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Read about the 10 lesbian, bi and trans women who paved the way for all of us

Read about the 10 lesbian, bi and trans women who paved the way for all of us

Sally Ride was the first LGBTI person in spaceSally Ride was the first LGBTI person in space

Throughout history, women have achieved plenty of great things – think of Marie Curie or Ada Lovelace.

Straight women are already drowned out by men, but when you’re lesbian, bi or trans? You’re going to get even less acknowledgement. For they did not just pave the way for women everywhere, they paved the way for all of us.

There are hidden figures throughout history, and these are 10 of the women you really ought to know about:

1 Elsa Gidlow

Born in England, poet Elsa Gidlow was the first person to publish an series of openly lesbian love poets in the US.

The title? On a Grey Thread.

2 April Ashley

April Ashley is considered the first trans woman in Britain to undergo gender-confirmation surgery.

But after her return to England, a friend sold Ashley’s story to the press, which promptly outed her – turning the successful model who was due to make her movie debut into a woman at the heart of a scandal and causing her to lose the film role.

3 Nancy Wechsler

When she was elected into the Ann Arbor City Council in 1972, Nancy Wechsler became the first lesbian elected official in the US. She was elected together with Jerry DeGrieck – and both came out a year later, in a joint press conference.

4 Shakuntala Devi

As a famed child prodigy – she was known as the human computer for her mental calculating skilles – Shakuntala Devi appeared in the 1982 Guiness Book of World Records.

But she was also a famed writer and, in 1977, wrote The World of Homosexuals, which is considered the first study of homosexuality in India.

5 Mary C. Morgan

In 1982, she was appointed a judge at the San Francisco Municipal Court, making her the first openly gay or lesbian judge in the United States.

In 2003, she received a promotion, when Governor Gray Davis appointed her to the San Francisco County Superior Court.

6 Sally Ride

Sally Ride’s career was a series of achievements: first American woman in space. Youngest American astronaut to have traveled in space – she was 32 at the time.

After her death, it came out she was also the first lesbian in space. And now, she is also the first lesbian astronaut – or maybe eben the first lesbian, period – to be featured in a lego set.

7 Stacy Offner

Minneapolis native Stacy Offner was the first out lesbian rabbi twice – once in a traditional congregation, once in a mainstream congregation.

She was also the first female rabbi in Minnesota, became the first rabbi ever to be elcted chaplain of the Minnesota Senate and wne on to also take the honors of being the first woman to serve as a member of the national rabbinical pension board.

8 Marcella Di Folco

As an out trans woman, Marcella Di Folco became the first trans person in the world to be elected into an administrative role – and she did it in the city of Bologna, Italy.

9 Angela Morley

A Yorkshire lass, Morley is the first trans woman to receive an Oscar nomination.

Over the course of her career she worked with great names including Shirley Bassey and Dusty Springfield. She wrote the music for The Little Prince and Watership Down, and often conducted the BBC Orchestras.

10 Beth Malone

In 2015, Beth Malone became the first openly lesbian actor playing a butch lesbian character in a major Broadway musical. She played cartoonist Alison Bechdel in the musical version of her memoir graphic novel, Fun Home.