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11 gay celebrities in their 50s who get sexier with age

11 gay celebrities in their 50s who get sexier with age

Marc Jacobs: we still would

From Tom Daley to Miley Cyrus, it’s great to see young LGBTI stars radiate confidence and sex appeal in 2015

But, even with the world at their feet, there’s one thing the likes of Tom and Miley will have to wait for: experience.

Here, we appreciate 11 out and proud gay celebrities who, in their 50s, prove being comfortable in your own skin is the sexiest quality of all.

Tom Ford, 54

The man who helped turn designer stubble (and designer clothes) into an art form, Tom reached new levels of hotness when he became a doting father to his son Alexander just over three years ago, along with partner Richard Buckley.

Jodie Foster, 53

She’s known for her magnetic beauty, and actress Jodie Foster positively glowed when acknowledging her sexuality for the first time at the 2013 Golden Globes. This year, the Hollywood veteran directs George Clooney and Julia Roberts in the thriller Money Monster – is there anything more powerful than a woman in charge?

Jane Lynch, 55

With her luminous skin and statuesque beauty (she’s 6 feet tall!), we can’t take our eyes off Glee star Jane Lynch every time she pops up on TV. And who doesn’t find impeccable comic timing attractive?

Rupert Everett, 56

He’s celebrated for his acting career, and back in the day Rupert Everett also moonlit as a rather fetching male model (just look up his campaign for YSL’s Opium For Men). And he’s still smouldering if you ask us – especially when dressed up in period garb, like in the film Hysteria, above.

Robin Roberts, 55

Good Morning America anchor Robin Roberts officially came out in 2013, and ever since, the gorgeous star (who looks great in every color) has been the picture of happiness. She even walks the red carpet with girlfriend Amber Laign, on occasion.

Graham Norton, 52

He’s the talk show host who can charm any A-lister (including, miraculously, 50 Cent). But let’s be honest – Graham Norton looks far, far handsomer with a beard. And with the toned-down wardrobe and the dusty grey colorings, the star’s looking quite the wizened older man lately…

RuPaul, 55

With a career spanning three decades that still hasn’t reached its peak, and a figure that defies all comprehension, we still don’t think we’ve ever – EVER – seen a bad photo of RuPaul. How is that even possible?!

Boy George, 55

Again, this is one Boy who suits a beard. And we’re glad The Voice UK coach is still rocking the eccentric style that made him stand out in the first place. When all’s said and done, he’s really quite beautiful, isn’t he?

Mary Portas, 55

In 2014, power dresser and business guru Mary Portas became one of the first LGBTI people in the UK to convert her civil partnership into a marriage (along with wife Melanie Rickey) – and looked stunning on the day, as she does now.

Ellen DeGeneres, 57

Is it just us, or is Ellen DeGeneres aging in reverse? The wife of Portia de Rossi hardly looks different since her turn in 90s sitcom Ellen, proving a positive mental attitude is the key to eternal youth. Probably.

Marc Jacobs, 52

He’s weathered the odd ‘scandal’ of late, but Marc Jacobs refuses to apologize for being a sexually active 52-year-old man – and why on earth should he? Just don’t get us started on the fashion icon’s Instagram – how many hot friends does an already hot person need?!

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