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100 million see Finland’s Krista Siegfrids lesbian kiss at Eurovision

100 million see Finland’s Krista Siegfrids lesbian kiss at Eurovision

An estimated 100 million TV viewers have seen Finland’s Krista Siegfrids kiss one of her female dancers at the end of her Eurovision performance.

Siegfrids was performing her song Marry Me as one of 26 acts in the finals of the camp annual European Song Contest which this year is being held in Malmö, Sweden.

As the show goes out live across the world, it is believed all audiences would have seen the kiss.

It had been widely feared that the kiss would be censored and a petition was started by digital gay activists All Out calling on Jean-Paul Philippot, president of the European Broadcasting Union to respect her freedom of expression.

In just a few days the petition soared past its original goal of 20,000 signatures to get to 34,000 names.

It came after Turkish TV pulled the show, traditionally televised all over Europe, for fear of seeing the kiss.

Speaking to Gay Star News in Malmö earlier this week, she told critics her kiss was about spreading love and not politics. Political gestures or lyrics are strictly forbidden under Eurovision rules.

‘This isn’t about politics. We are here to talk about love. Yes, love!’ she said.

In a GSN interview before the show, she described it as a ‘statement’ for marriage equality in Finland and across the world.

‘Hello, it’s 2013? I don’t understand how people can hate love in any form. Love is beautiful,’ she said.

‘I don’t want it to be a shock to the people. Like, “Oh my god, I’m kissing a girl”. It should be normal.’

The Eurovision Song Contest was started in 1956 to bring the continent, recently divided by war, together in friendship.

It has a huge international gay fanbase and GSN has had two reporters covering it live from Malmö all week.