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‘Gays want to redefine everything’ says US conservative pundit

‘Gays want to redefine everything’ says US conservative pundit

One US conservative pundit is worried gay people are trying to ‘redefine’ everything by demanding marriage equality.

US neurosurgeon Ben Carson was being interviewed by TV chat show host Larry King about his stance on gay marriage, amongst other things.

‘Why isn’t same-sex marriage a civil rights issue?’ asks King.

‘For me, it’s not a big issue,’ replied Carson.

‘You know, I think people can do whatever they want to do. It’s just that they don’t get to redefine everything for anybody else. So I’m very much a libertarian in the sense of believing ‘‘live and let live’’, but that goes in both directions and some people don’t recognize that.’

Carson is also a potential 2016 GOP candidate and has been sounding off on gay marriage.

He criticized religious leaders who back gay marriage, saying they are backing down from Biblical teachings.

‘I find it difficult sometimes to understand why ministers are willing to abandon the scripture to go along and get along,’ he said in August.

‘I just find that very puzzling.’

He also compared gay rights activists to terrorists who are making people afraid to talk about marriage.

‘People everywhere from politicians down to the lowliest person in our society… are terrified,’ he said in March.

Carson’s comments come at a time when the issue of marriage quality in the US has cropped up again.

Just this Thursday (13 November), gay couples started getting married in the state of Kansas, after the Supreme Court lifted an emergency stay it has issues earlier in the week.

See the clip of King interviewing Carson below: