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‘Monogamy is an illusion’ Taiwanese lawyer campaigns for multiple person marriage law

‘Monogamy is an illusion’ Taiwanese lawyer campaigns for multiple person marriage law

A campaign for same-sex marriage, civil partnership rights for all and legal protections for relationships between multiple people in Taiwan aims to attract a million signatures by the end of 2013.

The Taiwan Alliance to Promote Civil Partnership Rights (TAPCPR) has nearly 30,000 signatures on its petition so far – including that of leader of the opposition Su Tseng-chang, well-known feminist Yu Mei Nu and popstars.

President of TAPCPR, lawyer Hsiu-wen Hsu (also known as Victoria Hsu), said to Gay Star News in an interview today:

‘Monogamy is an illusion. Although according to the terms of the law it’s monogamy, but the truth of the situation is that it’s an illusion. If we look at heterosexual relationships in Taiwanese society we known there are a lot of people who have a lot of partners. I think the government should stand back from sexual activity of people.’

The civil partnership aspect of the proposed bill will not be ‘something less good than marriage or a way to forbid gay people from using the word marriage’ like it is in other countries, said Hsu.

‘We want a truly new and equal choice for all people to chose a system that is more flexible than marriage. The new system of civil partnership will be a system which is open to all kinds of gender and sexual orientation, same-sex couples and opposite sex couples.’

The ‘multiple person families’ part of the proposed law will adapt part of the existing law that has it’s origins in the old-fashioned Chinese practice of men taking multiple concubines in addition to their wife.

’It’s quite patriarchal and out of date,’ said Hsu. ‘So we have to modernise it and make it more democratic.’

If the law is adopted by the government, Taiwan will become the first country in the world to have multiple persons family law and the first country in Asia to legalize same-sex marriage.