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9 LGBTQ-inclusive podcasts you should be listening to right now

9 LGBTQ-inclusive podcasts you should be listening to right now

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Whether it’s on your commute, at the gym, in the shower, wherever, podcasts are continuing to grow as a new form of entertainment and information.

As with all different types of media, finding representation is important. That’s why we’re here with a list of nine great LGBTQ-inclusive podcasts that you should start listening to right now.

Ira Madison and Keep It co-hosts
Virtel, Madison, and Brown with recent guest Bryan Fuller | Photo: Instagram @kingiraira

1. Keep It

Writer Ira Madison III started a phenomenon on Twitter when he began responding to things with two simple words: Keep it.

Essentially saying ‘no, thank you’ to anything not wanted, whether it’s a new movie, someone’s hot take, or a fashion trend.

Ira took the concept, which grew in popularity on Twitter, and turned it into a podcast. He co-hosts with Louis Virtel and Kara Brown and each week they discuss a variety of topics — pop culture, politics, whatever strikes their fancy. All three hosts bring their authentic selves to the discussion, often talking about certain issues in conjunction with their own identities

It’s all at once funny, insightful, and fresh. Plus, every episode ends with the hosts choosing one thing they’re saying ‘keep it’ to and it’s always fun to hear what they choose.

Listen here.

2. The Bright Sessions

Directed and written by Lauren Shippen, who participated in our very own Digital Pride, The Bright Sessions is a narrative sci-fi podcast. It follows a group of therapy patients, each with a supernatural ability, and their time with Dr. Bright.

The show offers a variety of diversity in its characters and storytelling, all done with compassion and truly excellent and original writing.

Listen here.

3. Queery

Hosted by comedian Cameron Esposito, Queery is a chance to hear first-hand about the experiences of people in the LGBTQ community.

In each episode, Esposito sits down with ‘some of the brightest luminaries in the LGBTQ+ family’ for an hour-long chat about their individual journeys. It’s funny (naturally), honest, and raw.

Some of her past guests include Jill Soloway (creator of Transparent), Stephanie Beatriz, Tegan & Sara, and more.

Listen here.

Tobin Low and Kathy Tu
Tobin Low and Kathy Tu | Photo: Instagram @_kathytu

4. Nancy

Looking for real stories about real LGBTQ people told in great conversations? Then look no further than Nancy.

Co-hosted by two people, neither of whom are named Nancy (their names, in fact, are Tobin Low and Kathy Tu), the show covers ‘stories and conversations about the queer experience today’ complete with laughter and tears.

Listen here.

5. The BiCast

It’s also important to get a breadth of representation when it comes to LGBTQ stories and voices in media.

That’s where The BiCast comes in for the bisexual community. This podcast prides itself on sharing news, stories, and support for the bi+ community.

It’s broadcast with the help of BiNetUSA, the show was created by Lynnette McFadzen after struggling to find a space for bisexual people.

Listen here.

6. Food 4 Thot

An upgraded rosé budget? Check. Petty drama? Check. Marxist rants? Check.

Food 4 Thot is a queer podcast in the form of a roundtable discussion with hosts who aren’t afraid to go, well, anywhere. As the above abbreviated list shows.

Writers Tommy Pico, Fran Tirado, Dennis Norris II, and Joe Osmundson have a great chemistry as they discuss literature, Eartha Kitt, intersectionality, and more.

They also work really hard (and drink wine) to make the show as good as it is.

‘Well first of all—we really do drink wine during the podcast. Second, a lot of preparation and planning goes into each theme, our discussion points, the things we want to touch on. Each episode dates maybe 12 days to create content around, then push out the door,’ Tirado told GSN.

Listen here.

7. Making Gay History

Learning about our community’s history, and the figures who filled it out, is key. The aptly titled podcast Making Gay History is here to offer some history lessons we definitely didn’t learn in school.

The best part about this series is that it covers not only well-known figures, but ones that are not discussed as much.

Eric Marcus is an author, as well as the creator and host of this wonderfully researched and insightful podcast.

Listen here.

Corinne Kai and Rahel Neirene
Corinne Kai and Rahel Neirene | Photo: Instagram @femmecollectively

8. Femme, Collectively

Femme, Collectively is another podcast for those looking to find a space for where they belong. More specifically, it’s a space and conversation for queer femmes.

Corinne Kai and Rahel Neirene co-host the show as they interview and discuss a variety of topics from the ‘intersections of gender, sexuality, emotional labor, sex, healing, and energy’.

It’s by and for queer and femme people, lending an authentic feel to it.

Listen here.

9. Throwing Shade

Co-hosted by Erin Gibson and Bryan Safi, Throwing Shade is one of the first LGBTQ podcasts that made waves. And it’s still one of the best for good reason.

Every week, the pair discuss issues ‘important to ladies and gays and treat them with much less respect than they deserve’.

Their friendship, biting humor, and witty commentary make for a genuinely great time. Though their hundreds of episodes in at this point, jumping in is always better late than never!

Listen here.

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