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April 2, 2014

In an exclusive interview with Gay Star News, Sherlock's co-creator says the UK should have done more to stand up for LGBTI rights before the Sochi Winter Olympics

Gay actor Mark Gatiss has compared gay discrimination in Russia to Nazi Germany, in an exclusive interview with Gay Star News.

The Sherlock co-creator and writer has reflected on the Sochi Winter Olympics that took place last month, saying we need to ‘keep the flag flying’ and pressurizing anti-gay countries.

Citing the 1936 Olympic games held in Berlin under Adolf Hitler’s Third Reich, Gatiss said the UK and other pro-gay countries should have done more to stand up for LGBTI rights.

March 25, 2014

Corey, 15, was sick with pneumonia and suicidal when he was rescued from his birth family by his mom and sister-to-be

Last April, a story started going viral on social media. Titled ‘Parents put 16-year-old daughter up for adoption after learning she is gay’ it was shared by 72,000 people. But as suddenly as it had taken off, it disappeared.

Blushing page administrators started removing it quickly. The story was fake. It was, in fact, a satire from the site Deacon Tyson Bowers III.

March 18, 2014

'There weren't a lot of other reasons to be there'

Openly gay CNN anchor Anderson Cooper paid a visit to Seth Meyers' new NBC late night talk show on Monday and shared with viewers why he once thought the host was gay.

It seems Cooper, a well-known gym rat, once saw the former Saturday Night Live writer and news anchor at a gym in Manhattan and jumped to conclusions.

'It was pretty much the gayest gym on the planet,' Cooper said, 'And I assumed you were gay, ’cause… there weren’t a lot of other reasons to be there.'

March 15, 2014

LA Galaxy player resembles 'something like the lovechild of James Bond and One Direction'

Robbie Rogers is into his second season for the LA Galaxy and seems to have settled into his place as the first openly gay player in Major Soccer League history.

During his off-season, Rogers did a few magazine shoots including a rather stunning one for Flaunt Magazine.

In chatting with Rogers on the porch of his LA home, the writer confesses to finding him 'impossible to look at.'

March 5, 2014

Channel 4 will be celebrating the first gay couples to get legally married in England and Wales

Gay British presenter, writer and wit Stephen Fry is to narrate one of the UK’s first ‘musical’ gay wedding.

The first British gay couples will be walking down the aisle at 31 March after England and Wales were the first in the UK to legalize equal marriage.

Our Gay Wedding: The Musical, a 60-minute TV special broadcast on Channel 4, will celebrate the legal victory.

West End star Nathan Taylor and composer Benjamin Till are writing the music and lyrics for the nuptials, which will be sung during vows and readings.

March 2, 2014

The Olympic diver topped a poll that sought to find out which public figures inspire UK teenagers the most, three months after he revealed he was in a relationship with a man

Olympic medalist Tom Daley was named the biggest sporting inspiration to UK teenagers last night (1 March) at a National Citizen Service (NCS) event in London.

The awards were based on the results of a poll run by the NCS, a government initiative that aims to improve young people’s confidence, teamwork and leadership skills through a series of challenges and community projects.

March 1, 2014

Lucien Soulban, a writer for Ubisoft, says major video game franchises don’t include gay protagonists because of ‘fears that it’ll impact sales’

Canadian video game writer Lucien Soulban has said he doesn’t expect to see gay protagonists in major game franchises ‘for a while … because of fears that it’ll impact sales’.

Soulban works for Ubisoft and made the comments on the company blog in an interview post published on Thursday (27 February).

February 19, 2014

Sir Patrick Stewart has taken to Twitter to respond to a Guardian columnist mistakenly reporting he is gay with a series of funny tweets after he tweeted his support for actress Ellen Page coming out

Sir Patrick Stewart, best known for his roles as Captain Jean-Luc Picard in Star Trek: The Next Generation and Professor Charles Xavier in the X-Men films, has responded to a Guardian newspaper columnist mistakenly reporting he is gay in the funniest of ways.

