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12 adorably cute images of Arctic wildlife to make winter wonderful

12 adorably cute images of Arctic wildlife to make winter wonderful

An Arctic fox, just hanging out

They thrive in freezing temperatures all year round – and yet, for many people, the animals that call north of the Arctic Circle home epitomize the winter season.

From the polar bear to the baby Harp seal – which only keeps its furry white coat for 12 days of its infancy – these cute creatures are as magical as the snowy landscapes in which they reside.

So come with us now on a tour of Sweden, Finland, Alaska and beyond, on the gorgeous wintery animal trail….

1 A deliriously happy Harp seal


2 A curious Swedish moose

3 An snowy owl in majestic flight – and still with eyes to camera! That’s talent.


4 Guys, give it up – you’ll never be as handsome as this Swedish wolf. Sorry.


6 A rambling reindeer


7 An affectionate pair of polar bears


8 The Banded Woolly Bear Caterpillar – they freeze solid before transforming into the Isabella Tiger Moth


9 Another baby Harp seal that has no idea what’s going on


10 More handsome wolves


11 An Arctic hare – they don’t hibernate, FYI


12 And finally a smizing Arctic fox. Looks toasty.


Picture credits:, Jörgen Wiklund (reindeer), Folio (moose), Mikko Nikkinen (wolves).