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12 crazy hot images of everyday gay Berliners

12 crazy hot images of everyday gay Berliners

In each issue of Elska, the publication looks at gay guys from a different city

Last month we introduced you to gay bookzine Elska, and some of the beautiful Icelandic guys featured in its Iceland issue.

This month, we’re taking a look at some of the boys featured in its Berlin issue – scroll below to seem them!

But first, in his own words, editor Liam Campbell explains the process of creating this uniquely queer magazine.

The Berlin issue is definitely our most ‘top-shelf’ book’ yet. Practically all the guys wanted to do nude shoots and I saw no reason to object. Guess there’s some truth in the stereotype of liberal anything-goes Berlin.

We had such a diverse group of guys, which is pretty typical of the city. Only four of the fifteen guys featured were actually German, but all were residents of Berlin.

I totally fell in love with Berlin’s arty, weird and dare-I-say hipster spirit… and I fell for a couple of the guys too.

Some were so fabulously eccentric, like Falko D who posed sat in a shopping trolley, David P who painted himself with yogurt, and Colin C who brought lederhosen (yes I know it’s not regionally accurate)!

After my time shooting there, I realized that Berlin is a city I could truly live in. I’d probably move tomorrow if could.

My only regret is that we couldn’t get anyone from the large ethnic Turkish community to pose for us. I contacted dozens but all were too shy in the end, but we certainly got plenty of other guys up for it.

At 152 pages with 124 images of the boys and 9,957 words written by the boys, it was our biggest issue yet.

It was quite a hairy/beardy issue, but that’s nothing to do with me and trying to choose those kinds of guys. It’s literally just the Berlin style.

In addition to the main issue, we produced six “Elska Ekstra” e-zines, each dedicated to one particular Elska boy, containing outtakes and extra stories. These are available for individual download or provided free to our deluxe subscribers.

Some of the stories were so amazingly personal, like Marc Y’s confession about being told by a stranger that he was too skinny; or Luca T’s piece about a love story that never really happened.

To see a list of where Elska Magazine is sold around the world or to order a copy online, visit

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