February 16, 2014

‘Gay Propaganda: Russian Love Stories’ has been published to give a voice to LGBTI people suffering under the Russian anti-gay laws

A book has been released celebrating stories of love and triumph in the face of recent Russian anti-gay adversity.

The book, entitled Gay Propaganda: Russian Love Stories, is a collaboration between journalist and author Masha Gessen and writer Joseph Huff-Hannon and is available in English and Russian.

In light of the gay propaganda law currently in place in Russia, the book aims to dispel myths and misconstrued truths about gay people by sharing stories of their bravery and relationships.

February 14, 2014

Thomas Rob Smith, the acclaimed writer behind Child 44, will be penning the story of a gay spy love drama

An acclaimed gay author will be penning a new drama about a gay spy for the BBC.

Tom Rob Smith, the author of Child 44, will be writing the five-part hour long contemporary thriller London Spy.

The story will look at Danny, described as a ‘gregarious, hedonistic, but ill-equipped spy’ who falls for the ‘anti-social and enigmatic’ Alex.

But as they get closer, Alex disappears leaving Danny to pick up the pieces and track him down.

The drama will be going into production later this year and is expected to be lined up to air in 2015.

February 14, 2014

Legendary Cosmopolitan magazine editor Helen Gurley Brown took out O'Donnell's confirmation that she is a lesbian

Rosie O'Donnell says she was about to come out publicly as a lesbian a full decade before she actually did so in 2002.

The funny lady, who had just become a big star in the film A League of Their Own, was being interviewed in 1992 by a writer for Cosmopolitan when she was asked if she was a lesbian.

'He said, "Are you gay?" and I said yes,' O'Donnell said this week on Mondays With Marlo, a web series hosted by Marlo Thomas.

She said the magazine's legendary editor, the late Helen Gurley Brown, took out that section of the interview.

February 12, 2014

'And with the “bromance” type of close relationships that many players enjoy, would they be as physical and free with a homosexual teammate?'

Bigots in the US have been wailing ever since Michael Sam, a University of Missouri football defensive lineman, announced he's gay.

Michael Brown's cries are particularly hysterical. The anti-gay writer is certain close relationships on teams, 'bromances,' will be destroyed with a gay player.

February 11, 2014

A woman has written a perfect letter to parody homophobic opinions in Ireland

An Irish woman has penned a hilarious perfect letter to show why being anti-gay is stupid.

Kay Chambers decided to write to the Irish Times as a response to Catholic writer Breda O’Brien who believes gay people should not be able to marry.

The full letter reads:

‘Like Breda O’Brien, I too think that not everybody should be allowed to marry.

‘As a Cork woman I think that Dubliners should not be afforded this right.

February 9, 2014

Go order a 'Sochi problems' T-shirt with the defective opening snow flake on the front

Be honest. You laughed during the Sochi Winter Games' opening ceremony when one of the snow flakes failed to switch into an Olympic ring.

Writer and artist Barnaby Edwards had some fun with that flake gone bad. He made the remaining circles into symbols for gay men and women.

Edwards' vision would make a good T-shirt, no?

February 5, 2014

Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman have revealed that they shot a gay night club scene as part of the epic pub crawl stag night for John Watson in the Sherlock episode The Sign of Three but it ended up on the cutting room floor

Actors Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman have revealed that they shot a scene in a gay nightclub for the second episode of the third series of their hit modern retelling of Sherlock Holmes.

The scene was to be part of the pair’s epic pub crawl for John Watson’s stag night which ended in them getting locked up in jail but ended up on the cutting room floor because Sherlock writer and co-creator Steven Moffat had too many scenes to fit into the episode.

January 28, 2014

Daily Telegraph publishes rant by UKIP donor Demetri Marchessini claiming there is no such word as 'homophobic'

A British newspaper has printed a ‘bizarre’ advert attacking a columnist for her pro-gay views.

The Daily Telegraph published the open letter from UKIP donor Demetri Marchessini about Times writer Libby Purves, who discussed her views about Russia’s gay propaganda laws in a recent column.

