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March 27, 2014

Private Chinese companies and western firms leading on LGBTI workplace issues but state-owned enterprises still lagging, says organizer

Top Chinese and western firms have met for a summit in Shanghai on how to support LGBTI workers, many of who are still in the closet.

Chinese companies often say they don’t know of any LGBTI staff – but now they are starting to tackle the issues.

The summit today (27 March), thought to be the first of its kind in China, brought together 120 people from around 100 companies, about 10% of which were Chinese.

Among them was HSBC, IBM and Chinese computer company Lenovo but 50 Fortune 500 firms were represented.

March 18, 2014

Almost 40% of players have witnessed homophobia in the stands while a shocking one in four have seen it in the training grounds and changing room

Top soccer stars have revealed anti-gay abuse and racism is still ‘rife’ in English football.

Over 200 current players across all four tiers of the game were asked about their views.

It is known that homophobia is common in the stands, with almost 40% witnessing anti-gay abuse.

But in the training ground or in the changing room, a shocking one in four have seen homophobia.

Racial abuse is noticed by more than half, with almost a quarter of them being subjected to it.

March 14, 2014

The Lesbian and Gay Foundation discuss the dangers when companies like O2 to AOL block LGBTI information and services online, and what you can do to help

You may not realize, but LGBTI people are regularly blocked from seeing information on the Internet, simply because of their sexuality.

This is homophobia, and it’s not being challenged. Web filtering is preventing people from accessing vital services and information on health, wellbeing, and sexual health.

This could lead to serious health and wellbeing issues. We want you to understand the scale of the issue, and how you can tackle it.

March 2, 2014

A provisional deal has been made to allow a gay group to participate in Boston’s St. Patrick’s Day parade for the first time in over 20 years, but only if members make no reference to their sexual orientation

A tentative deal has been struck to allow a gay rights group to march in Boston’s St. Patrick’s Day parade this year, after a two decade ban.

Gay rights groups haven’t been able to march in the annual parade since 1993, and in 1995 the US Supreme Court ruled unanimously that organizers could exclude anyone they wanted.

Although details of the deal are not yet clarified, Boston Mayor Martin Walsh said he was ‘optimistic that a solution can be reached that will work for all parties involved’.

January 16, 2014

LGBTI Travel Show debate will ask experts and visitors: Should you refuse to visit homophobic and transphobic countries for business and leisure?

Should you boycott homophobic and transphobic countries on your holidays? Would you refuse to travel to them for business?

That’s the question facing a panel of experts and the audience on Sunday (19 January) in a debate on ‘The ethics of LGBTI travel’ at the Gay Star Beach Party and LGBTI Travel Show.

January 12, 2014

New trivia game attempts to tackle gay stigma and teach players about LGBT history

A new board game hopes to tackle negative connotations associated with the common playground insult ‘that’s so gay’ by reclaiming it as a phrase of LGBT empowerment.

With over 2,400 questions on LGBT affairs past and present, That’s So Gay! A Game of LGBTQ Discovery teaches players about gay history and popular culture in a fun and competitive way that both kids and adults can get involved in.

January 9, 2014

At the upcoming Gay Star Beach Party on 18 and 19 January, LGBTI community leaders debate the pros and cons of activism and the ethics of traveling to anti-LGBTI destinations

As members of the LGBTI community, how do we best help our ‘family’ in countries where anti-LGBTI laws exist?

With protests against Uganda and Russia’s anti-gay laws making global headlines, Gay Star News wants to discuss if there’s something different we could be doing to fight anti-LGBTI legislation.

January 2, 2014

Michael Johnson called homosexuality 'detestable' and refused to back association's anti-homophobia campaign in 2012

Retired pro footballer Michael Johnson is proving to be a controversial pick for The Football Association's new Inclusion Advisory Board to tackle discrimination in all its forms.

In 2012, Johnson is seen on video (below) refusing to endorse an anti-homophobia campaign saying: 'Because of my beliefs, because of the Bible that I read, in the Bible it does state that homosexuality is detestable unto the Lord.'

The FA was apparently unaware of Johnson's remarks and he now insists he no longer holds such an anti-gay belief.

November 19, 2013

As it is revealed 99% of all gay teens hear homophobic language in schools, Anglican chiefs admit they must do more to curb homophobia in the playground

The Church of England has announced it will be aiming to tackle homophobic bullying in Church schools.

It will be working with gay rights group Stonewall in order to tackle the suffering many young gay teens face while they are at a religious school.

The Right Reverend John Pritchard, the Bishop of Oxford, revealed the collaboration yesterday (18 November) on day one of a three-day meeting of the ruling general synod.

November 18, 2013

Gay pop star Will Young: 'It's clear from the shocking levels of self-harm and suicide among gay young people that we're failing an entire generation'

A new British school campaign has launched as 99% of gay teens reveal they have heard homophobic language.

Nearly every single young LGB person spoken to by gay campaigning charity Stonewall said they had heard phrases such as ‘that’s so gay’ at school.

Polling by Mumsnet also shows 68% of parents are unaware of any school policies to tackle homophobic bullying and language.

Fronted by gay pop star Will Young, the new campaign is urging schools and students to tackle the derogatory use of the word gay.

November 17, 2013

Ofsted inspectors are now quizzing English schools about their homophobic bullying policies

Government inspectors in England are finally cracking down on schools that fail to tackle homophobic bullying – 10 years after the death of Section 28.

Ofsted, the official inspectors of English schools, is now investigating whether schools they visit are fighting anti-gay bullying and teaching about same-sex families.

A poor Ofsted report can wreck a school’s reputation and cause it to be forced to improve with managers, staff and governors sacked.

Tomorrow (18 November) marks 10 years since the UK scrapped Section 28.

October 31, 2013

Unconfirmed reports reveal Ryan Murphy is considering a series of episodes to deal with Russia's gay propaganda laws

Glee is considering moving one of the most well known gay characters to Russia.

In what appears to the Fox musical comedy-drama wishing to tackle the country’s gay propaganda laws, Kurt played by Chris Colfer could be moving out of New York City.

Speaking to E!’s Watch With Kristin, a source said: ‘We are mulling around the idea of moving Kurt to Russia.’

According to the unconfirmed reports, Ryan Murphy and the production team are considering three storyline options for the show’s final season.

October 14, 2013

Chairman of Luton Islamic Centre in Britain tells BBC Radio an ‘ideal world’ would see homosexuality punished with death

Gays would be executed in an ideal world, a leader of the Muslim community in Luton, England has said.

Abdul Qadeer Baksh made the comment during an interview with BBC Three Counties Radio.

He was debating extremism with presenter Olly Mann and the former leader of the English Defence League, Tommy Robinson who has just stepped down saying the organization he founded to tackle Islamic fundamentalism has become too extremist.

September 22, 2013

Transgender rights group’s unique 2014 calendar to feature leading transgender activists

Once there was a time when Indian calendars were dominated by the pantheon of Hindu gods and goddesses.

Then they made way for the godlike – popular movie stars and sports stars.

Now come 2014 and the humble calendar will become another tool for social change with a unique initiative by a New Delhi-based transgender rights organization to feature Indian transgender activists, who have received very little honor in their own country so far despite their exemplary bravery in facing the stigma a traditional society still inflicts on them.

September 16, 2013

Rainbow laces and publicity campaign aim to give British soccer a ‘kick up the arse’ to make it more LGBT friendly

Bookies have calculated the odds of there being no gay footballer in British soccer and generated a number so big it is 134 digits long.

It comes as bookmakers Paddy Power start a campaign with leading gay campaign organization Stonewall to tackle homophobia in football today (15 September).

They’ve done the math – and with 5,000 pro male soccer players in the UK and 6% of the population being gay, the likelihood of none of them being gay or bisexual is so remote as to be impossible.

September 10, 2013

Fears for safety of gay football players and fans when World Cup goes to anti-gay countries Russia and Qatar in 2018 and 2022

International football federation FIFA are being asked to tackle the anti-gay policies of future World Cup host countries Russia and Qatar.

Russia, who will host in 2018, has come under fire for their 'gay propaganda' laws and Qatar, who will host in 2022, is one of the few countries where homosexuality is still illegal.

