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12 jaw-droppingly thirsty replies to THAT video of Chris Hemsworth and a quokka

12 jaw-droppingly thirsty replies to THAT video of Chris Hemsworth and a quokka

Chris Hemsworth and quokka | Photo: Chris Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth has met a quokka (definition: a short-tailed wallaby native to Western Australia) and everyone is jealous. Of the quokka.

The Thor actor shared pictures and videos of himself meeting the friendly creature on social media last Friday.

In case you didn’t know, Chris – a native Australian – is the star of movies like Ghostbusters and The Avengers, and the brother of fellow actor Liam Hemsworth. (Who is the husband of queer pop star Miley Cyrus).

Thor meets a quokka

Here's a little video to cheer you up… Chris Hemsworth meets one of Rotto's famous quokkas!

Posted by 10 News First Perth on Thursday, 14 March 2019

‘Epic little creatures’

One selection of pics he posted with the caption: ‘Got my first quokka selfie this week at @rottnestislandwa. Epic little creatures are all over the island just cruisin through the day doin their thing. Get there and check it out!’


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‘I fell pregnant watching that’

Since then, hundreds of of people have issued thirsty replies to Chris’s posts, with many focusing on his perfectly arched back. The comments got particularly out of control on 10 News First Perth’s Facebook post about Chris’s wildlife-filled trip to Rottnest Island…

Some we actually can’t repeat, but here are some more or less safe for work ones…

1 ‘Henny, you arch that back’

2 ‘Would have got a better view if you shot that from behind him…. Just saying.’

3 ‘That dude it’s in a position like he owns it lol’

4 ‘Is it crazy how even girls and guys acknowledge that arch!!!! I love it! lol’

5 ‘I fell pregnant watching that’

6 ‘Now if he had his knees spread just a lil bit’

7 ‘His bloody back arched in a way that can take your imagination to places you’ve never been!!’

8 ‘Now that’s an arch’

9 ‘bottoms up .. well done Chris you nailed the position’

10 ‘Oh my fugggin geeeezus, that arrrrrse’

11 ‘Reading these comments made my day… I knew that I wasn’t the only fun-thinking pervert’

12 ‘seriously – I’m trying to look at the animal but find my eyes elsewhere!? Wow!!’

13 ‘That quokka is going to make a fortune now lol hahaha’

14 ‘How many girls are jealous of that quokka’

15 ‘I’d happily do this to attract a chris hemsworth…the quokka too I guess haha’

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