ he said.

Bell was a sophomore, and a member of the cheerleading squad.

January 30, 2013

Jadin Bell, 15, had asked his parents to home school him

A gay Oregon teenager has been taken off life of support more than a week after climbing onto a playground structure at a local elementary school in the city of La Grande and hanging himself.

December 28, 2012

The Westboro Baptists have threatened to picket the funerals of two New York state fire fighters who were shot to death when they attended a house fire on Christmas Eve and of retired US general Norman Schwarzkopf who died yesterday

Following their no-show at memorial services for victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, members of the Westboro Baptist Church have threatened to picket the funeral of two New York state firefighters who were shot and killed on Christmas Eve when they attended a house fire in the Rochester area.

December 25, 2012

Gay Men’s Chorus of Los Angeles honors 20 children and six adults killed in Newton, Connecticut shooting with Peace on Earth and Little Drummer Boy

The Gay Men’s Chorus of Los Angeles have paid tribute to the six adults and 20 children murdered in the Sandy Hook shooting.

They sang a touching rendition of Peace on Earth and Little Drummer Boy, a Christmas composition made famous by David Bowie and Bing Crosby in 1977.

The choral group dedicated the performance to the families of those who died at Sandy Hook Elementary School on 14 December.

Recorded live a day after, the gay men’s chorus was joined by 46 students from the Creative Planet School for the Arts.

December 24, 2012

Members of the Westboro Baptist Church never left their hotel rooms after volunteers from across the US traveled to Newtown, Connecticut, to form a human barrier to prevent them from reaching the memorial service for Sandy Hook Elementary principal Dawn Hochsprung

Members of the Westboro Baptist Church traveled to the Connecticut town Newtown with the intention of picketing memorial services for the victims of the mass shooting at the town’s elementary school but never left their hotel rooms thanks to a resounding community response.

December 18, 2012

'My heart is broken for those families and all the people of Newtown'

Ellen DeGeneres showed up to tape her daily talk show with a heavy heart on Monday (17 December) in the aftermath of the massacre at an elementary school Newtown, Connecticut, that left 20 children and six adults dead.

'We're going to do the show and it's going to be a struggle because my heart is broken for those families and for all the people of Newtown,' a subdued DeGeneres said during the show's opening. 'We're holding you in our hearts and today's show is dedicated to you.'

December 17, 2012

Hacking group takes over Westboro Baptist Church spokesperson’s twitter account and leak church members info following their plans to picket victims’ funerals

The Westboro Baptist Church (WBC) blamed marriage equality in Connecticut for the tragic shooting spree in Newtown that took 26 lives.

The Church announced that it will picket the funerals of the children with banners saying ‘God Hate Fags’ and other anti-gay hate messages.

Shirley Phelps-Roper, spokesperson of WBC and daughter of its leader, Fred Phelps, tweeted, ‘Westboro will picket Sandy Hook Elementary School to sing praise to God for the glory of his work in executing his judgment’.

December 16, 2012

The Westboro Baptists will picket the site of the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting, which they say is God’s way of punishing the state of Connecticut for legalizing same-sex marriage

Members of the infamous anti-gay Westboro Baptist Church have threatened to picket the site of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting less than a day after the tragedy, claiming that the shooting was God’s punishment for the state of Connecticut legalizing same-sex marriage.

Prominent church member Shirley Phelps-Roger made the threat via twitter, posting ‘Westboro will picket Sandy Hook Elementary School to sing praise to God for the glory of his work in executing his judgment.’

December 15, 2012

Twenty students shot to death in their Connecticut classrooms

Five-time Tony winner Harvey Fierstein was among the gay and lesbian celebrities who took to Twitter on Friday (14 December) to express their shock and outrage over the shooting deaths of 20 children and six adults at a Connecticut elementary school.

'Guns do nothing but encourage paranoid lunacy, arm fools and criminals, and rain grief and destruction down on the innocent,' tweeted Fierstein (pictured). 'And what will the NRA answer? 'If those teachers were armed this never would have happened.' You can't talk sense to the brain dead.'

December 9, 2012

John Schwartz's Oddly Normal chronicles the pitfalls and heights of raising a son who is gay

Parenting is the one job where doing everything right might never be enough. John and Jeanne Schwartz didn't fret when their youngest, Joe, would dress up Barbie or wanted to only play with 'prettiful' toys. 'Prettiful' was Joe's own created word. They assumed all of this might mean their son was gay, and were looking forward to the day when he was comfortable enough to come out.

December 7, 2012

Teacher arrested under the HIV Infection Control and Patient Rights Protection Act

Police in Taipei have charged a teacher with violating a Taiwan law that criminalizes HIV positive people who knowingly have unprotected sex.

The man surnamed Feng, who was also arrested on an illegal drugs charge, faces five to 12 years in prison if convicted under the HIV Infection Control and Patient Rights Protection Act.

October 25, 2012

Wachowski movingly discusses her childhood, suicidal thoughts and family acceptance on receiving a Human Rights Campaign visibility award

Lana Wachowski, who directed the Matrix trilogy with her brother Andy and came out as a trans woman in July, accepted a visibility award at the Human Rights Campaign gala in San Francisco.

January 18, 2012

Study finds teachers unprepared to deal with gender expression and children from gay families

Anti-gay bullying begins very early in U.S. schools with gender nonconforming students and kids with gay parents vulnerable targets, according to a report released today (18 January) by the Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network (GLSEN).