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12 celebrities showing you can be LGBTI and a Christian

12 celebrities showing you can be LGBTI and a Christian

Bloc Party's Kele Okereke went to a Catholic school in London.

Vicky Beeching


Originally from Britain, with a theology degree from Oxford University under her belt, Vicky Beeching has America’s contemporary worship music scene firm in her hand – so much she’s been hailed as ‘the most influential Christian of her generation’.

Orlando Cruz

The first professional boxer to come out, Featherweight Orlando Cruz’s career didn’t suffer under his milestone decision – quite the opposite, as he also became one of the first athletes to be inducted into the National Gay and Lesbian Sports Hall of Fame.

Miley Cyrus


From her role as a sweet teen idol to her new image as wild child, Miley Cyrus has broken plenty of rules in the entertainment industry, making her possibly one of the most discussed artists – including her coming out as pan sexual and gender fluid, which once again saw the Wrecking Ball singer make global headlines.

Ricky Martin


Puerto Rican heartthrob Ricky Martin kept his sexuality a secret for a long time, but his coming out in 2010 cleared up any rumors for good. Now, he’s proving you can be a single father and a successful musician.

Mary Lambert


Growing up Christian, lesbian singer Mary Lambert’s family was expelled from the church because her mother came out as gay. Initially struggling to come to terms with her own sexuality, Lambert – whose rise to fame was fuelled by her collaboration with Macklemore – believes the condemnation of homosexuality is against the Christian message.

John Barrowman

Torchwood S2 Generics

A vocal critic of any form of homophobia, be it from religious organizations or others, Torchwood and Arrow star John Barrowman has done (nearly) everything, from presenting his own Saturday night show Tonight’s the Night to sell-out concert tours in the UK.

Melissa Etheridge


Looking back at a music career spanning nearly 30 years, there’s no denying Melissa Etheridge has experience with fame – but the Bring Me Some Water singer is also using her public image to bridge the gap between gay and straight Christians.

Rupert Everett


Raising to fame through films like Another Country and Shakespeare in Love, English-born Rupert Everett said his coming out in 1989 may well did some damage his career – but, as his engagement on the screen, the stage and as a writer show, being gay and being successful don’t exclude each other.

Caitlyn Jenner


The last year has been a big one for Caitlyn, who’s coming out was only the starting point of even more global headlines for the Kardashian/Jenner clan. But her political stance as a Conservative Republican, and her endorsement of Ted Cruz, also brought a wave of criticism on the former Olympian.

Lance Bass


After he rose to international fame with boy band NSYNC, many a door opened for Lance Bass, who came out as gay in 2006 – and as if acting to hosting his own radio show weren’t enough, the multi-talented singer also nearly became a cosmonaut, but was replaced last minute.

Sean Hayes


For years, the Will&Grace star refused to discuss his sexuality, before the 2010 interview in The Advocate now hailed as his inofficial coming out, which received final confirmation when Hayes married his long-term partner in 2014.

Kele Okereke


Originally Hailing from Liverpool, Bloc Party’s lead singer and guitarist Kele went to a Catholic School in London’s Woodford Green, before going off to university at King’s College London and meeting Russell Lissack at Reading Festival, where they formed their band.