‘What Miss Purves and many others cannot grasp is the fact that when our government made homosexuality legal, it did not make it moral,’ Marchessini argues.

‘How can anybody, less alone Miss Purvis (sic), tell people what they should think about homosexuality?’

January 6, 2014

From Lake Bled to Lipica, from the Skocjan caves to Medieval castles, Gay Star Travel explores the world away from the capital's buzzing life

The countryside of Slovenia, a small state nested between Italy, Hungary, Austria and Croatia, stuns with its beauty and diverse attractions: Exploring a cave, swimming in an Alpine lake, eating some of the best food central Europe can offer.

The best part is, you don’t need to be an ‘outdoor lad’ to live this year-round countryside destination. While the rugged landscape is a favorite among spelunkers and white water rafters, there's plenty for those looking to take it easy.

December 4, 2013

Olympic diver did not name his new love in coming out video but reports surface that it is Milk screenwriter

Olympic diver Tom Daley did not reveal who he is having a relationship in his widely seen coming out video this week.

But reports have surfaced today that the man in his life is Oscar winning screenwriter Dustin Lance Black.

December 1, 2013

Macy's defends the Kinky Boots' performance at its annual Thanksgiving parade

The performers from the award winning play Kinky Boots cheekily responded to the critics of their presence in Macy's Thanksgiving Parade.

November 19, 2013

Former Doctor Who head writer said he was inspired to name his new dramas after the four stages of male erections

Award-winning gay writer Russell T Davies is returning to British television to create two new LGBTI dramas.

Almost 15 years after the ground-breaking Queer As Folk finished in 2000, the writer will return to Manchester to film two interliking series for Channel 4 and sister channel E4.

Cucumber, on terrestial TV, will explore the life of a 40-something gay man Henry and his long-suffering boyfriend Lance. It promises disastrous date nights, deaths, threesomes, police cars and the Glee Christmas album.

November 9, 2013

'I know my own truth, I'm a very happy heterosexual man'

Glee is now into its fifth season and Matthew Morrison is still being asked about the gay rumors.

The actor, who was a star on Broadway before he landed on TV, was actually forced to come out as straight in 2009 after a writer for Elle Magazine assumed he was gay.

The topic was brought up again this week in a HuffPost Live interview.

October 28, 2013

Marvel Comics writer Al Ewing has confirmed he intends to write Thor’s brother as a gender bending bisexual in the upcoming series Loki: Agent of Asgard

Marvel Comics’ Loki will be written as bisexual in 2014’s Loki: Agent of Asgard comic book series in line with Norse mythology.

The character’s sexuality was confirmed by writer Al Ewing on his blog Scream, Robot Scream! on 23 October in response to a fan query.

‘Yes, Loki is bi and I’ll be touching on that,’ Ewing posted.

‘He’ll shift between genders occasionally as well.’

In Norse mythology Loki is depicted as a cunning trickster who had the ability to change his shape and sex.

October 24, 2013

Comic book writer has revealed they will be playing with the Nord God of Mischief's fluid sexuality and gender in future issues

Marvel’s Loki is to have future gay romances and become a woman in future issues of the comic series.

Loki: Agent of Asgard will portray the Norse villain as having a fluid sense of sexuality and gender.

Writer Al Ewing has confirmed he will return to the mythological portrayal of the trickster god as bisexual.

‘Loki is bi and I’ll be touching on that,’ Ewing wrote on Tumblr in response to a fan’s question.

‘He’ll shift between genders occasionally as well.’

October 22, 2013

When a gay actor moves to Rome, he discovers he is not the only one living in his apartment in a new movie getting a cinema release for Halloween – meet the star and the director

Having just moved to Rome, Pietro (Elio Germano) has dreams of becoming a successful actor. He finds a very beautiful old apartment, which despite being in need of a little repair has an unbelievably cheap rent. This place seems just so perfect!

But soon after settling in, he notices that objects get moved around and there are strange noises coming from the empty rooms. It soon becomes clear he is not living alone.