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9 tips for embracing the feel-good power of pink in the home

9 tips for embracing the feel-good power of pink in the home

When choosing your color palette, be inspired by the delicate shades of pink found in apples

From palest rose to deep magenta: pink is hot right now. The fans of the shade at Pink Lady® asked color psychology specialist Karen Haller to give us all some advice on using it in our homes.

‘It’s a color that signifies sweetness in food and is linked to maternal love by our subconscious. It’s a feel-good, comforting color that appeals to all humans, male and female, young and old alike,’ she says.


‘It’s sad to see that pink has been hijacked as a color just for little girls,’ she adds. ‘When it comes to color, children don’t have the preconceived society and gender bias associations that adults have. They just love color. A child will innately gravitate towards colors they love. Little boys love pink as much as girls.’

Here, Pink Lady® shares nine tips for incorporating shades of pink into your home…

1 Be inspired by the pale, delicate shades of apple blossom if you want to express your softer side; perfect for creating a romantic bedroom.

2 Don’t be trapped by antiquated gender stereotypes, whether you’re decorating children’s bedrooms or beyond.

3 Softer shades such as baby, pastel and nude pinks along with the blue-based dusty pinks have softer, more gentle energy – great if you want to soften a minimal domestic space or stark workplace.

5 The warm tones in a Pink Lady® apple itself are perfect references for coloring your home.

6 The color goes great with other soft tones such as apricot, warm ivory white, pale teal or soft greens.

7 Think about finding pink shades in flowers and plants if you don’t want to paint a wall – gorgeous with rose gold, copper and brass as well as dove-grey, slate-blue and bitter-chocolate.

8 Magenta is a tone that makes a statement; it’s perfect for those that want to be seen and get noticed.

9 Use magenta and fuchsia as an accent color in the home to bring dynamic energy to any room. Perfect teamed up with pure white, black and silver.

10 Look for fun and funky accessories and interesting textures to keep this color from looking hard.

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