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10 sexy things that’ll make you stand out at Pride

10 sexy things that’ll make you stand out at Pride

Differio has menswear products to boost your Pride!

SPONSORED: Whether you’re watching from the sidelines or dancing on a float, one of the most exciting ways to support Pride month is by attending your local Pride parade.

This is the one time of the year when the entire LGBT community can celebrate milestones together while marching for equality, especially for those with even fewer rights around the world.

Fortunately, today’s parades are much more peaceful compared to the sometimes-more-violent protests in the 70’s.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a trans woman in a bodycon dress or a gay couple in plain clothes: Everyone involved is taking part in the camaraderie and commemorating everything that P.R.I.D.E. stands for.

If you’ve attended these events before, you already know there’s no holding back when it comes to dressing for the march.

From matching group costumes to rainbow-themed ensembles, the streets become a beautiful, LGBTI melting pot of people embracing their individuality. Everyone is free to wear their identity loud and proud in whatever makes them feel most confident.

Since you’re going to be surrounded by thousands of vigilant participants (depending on where you live), you’re probably looking for festive apparel that supports Pride or shows off your identity. After all, this only happens once a year, so why not go all out in something fierce?

Differio menswear

For those looking to spice things up, Differio is an online store with a wide variety of gay menswear styles perfect for Pride.

You’ll find everything you need to wow the crowds from their latest collection of trendy men’s clothing, accessories, shoes and more.

Whether you’re experimenting with men’s makeup or searching for gay men’s underwear, you’ll get plenty of inspiration for your next parade look.

Here are 10 of the sexiest items to help you reach all your Pride 2017 outfit goals.

1. Rainbow Leggings

Wear the colors of the Pride flag with athletic flair in these dynamic rainbow leggings.

2. Enhancing Boxer Briefs by Modus Vivendi

If you haven’t heard of Modus Vivendi, this is the hottest brand for modern gay underwear and swimwear. These enhancing boxer briefs will give you discreet lift in seconds with stretchy groin straps.

3. Workout Armband by Maskulo

This faux leather workout armband is also a super sexy arm wallet that’s ideal for carrying and concealing all your valuables… and condoms.

4. Black Fishnet Hooded Tank Top

Instead of going topless, try a see-through fishnet tank top that’ll highlight your arms.

5. Navy Bib Overalls by SAW

Can’t decide if you want to wear pants or overalls? These 2-in-1 bib overalls are the hottest way to choose what you want to wear the day of.

6. Silver Boxer Shorts by Modus Vivendi

You’re going to be seen from miles away in these metallic silver boxer shorts.

7. Camo Knee High Sneakers

You’re going to be doing a lot of walking or standing, so it’s worth investing in a pair of cool shoes for men. These standout knee-high sneakers are the perfect statement piece to finish your outfit.

8. Leather Harness Tank Top

Any guy that loves leather needs this genuine leather harness tank top in his life.

9. Denim Kilt

Who ever said you can only wear men’s kilts in March? This is a great alternative for designer jeans, and looks just as sexy if you’re going topless.

10. Shield Sunglasses

These oversized statement sunglasses are a must for looking fierce at any outdoor event.