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March 17, 2015

Prosecutor says the murder was a 'vigilante attack' to rid the area of gay men

A gay man was brutally beaten to death with a metal pole after he was caught having sex in a park toilet in Perth, a murder trial has heard.

Daniel Jones and Mark Taylor are accused of killing Warren Batchelor, 48, at a cruising site in Middle Swan Reserve, Caversham in November 2013.

The man who was in the cubicle with the victim when two attackers burst in testified in court on Tuesday (17 March).

February 19, 2015

The victim was in his 40s and the two attackers are believed to be 20 and 22

Two thugs in their early 20s beat up a man in his 40s with a metal pole and forced him into performing a sex act on them in London.

Police have said the brutal late night attack began outside East Ham tube station when the victim told his attackers he didn't have any cigarettes.

The pair punched him multiple times, robbing his backpack, ID and bank cards before dragging him past shocked members of the public to a cash machine.

When the victim couldn't withdraw any money, the assailants dragged him to a nearby park.

September 25, 2014

Machinery teacher allowed other students to take pictures and tease his prank victim

A Canadian teacher is facing weeks of suspension after playing a homophobic prank on a teen.

Daniel Mark Ogloff has defended his actions as 'horseplay' after he slapped a 'I'm Gay' sticker on the Grade 11 student's back.

He is a metal fabrication and machining teacher at Aldergrove Community Secondary School in Lnagley, British Columbia.

During a class last year, he let the boy leave class unaware after he affixed the tape on his back. The teacher allowed other students to take pictures and tease him.

July 25, 2014

The editor of extreme music magazine Terrorizer is speaking out against homophobia among fans of heavy metal, arguing that the genre is already totally gay so fans should just accept it

UK based extreme music magazine Terrorizer has published a call to end homophobia among heavy metal fans, arguing that the genre is totally gay already.

July 16, 2014

Despite a Lebanese Order of Physicians ban on subjecting suspected homosexuals to humiliating anal examinations, police continue to use doctors who engage in the practice to try to prove that people are gay

Those suspected of engaging in homosexual acts by the Lebanese police are continuing to be subjected to humiliating anal examinations according to a new report.

The examination involves placing an egg shaped metal object inside the anus and caused uproar after it was used on 35 men who were arrested in a porn cinema in Burj Hammoud in July of 2012 resulting in protests by Lebanese LGBTI rights group Helem who compared the examinations to rape.

June 11, 2014

Victim was hit so hard he fell to the ground with a single blow during a night out in Leeds, UK

A straight man will live with metal plates in his face for his life after being punched to the ground in an anti-gay attack.

A court has heard how a 24-year-old British victim, who has been given anonymity, was attacked at a Leeds nightclub last year.

He suffered multiple fractures to his face and jaw, and has been permanently scarred.

Adam Betteridge, 28, attempted to defend himself by saying he was provoked after the victim attempted to kiss him.

March 20, 2014

There’s a reason the Rainbow Nation is a choice location for shooting music videos, and it goes beyond cityscapes and sceneries

It’s not just local bands that have been showing South Africa pride in their music videos.

The country has made a name for itself as a hot bed of musical talent, an inspirational place where international styles fuse seamlessly with local flavors.

The local music scene has exploded with music festivals from Woodstock South Africa toOppikoppi, Rocking The Daisies and Splashy Fen. Numerous international musical artists have also been drawn to film on South Africa’s scenes, from polished city streets to dusty safari roads.

March 19, 2014

A 29-year-old is alleged to have strangled his 24-year-old wife before putting her into an incinerator

A gay British Indian bank worker who wanted to hide his sexuality strangled his wife, a court has heard.

Jasvir Ram Ginday, 29, is alleged to have strangled Varkha Rani, 24, at their home with a metal pipe from a vacuum cleaner.

He burnt her body in a garden incinerator but told a neighbor he had set fire to ‘general rubbish’, Wolverhampton Crown Court heard.

November 26, 2013

Clark Turner learns flexibility is the best policy as he tours Bosnia and Herzegovina with a Kiwi jock and lesbian from Manchester

I find myself in a rattling mini-bus, hurtling along a climbing and twisting road clinging to the side of a mountain with deadly drops just inches away.

The driver has one eye on the road, the other straining to hang his jacket up behind him while Balkan pop plays out at top volume. It’s mid-October but a sunny 24°C (75°F) and I am sweating in a wet suit.

I laugh to myself at the ludicrousness and randomness of the situation I find myself in.

