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10 amazing pics as Sydney Mardi Gras celebrates 40 years

And Cher has appeared in the parade!

10 amazing pics as Sydney Mardi Gras celebrates 40 years
Gaga meets Cleopatra? | Photo: Shannon Power and Instagram/gaystarnews

They Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras has returned for its 40-year outing.

The LGBTI extravaganza is expected to attract over half a million revelers, just months after the country won marriage equality.

This includes 3,500 parade participants and 4,000 volunteers across 195 floats.

The hugely popular parade is currently taking place, with the festival’s official Twitter account posting: ‘Parade viewing is full, there is no access to see the Parade. Do not travel to Oxford Street.’

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and his wife Lucy were present at the celebrations.


‘Our love affair is a result of Mardi Gras’

They joined the parade on Oxford Street after the Dykes on Bikes and Boys on Bikes, with the PM telling the publication: ‘[The parade is a] wonderful part of Sydney.’

According to The Daily Telegraph, he furthermore told reporters: ‘It’s 40 years old and 40 years ago Lucy and I had our first date so our love affair is a result of Mardi Gras.’

Speaking about marriage equality, he also added: ‘It was like the nation gave same sex couples an enormous hug. It was a vote for equality, a vote for respect and what a huge vote it was.’

‘It’s one of the days where queer people can walk out on the street and be their true selves’

Dina from Bankstown, a first-time attendee of Mardi Gras, told GSN’s Shannon Power: ‘I’m really excited because I think I’m going to see a lot of floats and a lot of different types of queer people, getting every community towards me.’

Dina furthermore added: ‘I’m here because it’s one of the only days where queer people can walk out on the street and be as queer as they want to and dress however they want to and be their true selves.’

‘You run on adrenaline’

Pop icon Cher, who has also appeared in the parade, will give her headline performance at around 3am (at the timing of publishing, it’s 9.30pm in Sydney!).

She told ‘I’ll probably take a nap but it won’t make any difference, you run on adrenaline. It will work fine.’


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