Therefore there are concerns about the safety of soccer players, fans, journalists and tourists and the potential discrimination they could face in these countries.

September 10, 2013

As many as one in 10 gay or bisexual men aged between 16 and 19 have tried to kill themselves

UK-based charity Stonewall have said more needs to be done to prevent suicide in gay and bisexual men.

In a study released last year, they found a staggering one in ten gay or bisexual men aged between 16 and 19 tried to kill themselves in 2011.

On World Suicide Prevention Day, the study reveals horrifying statistics which becomes far worse when considering young people. 

‘The results of the study are obviously shocking’ a spokesperson from Stonewall told Gay Star News.

September 6, 2013

'I think it's important that people know who I am and the background that I come from. That's the whole point of being out'

When he filmed a cameo role, as himself, in last year's blockbuster hit The Avengers, MSNBC anchor Thomas Roberts would have no idea that he would be the only LGBT representation in any Disney film in 2012.

That distinction was brought to light last month when GLAAD released its first annual Studio Responsibility Index which showed a dwindling number of LGBT characters in movies released by Hollywood studios last year.

August 29, 2013

'Same Love' collaborators address the internet rumors and joke about their relationship

Rapper Macklemore and his collaborator Ryan Lewis have joked about their relationship, saying ‘Fine, we’re gay!’

On Chelsea Lately last night (28 August), the ‘Same Love’ musicians talked about the marriage equality hit.

The track recently won the MTV Video Music Award for Best Social Message Song.

‘It was an issue that I wanted to tackle but as a straight man, I’m like, “What is my vantage point on this issue?”’ Macklemore said, talking about Same Love.

August 23, 2013

Gay rights campaigners say making homophobia as unacceptable as racism is a step towards an environment where gay players will be able to come out

Homophobic British football fans are being warned they will face prosecution under new police guidelines.

For the first time, anti-gay slurs are being included in a Crown Prosecution Service policy in soccer-related offences.

Police say including homophobic abuse in its ‘refreshed’ policy will make anti-gay chants as ‘unacceptable’ as racism.

So not only at matches, where many LGBT fans have complained of a homophobic environment, but police will also look to tackle online abuse in football forums.

August 19, 2013

First ever international football fan conference on homophobia was held in Manchester, England

Soccer fans across the globe are calling on government authorities, clubs and football bodies to do more to tackle homophobia, prejudice and exclusion in the sport across Europe.

It comes as the countdown to the Russia Winter Olympics in 2014 and World Cup in 2018 has begun with several worldwide organizations concerns about the country's new 'gay propaganda' laws.

The first ever international conference on homophobia in sport took place in Manchester, England on Saturday (17 August).

July 31, 2013

Liverpool FC has given a list to all workers banning them from using homophobic, sexist, racist and other discriminatory language

A top English soccer club is banning its staff from using ‘unacceptable’ anti-gay words to tackle discrimination.

Under the new rules, workers at Liverpool FC will no longer be allowed to call a colleague ‘faggot’, ‘fairy’, ‘that’s gay’ and other homophobic language.

A leaked copy of the staff handbook reveals the document lists examples of banned words, terms and phrases under the headings of race/religion, sexual orientation, gender and disability.

July 8, 2013

Lindsay Whittle, an assembly member in National Assembly of Wales, says reported homophobic incidents are the 'tip of the iceberg'

A Welsh politician has accused schools of not doing enough work to tackle homophobic bullying today (8 July).

Lindsay Whittle, a Welsh assembly member from the national party Plaid Cymru, said there had been more than 70 reports of homophobic bullying had been at schools in one part of Wales in the past five years.

He said he feared the number of reports was just the ‘tip of the iceberg’.

July 6, 2013

Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby says recent marriage debate shows how the Church risks appearing out-of-step with changing society

The Archbishop of Canterbury has called on the Church of England to accept the ‘revolution’ in attitudes to sexuality in society and respond radically to ‘new contexts’.

Archbishop Justin Welby announced  yesterday (5 Jul) a program to tackle homophobia at school, which makes him ‘appalled’.

While the leader of the world’s 78 million Anglicans has stayed away from proposing any change to the church’s stance on same-sex marriage, he admitted ‘some of what was said was uncomfortably close to the bone.’