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February 5, 2014

David Silvester was kicked out of the UK Independence Party. Now he wants gays to ‘repent’ and has bizarrely voted for a town council motion against him

Local councilor David Silvester who said floods across Britain were caused by same-sex marriage equality has called on gays ‘to repent’ at a council meeting.

Silvester remains part of Henley Town Council, a prosperous town in southern England and home to the world-famous rowing regatta, despite being kicked out of the UK Independence Party because of his comments.

October 16, 2013

Whitstable Times receives a wave of criticism from readers and Stonewall after publishing a letter 'attacking homosexuals'

Readers of a local newspaper in Kent are furious after it published a letter quoting the Bible to say gays have 'brought evil upon themselves'.

And the Whitstable Times, in southern England, has been accused of making it worse by the readers and leading gay campaign organization Stonewall, by their headline for the letter: 'Take heed, all you homosexual sinners.'

In the letter a 'Mr D Bryson' criticizes Stonewall's campaign slogan, currently plastered on the sides of buses and coaches around the country saying 'Some people are gay. Get over it!'

September 6, 2013

Priest refused to baptize son and told British lesbian moms they were 'living in ignorance' and were 'lost'

A vicar lectured a British lesbian couple about how they were 'lost' and 'living in ignorance' – and then refused to baptise their baby as planned.

Lesbian moms, Aimi and Victoria Leggett have spoken to Gay Star News about the discrimination they faced when they wanted to have their son christened at their local church in Portsmouth, southern England.

The couple, who have been in a civil partnership for two years, arranged to have their one year old son Alfie baptized by Reverend Andy Norris at St Mary’s Church, Warsash.

June 19, 2013

Bespoke furniture factory says harassment was ‘just banter’ but cabinet maker claims workers left male underwear catalogue and abuse on his desk

Cruel homophobic taunting was rife at a renowned bespoke furniture-making factory, an employment tribunal heard today (19 June).

The entire cabinet making department was branded ‘the queer ones’ in banter and name calling which led Mark Crowther to sue the firm in High Wycombe, southern England for discrimination by sexual orientation.

The 51-year-old told the tribunal he was forced out of his job at the exclusive luxury furniture firm after suffering years of homophobic abuse and taunts from his co-workers.

April 5, 2013

Transgender and gay housemates say they were turned away from job cleaning local council offices in southern England

A trans person and a gay man claim they were turned away from a cleaning job at a council office in southern England because the bosses were ‘expecting women’.

Now they are considering action against the employer – Morgan Sindall Plc, a major UK construction and contract group. The firm however, denies wrongdoing, suggesting an alternative explanation for the alleged discrimination.

April 4, 2013

Lesbian check-cashing worker claims boss made offensive comments about her sexuality – he denies wrongdoing

Company boss Jim Cullen poured scorn on an openly lesbian employee and shouted and swore at her, a tribunal heard today (4 April).

The 6ft 3ins tall director of Cash Zone Ltd made homophobic comments about 19-year-old Rae Roberts, who worked for him in Camberley, Surrey, southern England, after she and her girlfriend attended a party together at his home.

The employment tribunal was told that Cullen even threw a waste-paper trash can at Roberts and called her an idiot before dismissing her without warning.

February 5, 2013

Dating sites Grindr and Gaydar pull advert that invited gay men to test for HIV protection gene. Test firm Cool Genes says ‘sorry’

Grindr and Gaydar have pulled an advert that invited gay and bi men to find out if they had a ‘cool gene’ that could protect them from HIV.

Now Cool Genes, a firm in Oxford, southern England, has apologized for advertising the £39 ($61 €45) service and said it will rethink the test.

The firm advertised on gay dating app Grindr and site Gaydar under headline ‘Got the cool gene?’

It was promoting a test that could find out whether you have a genetic mutation which makes it less likely you will contract HIV.

January 15, 2013

Oxford University debating society invited three hate speakers to discuss gay parenting, while dropping far-right politician, Nick Griffin, who they claimed was invited ‘by mistake’

World-famous debating society, The Oxford Union, has invited three gay hate camapigners to promote their views on gay parenting.

The debate at Oxford University in southern England, one of the world's most famous educational establishments, will take place on Thursday (17 January) with well-known homophobes Scott Lively, Winston McKenzie and Peter D Williams invited to take part.

October 19, 2012

Far-right British National Party leader Nick Griffin stands by tweets which threaten gay couple who won a discrimination case againt an English B&B

A gay couple who won a lawsuit against a homophobic B&B has branded British National Party leader Nick Griffin an 'incoherant idiot' after he threatened to send a ‘justice’ team to their home.

October 18, 2012

Far-right British National Party leader Nick Griffin has threatened to send supporters to a gay couple’s home after they won a court case against Christian hoteliers

British National Party leader Nick Griffin has threatened to send a ‘justice’ team to the home of a gay couple who won a discrimination case against two Christians who refused them a hotel room.

Michael Black, 64, and John Morgan, 69, who booked by email and paid a deposit, were turned away by Christian owner Susanne Wilkinson when they arrived at the Swiss Bed and Breakfast in Cookham, Berkshire, southern England in March 2010.

September 18, 2012

Uganda lesbian asylum seeker claims to have been abused in detention in the UK

A lesbian and another woman are to be deported from the UK to Uganda this week where both fear they will be persecuted.

The two have been held at Yarl’s Wood Immigration Retention Centre in Bedfordshire, southern England and are part of the ‘Yarl’s Wood Five’ – now a group of 25 women, many of whom are lesbian.

The UK Border Agency (UKBA) and GayAsylumUK have both confirmed that the women will be deported and they have been issued with their plane tickets.

May 11, 2012

Second killing for Christopher Hunnisett, 28 who claims he was sex abuse victim. Attempt to flee London court foiled by security guards after murder verdict

A former altar boy leapt out of the dock today (11 May) after being convicted of murdering his gay lover he falsely suspected was a paedophile.

A court in London heard how 28-year-old Christopher Hunnisett from Hastings, Southern England, claimed he had been the victim of sex abuse and wanted to rid the world of sex offenders.

So he beat Peter Bick, 57, over the head with a hammer even though there was no evidence at all he was a paedophile. He then went to the nearby police station to confess to the killing.