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Here are 11 moments when Pete Burns cemented his place as a legend

Here are 11 moments when Pete Burns cemented his place as a legend

Pete Burns will always be remembered for his look, his music, and his withering putdowns

1. First off, listen to You Spin Me Right Round by Pete Burns and the rest of Dead or Alive. It’s still a classic. 

2. When no one else knew You Spin Me Right Round would be iconic

According to Pete, the record company was so unenthusiastic about the song he had to take out a £2,500 loan to record it. Once it was recorded, the company ‘said it was awful. It was unanimous – it was awful, it was rubbish’. And then the band even had to fund production of the song’s video themselves.

Imagine being that wrong?

3. When RuPaul got her LIFE watching Pete Burns perform

Bonus points for a super young Michelle Visage.

4. When he released this song about bum sex and no one knew

5. This quote on his ever-changing appearance


6. When his gorilla coat got arrested

When Pete went into Celebrity Big Brother in 2006, the show was forced to confiscate it after Pete boasted it was made from gorilla fur.

Police confiscated the garment that evening after PETA was outraged.

Pete, also outraged, demanded he wanted the coat back. So Big Brother gave him a gorilla suit costume instead.

6. Pete Burns and George Galloway using robotic dancing to portray the slight bewilderment when a puppy will not come when called 

7. When Pete Burns destroyed Traci Bingham just for the hell of it. 

8. The time he worked as a shop assistant in a record shop

9. Pete Burns on Chantelle Houghton in Celebrity Big Brother

‘When you’re out of here, you’re going to get a job at Disneyland… as one of the rides.’

10. Pete Burns on Jodie Marsh


11. And all the times he just didn’t give a fuck.