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‘Not Gay! Get Over It!’ group demands investigation into London Mayor Boris Johnson

‘Not Gay! Get Over It!’ group demands investigation into London Mayor Boris Johnson

A Christian group is accusing Boris Johnson of mishandling a ban on anti-gay posters from London public transport.

According to the Telegraph, The Christian Legal Centre is accusing Johnson of a ‘cover up’, saying the mayor pressured officials into banning the anti-gay ads that read ‘Not Gay! Ex-Gay, Post-Gay and Proud. Get Over It!’.

The Christian Legal Centre has submitted a request under the Freedom of Information Act to see all the documentation involved in the case.

The posters created by Christian group Core Issues Trust were a parody of Stonewall’s ‘Some People Are Gay. Get Over It!’.

The group claims that the London Mayor’s decision to ban their anti-gay posters infringed on their right to free speech and amounts to discrimination. As mayor of London, Johnson is in charge of Transport for London (TFL), which in turn is responsible for the city’s bus ads.

Director of the Christian Legal Centre Andrew Williams said: ‘Boris is increasingly under pressure for his actions and integrity. This is another example of where he has been expedient as opposed to doing truth and justice’.

Last month courts ruled the ban was not illegal because the adverts could cause ‘grave offence’ to gay people and increased ‘the risk of prejudice and homophobic attacks’.

However, Core Issues Trust has been given permission to submit their rebuttal to the Court of Appeals.

Ben Summerskill, chief executive of gay rights charity Stonewall, said: ‘In a city where over half of gay young people face bullying at school, and where tens of thousands of gay people are subjected to hate crimes every year just because of the way they were born, it’s perfectly proper for a mayor to object to the use of such advertising in an iconic public setting’.