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Content about the London Olympic games

August 3, 2012

German Judith Arndt won silver in the cycling time trial, and will be wanting another in the women's team pursuit

German Judith Arndt has become the first lesbian athlete to win a medal at the London Olympic Games, and will fight for another today and tomorrow (3-4 August).

After coming 37th in the cycling road race, Arndt stormed to silver in the time trial held on Wednesday (1 August).

Speaking to Cycling News, she said: ‘I'm really happy with the silver medal.

June 15, 2012

Gay TV presenter is the person most British people want to stay with to watch the Olympic games

Gay broadcaster and national treasure Stephen Fry has won a poll to find the person British people would most like to stay with to watch the London Olympic Games.

The TV personality famous for his books, poetry, and presenting QI beat other celebrities like pop star Cheryl Cole and monarch Queen Elizabeth II.

December 28, 2011

Gay photographer and artist Stuart Sandford will spend 365 days in search of physical perfection

Gay photographer Stuart Sandford is embarking on a year-long project to turn himself into a bodybuilder – all in the name of art.

Sandford’s ‘Bodybuilding’ project will run from 1 January until 31 December and aims to turn him into an athlete – as his way of marking the London Olympic Games.