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12 amazing, awe-inspiring women we want to be our lesbian moms

12 amazing, awe-inspiring women we want to be our lesbian moms

Ellen DeGeneres – the spiritual mother of LGBTIs everywhere

It’s Mother’s Day in America. So naturally, here at Gay Star News, we’ve been thinking about all of the much-loved lesbian stars we want to be our moms.

Here, editors and contributors from across the site name the gay ladies they most look up to and feel inspired by. Have a good one, to any moms reading!


1 Jane Lynch 
She’s known for playing the inimitable Sue Sylvester on Glee – one of the best teen shows of all time. The Golden Globe-winning star is one of the funniest women I’ve ever seen on TV, and I feel as though if she was my mom we’d have the best banter. She’s also super tall so I’d feel safe all the time.
Lewis Peters


2 Lily Tomlin
Comedian, actress and writer Tomlin has been a straight-talking, non-nonsense talking presence on our screens ever since she broke through on Rowan and Martin’s Laugh-In in 1970. She exudes patience but won’t suffer fools, with a fiery passion to speak up for the underdog and causes close to her heart (she produced and narrated a 2013 on the mistreatment of elephants). She’s been with her wife, Jane Wagner, since 1971 and has never shied away from talking about their relationship in interviews – demonstrating an inspiring ‘be yourself’ attitude even when it was harder to be visibly LGBTI.
David Hudson


3 Sandi Toksvig
Sandi describing Bruce Forsyth and his Strictly Come Dancing co-host Tess Daly as ‘that nice old man and his nurse’ is my favorite comedy put-down ever. She will make a perfect successor to Stephen Fry on QI this year. More importantly, she’s seemed so natural when I’ve seen her with her kids. And who wouldn’t be proud of a mom who lives on a houseboat and campaigns for women’s equality?
Tris Reid-Smith


4 Lea DeLaria 
Fierce and fearless, Lea DeLaria has a lot of amazing qualities one would want in a mom. She’d protect you and always be in your corner, a tiger that would frighten any bully. When I interviewed her back in 2014, she told me she’s been through it all. A ‘butch dyke’ to the core, she was a pioneer from the beginning. She’s gone from being attacked for being gay when she was younger to standing up against homophobia on public transport. And, while she might not tell me secrets from the Orange Is The New Black set, I’d at least get to watch her sing jazz covers of David Bowie.
Joe Morgan


5 Beth Malone
Funny and immensely talented, Beth Malone (currently starring in Broadway’s Fun Home and headed to CBS’ conic-thriller Braindead) is also and flying the lesbian flag in a (supposedly) gay man’s world. She’s inspirational and, by now, iconic– being pretty much the only butch-looking lesbian visible on Broadway will do that – but at the same time refreshingly honest. Not to mention that she doesn’t take shit from anyone, deciding to be herself in favor of meeting expectations – something we should all learn to do more of.
Stefanie Gerdes


6 Ellen DeGeneres
I’m not sure I could name a gay woman more loved by LGBTIs and straight fans alike than Ellen. Her trademark warmth and humor make her the perfect chat show host, and her relationship with wife Portia de Rossi is beautiful to behold.
Jamie Tabberer


7 Vicky Beeching
She’s the popular theologian and broadcaster, whose career as a Christian rock singer suffered a blow in 2014 when she came out publicly in an interview with The Independent. But with faith in her beliefs and strength in the face of adversity, including mental and physical illnesses, she proved to the world – and to me – that staying true to who you are, no matter the odds, is vital – and nothing should cost your soul.
Dan Beeson

Scott Nunn

8 Sue Perkins
I found myself having a Light Lunch with Sue Perkins, in her North London home as I was photographing her for a magazine. It was during a time when work was slow to come her way, as she was outed as a lesbian on a TV show. But her kind nature, positivity for life and genuine interest in my work was humbling. She’s one of the funniest women on TV and radio and underestimated as a comic. Not only can she sell a loaf of Hovis with her voice, she takes no nonsense with Paul Hollywood and you know her and Mary Berry cause chaos on a night out.
Scott Nunn


9 Rosie O’Donnell
Regardless of the controversy over her daughter, Rosie O’Donnel is my pick, because of her role as the nanny on a childhood favorite film, Harriet the Spy. In the film, Rosie plays the tender conscious of Harriet as she explores the morality of becoming a writer. It’s an education you, otherwise, learn the hard way.
Jack Flanagan


10 Michelle Rodriguez 
I would definitely choose Michelle Rodriguez as my ‘spirit lesbian mom.’ Although the actress labels herself as bisexual I would still choose her. She carries herself with this authority and confidence and could care less about what people think of her. I admire her for not wanting to disclose her private life to the public unless it’s on her terms. She seems to be the perfect combination of a loving mother and a respectable role model.
David Calderon


11 Portia de Rossi 
Besides the fact that we share the same nationality (so every word she spoke would feel like warm, familiar hugs from home) Portia de Rossi would be that wholesome babin’ mum everyone wants to have. A mix of sweet, sassy and funny – she’s the most lovable lesbian of all.
James Besanvalle


12 Sarah Paulson 
She is no stranger to stage and screen and has proven time and again that she is one of them most versatile talents out there. From a two-headed circus attraction in American Horror Story to the curly haired Marcia Clark in American Crime Story, Paulson steals every scene she is in. She believes that everyone should be able to love whomever they want and she is not shy to speak her mind, often with her hypodermic-needle-sharp humor.
Albertus van Aswegen