Welcome to Bosnia and Herzegovina.

October 13, 2013

Bystanders react with disparaging comments about transgender people Bystanders react with disparaging comments about transgender people

A lovers’ tiff that developed into a vicious assault is being regarded from a different perspective in Singapore – because the attacker happens to be from the transgender community.

The incident occurred in February 2012 when William Hanz De Veyra Arriesgado, a 25-year-old Filipino living with a 47-year-old Australian, Colin James Peady, had an argument in a pub.

September 26, 2013

Semen was found on a towel and a chain around the neck of a Singapore businessman

A naked man who was found dead at a gay spa likely died from a sex game gone wrong, a Singapore court has heard this week.

It is believed Yeo Hung Song, 48, was practising auto-erotic asphyxiation, which involves starving the brain of oxygen to increase sexual arousal.

Imran Abdul Amid, the State Coroner, has said suicide could also have been a possibility, the Straits Times reports.

Song arrived at Club One Seven Spa & Gym at around 2pm, a men only establishment on 19 November last year.

May 13, 2013

As Sweden hosts the Eurovision Song Contest, their entry to the tournament, Robin Stjernberg tells us he's a straight guy who kisses his gay mates

After victory in the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest with Loreen’s “Euphoria”, the 2013 competition will be held in the spiritual home of the tournament… Sweden! (If you don’t know much about Eurovision read our beginners guide.)

April 29, 2013

New plaque ordered for St Anne’s Gardens to remember three killed in Soho blast of 1999. Not clear if the previous memorial was lost, thrown away or stolen

A plaque to the victims of the nail bombing at the gay Admiral Duncan pub in London has gone missing.

The memorial is dedicated to Andrea Dykes, John Light and Nick Moore who died in the blast on 30 April 1999.

It is believed the plaque could have been thrown away, stored for safekeeping or even stolen for its scrap metal value.

Westminster City Council has rushed to buy a replacement memorial which will be concreted into place tomorrow when people will gather for two minutes silence to remember the 14th anniversary of the attack.

April 18, 2013

Demitri Levantis calls for the global LGBT movement and alternative subcultures to work together to end hate crimes

As a supporter of LGBT rights and a member of the heavy metal subculture, I think it is time both movements started working together around the world to end violence against us.

UK’s Greater Manchester Police (GMP) recently branded attacks on members of alternative subcultures as ‘hate crimes’. I am pleased with this classification – but it is only a small step on the road to equality.

Attacks on such people are not reported often. So every society has much work to do. This includes attacks carried out in and by anti-gay nations like Indonesia and Uzbekistan.

February 22, 2013

Hidden down a side-street, we find the Petrie Museum, one of the world’s greatest collections of Egyptian archaeology and about to host an LGBT event

I’ve lived 13 years in London and – not ashamed of being taken for a tourist – have spent many of my weekends visiting its sites; from the famous to the obscure.

But this city always has a new treasure to discover. And about a month ago I got an invitation to speak at an event at the Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology for Britain’s LGBT History Month. I confess, I had never heard of the museum but when I looked it up it seemed so amazing I just had to say yes.

November 27, 2012

Mallory Owens is recovering in Alabama hospital, the brother arrested

A young woman was beaten so badly in Alabama on Thanksgiving Day (22 November), allegedly by her girlfriend's brother, that she will require reconstructive surgery on her face.

Mallory Owens, 23, is being treated at USA Medical Center in Mobile, Alabama, for injuries to her face.

October 12, 2012

A former Boy Scout has offered his Eagle medal as a sign of support to a teenager who was denied his own because he is gay.

A former US Boy Scout has offered his Eagle medal as a sign of support to a teenager who was denied his own because he is gay.

Dr Andrew Zerbinopolous has given his top honors medal to Ryan Andresen after the Boy Scouts of America refused to give him the award simply because he came out.

Dentist Zerbinopolous, who received his Eagle Scout badge in 1996, reportedly kept it on his desk at his practice in Jacksonville, Florida.

May 2, 2012

With the Stonewall Equality Walk and Brighton Festival this month, we check out the classic British seaside destination with an alternative, and very gay, edge

The GSN team will be taking to the streets of Brighton this Sunday (6 May) for a 10km charity walk to raise funds for Britain’s leading lesbian, gay and bisexual campaign organization, Stonewall.

The seaside city remains a favorite of London day-trippers, stag and hen parties, families seeking a traditional beach holiday, loved-up couples on a dirty weekend and, of course, lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender travellers.