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October 24, 2014

Police say their 'long and passionate' kisses 'disgusted' passersby

Six LGBTI rights activists have been charged with disturbing the peace because they kissed at an anti-gay protest in March.

The public prosecutor’s office notified the six of the charges earlier this month.

The three men and three women held a spontaneous, uncoordinated protest against an anti-gay group Sentinelle in Piedi, Standing Sentries, in Perugia, central Italy.

The Sentinelle stage demonstrations against gay marriage and efforts to extend hate crime protections to LGBTI people. Members stand silently in plazas, holding books or praying.

September 18, 2014

A former attorney-general says consenting adults should not be jailed for gay sex 

Two top Singaporean lawyers disagreed over whether the country's anti-gay law should be scrapped at a human rights forum on Tuesday night.

About 250 students attended the event at the National University of Singapore (NUS).

Professor Walter Woon, law don at NUS and former attorney-general, said he was in favor of repealing the law because of what he sees as a 'constitutional problem.'

The government has said the law would not be proactively enforced but Woon cited the constitution which gave the power of prosecution to the attorney-general.

January 22, 2013

Gay Straight Alliance is suing far-right SNP Naši after it put them on a ‘blacklist’ of ‘foreign agents’ who are involved in crime and want to break up Serbia

Serbian gay rights campaigners are suing a far-right organization after it claimed they were being indirectly funded by America’s CIA.

The Serbian National Movement Naši (SNP Naši; Naši means ‘ours’ in English) put Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) on a ‘blacklist’ of ‘foreign agents’.

The on-going hate campaign peaked on 13 January when they displayed posters in public spaces in several Serbian cities, naming those on the blacklist.

November 1, 2012

Seven men have been arrested in Cairo, Egypt, for running and organising alleged gay sex ‘debauchery’ parties

Egyptian media reported yesterday (31 October) that seven men have been detained and questioned for over four days for their allegedly organising and participating in a gay sex ‘debauchery’ party network, in the El Nozah neighbourhood of Cairo, the country’s capital.

According to the reports, the public prosecutor is preparing a case against the men, as well as assigning a urologist to ‘investigate’ if the men had any ‘incriminating’ sexually transmitted diseases.

October 19, 2012

A famous journalist and Senegalese public figure appeared before accused along with another man of committing 'acts against nature'

Jupiter Tamsir Ndiaye, a famous journalist and employee of UNESCO along with Matar Diop Diagne, a 27 year-old male merchant, were accused by the public prosecutor of Senegal, on of having committed ‘acts against nature’ (ie gay sex).

The public prosecutor in addition accused Nidaye of inflicting on Diagne grievous bodily harm with an illegal weapon (knife). 

On Wednesday (17 October), a packed court room heard how Ndiaye, who is also a former esteemed professor of humanities, had gay sex with a Diagne in his office in UNESCO’s headquarters in Dakar.

August 11, 2012

Lebanese LGBT advocacy organization Helem held a protested demanding immediate halt to the use of the anal probe and virginal exams

Lebanese LGBT advocacy organization Helem held a protest this morning (11 August) in front of the Lebanese ministry of justice in Beirut, demanding immediate halt to the use of the anal probe and vaginal exams (used to test for virginity).

This historic protest was the biggest ever public demonstration of LGBT advocates and their supporter in the Arab world, and a very rare occasion. The only other protest happened in 2008, also in Beirut.

August 8, 2012

The Lebanese Medical Association act after 36 men get anal probes and ban discredited 'torture' tests but public prosectuor wants to keep them

Lebanese medical chiefs have ordered doctors to stop carrying out 'anal probe' tests to find out if men are gay but the country's public prosecutor has said the tests should continue.

August 3, 2012

While the 18 defendants are relieved the case against them collapsed, they now have become social outcasts and may be in danger of homophobia and persecution

A court in Gambia has dropped charges against 18 men who had been arrested in April and alleged with homosexuality.

The public prosecutor informed the court on Wednesday (1 August) that there was insufficient evidence to continue with the case.

If the men had been convicted of homosexuality they would have violated the country’s strict article 144 of the Gambian criminal code, which stipulates a punishment of up to 14 years imprisonment.

August 2, 2012

Three men remain in custody after 'testing positive' for gay sex using discredited anal probe exams. The incident has sparked a public debate in Lebanon about legalizing gay sex

The 36 men arrested at a gay porn cinema in Beirut have had to pay for an anal probe exam to be conducted on them, despite it being a form of torture.

According to Helem, the LGBT advocacy charity in Lebanon, 33 of the 36 men arrested on Saturday have now been released on bail but may still be charged and face a court case.