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The 12 best facts about LGBT consumers

The 12 best facts about LGBT consumers

More companies and organizations than ever are learning the power of reaching out to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex people and all their friends and allies.

However there is still much confusion about the importance of this market and the best ways to run ‘gay advertising’ or LGBTI marketing and sponsorship to deliver return on investment for you.

If you haven’t realized the potential yet or need help persuading colleagues, here are some facts and figures we’ve gathered from the latest surveys and reports:

1 Government figures suggest there are up to 420 million LGBTI people in the world; just to compare, that’s more than the population of the USA.

2 Lesbian and gay people have higher incomes: In the US they are twice as likely to have an income above $250,000. In the UK, the LGB population is worth £81 billion to the country’s economy.

3 They spend their extra disposable income on high-end products, travel, going out, fashion and technology.

4 The worldwide LGBTI travel market alone is worth $175 billion.

5 They were less likely to change their spending plans during the global slowdown than other consumers.

6 Gay and trans people are early adopters, more likely to own laptops, tablets and smartphones.

7 They spend less time on radio and TV than others and more time on digital media.

8 LGBTI websites are more popular than mainstream or LGBTI newspapers and magazines with gay and trans consumers.

9 They are more likely to have clicked on an online advert in the last week than the average population.

10 LGBTI consumers also spend more money online.

11 85% of lesbians and gay men are more likely to purchase products and services from companies they see in LGBTI media. So advertising to ‘everyone’ means you are missing a trick with this key target market.

12 Consumer confidence and loyalty is significantly enhanced when you market directly to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex people. It makes it clear you are progressive, boosting your profile with millions more people – the ‘straight’ friends, families and allies of LGBTI people.

But there’s more to this market than the headlines. Gay Star News is one of the world’s leading LGBTI media sources with millions of readers around the globe.

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