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‘Gay’ Saudi Arabian prince to face jail at home

Prince Saud bin Abdulaziz Bin Nasir killed his manservant while in a London five-star hotel, and is being transferred to Saudi Arabia

‘Gay’ Saudi Arabian prince to face jail at home

An allegedly gay Saudi Arabian prince is facing a lifetime in jail for killing his manservant in London.

In 2010, a London high court jailed Prince Saud bin Abdulaziz Bin Nasir, a grandson of Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah II, for killing Bandar Abdullah Abdulaziz in a five-star hotel.

Yesterday (5 February), government sources have confirmed Chris Grayling, the UK Justice Secretary, has approved the prince’s transfer to a jail in Saudi Arabia.

Despite the prince’s defence lawyers saying Nasir will face the death penalty in his home country, he is expected to fly home within weeks.

The Ministry of Justice said it did not comment on individual prison transfer cases.

A spokeswoman added: ‘We have a prison transfer arrangement with Saudi Arabia which allows nationals of either country to serve their prison sentence in their home state.’

The 36-year-old was convicted three years ago, where a judge decided he had beat and strangled Abdulaziz.

Prosecutors said there was a ‘sexual element’ to the killing, which also involved up to 37 separate blows. The prince then tried to cover up the murder.

Following the attack he had ordered two glasses of milk from room service, dragged the corpse into the bed, and tried to clean up the bed.

The judge declared he had used Abdulaziz, originally from Sudan, as a ‘human punch bag’.

While Nasir denied he was homosexual during the high-profile trial, the jury was told he ordered gay escorts and looked for gay massage parlours in London.

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