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$1 million reward offered for the return of Judy Garland’s ruby slippers

$1 million reward offered for the return of Judy Garland’s ruby slippers

Ruby Slippers

They are one of the most iconic pairs of shoes in cinematic history, and it seems one anonymous fan is willing to do what it takes to track them down.

A pair of Judy Garland’s ruby red slippers – one of four existing pairs worn in classic movie The Wizard of Oz – were stolen in 2005 from the Judy Garland Museum, in the actress’ hometown of Grand Rapids, Minnesota.

John Kelsch, executive director of the museum, told the Associated Press an anonymous donor is now offering a $1 million reward for credible information leading to the sequined shoes’ return. He said the donor is from Arizona and is a huge fan of Garland and the 1939 film.

The reward will be given for the exact location of the slippers, and the perpetrator’s name.

While the shoes were originally insured for $1 million (€906,000), Kelsch estimates they could be worth $2-3 million now. August will mark the ten-year anniversary since they went missing, and there have been no shortage of rumors about their whereabouts.

In June, the Itasca County Sheriff’s Dive Team unsuccessfully investigated one of many leads that said the slippers were in Minnesota’s Tioga Mine Pit, which is 238 feet deep, according to KQDS.

‘The biggest thing that ever happened to our museum was getting the slippers stolen,’ said Jonny Miner, Treasurer of the Board for the Judy Garland Museum.

‘I remember very clearly we had put them to bed and the next morning they were gone and we were literally crying.’

According to police, the glass case containing the slippers was smashed with a baseball bat and they were gone.

‘We never thought anybody was going to steal them,’ said Miner.


Image: dbking | Flickr | Licensed under CC BY 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons.