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‘Four-dimensional’ storytelling reports on gay marriage in the US

New online medium for telling stories launches with history of gay marriage in the US in time and space

‘Four-dimensional’ storytelling reports on gay marriage in the US

A new medium for storytelling, Meograph, launched on Monday with an interactive visualization of the campaign for gay marriage in the United States by TV channel KVMN San Deigo.

Meograph incorporates audio, video and Google maps to make storytelling ‘four-dimensional’ and is available for any news organization or individual to tell their own stories.

The gay marriage rights story, one of six by KVWM San Diego on the launch site, starts in 1972 when the Supreme Court refused a gay marriage case.

The story continues to when Massachusetts became the first state to allow same-sex marriage in 2004 and ends with President Obama’s historic endorsement of gay marriage earlier this year.

Other Meograph stories by KVWM San Diego on the site include Whitney Houston’s life and Women’s rights in the USA.

Meograph’s founder Misha Leybovich told Gay Star News that he had the idea for the start-up when he wanted an easier way to create ‘cool original multimedia’ than FinalCut Pro or Photoshop.

Leybovich said that Meograph provides a tool for news organizations, educators, lawyers, travel companies and individuals to create engaging, compelling and inspiring visualizations of stories.

Watch the gay marriage rights Meograph here:

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